17–19 October 2016: Conference & Tutorials
19–20 October 2016: Training
London, UK

The blockchain and open source: The new world order

Kate Craig-Wood (Memset)
9:30–9:45 Monday, 17/10/2016
Location: King's Suite
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IT moves in cycles. The cloud is just the latest of several rounds of centralization of IT resources. Now, blockchain technology has the potential to drive the next redistribution. Kate Craig-Wood explores how and why the blockchain will change IT as we know it.

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Kate Craig-Wood


Kate Craig-Wood is an award-winning leading female IT entrepreneur and the CEO of cloud-hosting provider Memset. Kate champions the cause of British SMEs and is a committed advocate of the British government’s IT SME agenda. She passionately believes in a future based on open standards and open source technologies. An environmentalist, Kate is currently working part-time on a PhD in cloud computing and climate change. Kate strives to be a role model encouraging younger girls into STEM. Her interests include energy efficiency, virtualization, cybersecurity, deep learning networks, the blockchain, big data analytics, scuba diving, skiing, airsoft, LGBT affairs, online gaming (MUDs), and her dog, Monty.