26–28 October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

OSCON Speakers

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Sam Aaron
Sam Aaron (University of Cambridge)

Sam is a live coder who strongly believes in the importance of emphasising, exploring and celebrating creativity within all aspects of programming. He is the lead developer of Overtone and the creator of Sonic Pi, a... Read More.

Javier Arias Losada
ES6 metaprogramming unleashed 40-minute session

Javier Arias Losada is a senior software engineer in Telefonica R&D, working as a hands-on software architect and developer to analyse customer sentiments and satisfaction.

Deep interest in technology, distributed systems and software development. New passionate... Read More.

David Arnoux
David Arnoux (Growth Tribe)

David Arnoux is a growth hacking expert. He has helped over a hundred companies implement and execute growth strategies. He is currently head of growth at Growth Tribe and lead growth hacker at Twoodo, growth coach... Read More.

Mark Bates
Mark Bates (Meta42 Labs, LLC)
GET /better 40-minute session

Mark Bates is the founder and chief architect of the consulting company Meta42 Labs, based in Boston, MA. Mark spends his days focusing on new application development and consulting for his clients. At night he writes... Read More.

Christopher Batey

Christopher Batey (@chbatey) is a freelance Software Engineer/Architect/Trainer. His speciality is large scale operational systems and has worked on trading systems, online television services as well as building off the shelf software at IBM. Likes:... Read More.

David Baumgold
Advanced Git 40-minute session

David Baumgold is a web developer and open source advocate based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He enjoys teaching, learning, and connecting interesting people with each other. He genuinely believes that everything will all work out... Read More.

Brent Beer
Brent Beer (GitHub), @brntbeer

Brent Beer is a solutions engineer for GitHub in Amsterdam, helping bring Git and GitHub to developers across the world. Brent has used Git and GitHub for over five years in university classes and contributions to... Read More.

Tim Berglund
Tim Berglund (Confluent), @tlberglund

Tim Berglund is the senior director of developer experience with Confluent, where he serves as a teacher, author, and technology leader. Tim can frequently be found speaking at conferences internationally and in the United States. He’s... Read More.

Andrew Berkowitz

Andrew Berkowitz is a founder and Chief Creative Officer at TeamSnap.com. He is also head coach of ComedySportz Portland, a branch of the international Comedy Improv Theater.

Jim Blandy
Jim Blandy (Mozilla Corporation)
Concurrency first in Rust 40-minute session

Jim Blandy is a free software hacker. Jim has worked on Guile, GDB, Subversion, and Firefox for the Free Software Foundation, Red Hat, and the Mozilla corporation.

... Read More.
Jos Boumans
Jos Boumans (Krux Digital), @jiboumans

Jos Boumans is the VP of operations at Krux, supporting a platform with over four billion requests per day with a tiny Ops team. Every bit of the AWS stack is automated, monitored, and graphed,... Read More.

VM Brasseur
VM Brasseur (Juniper Networks), @vmbrasseur

VM (Vicky) Brasseur is the director of open source strategy at Juniper, where she leverages her nearly 30 years of free and open source software experience and strong business background to help Juniper be successful through... Read More.

Simon Brown
Simon Brown (Independent Consultant), @simonbrown
Software architecture as code 40-minute session

Simon Brown is an independent consultant specializing in software architecture. Simon is the author of Software Architecture for Developers, a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership, and the balance with agility. He is also the... Read More.

Michael Brunton-Spall
Michael Brunton-Spall (Bruntonspall Ltd), @bruntonspall

Michael Brunton-Spall is an independent security consultant. Previously, Michael was deputy director for technology and operations and head of cybersecurity at the UK Government Digital Service and held a number of jobs ranging from creating low-level... Read More.

Ninh Bui
Ninh Bui (Phusion), @phusion_nl

Ninh Bui is the co-founder and CEO of Phusion, a company that specializes in offering top of the line app deployment and server monitoring/scaling software.

When Ninh is not writing software, designing UIs or... Read More.

Paris Buttfield-Addison

Paris Buttfield-Addison is a cofounder of Secret Lab, a game development studio based in beautiful Hobart, Australia. Secret Lab builds games and game development tools, including the multi-award-winning ABC Play School iPad games, the... Read More.

Julie Cameron

Julie Cameron is a front end developer for Articulate, working remotely from metro-Detroit. She is co-founder of the Ann Arbor chapter of Girl Develop It and is an instructor at Girl Develop It Detroit. Julie is... Read More.

Chris Chabot
Chris Chabot (Crate.IO)

Chris is driven by a passion for societal change through technological innovation. With experience working at Google and Twitter, leading developer and consumer product teams reaching millions of users, founding and advising startups and as frequent... Read More.

Peter Cooper
Peter Cooper (Cooper Press), @peterc

Peter Cooper is the founder of Cooper Press, the editor of several weekly newsletters, including JavaScript Weekly and Frontend Focus, and Chair Emeritus of O’Reilly Fluent.

Douglas Crockford
The Seif Project Deeper Dive 40-minute session

Douglas Crockford is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript—an important and unexpected development. He also discovered the JSON data-interchange format, the world’s best-loved data format, and various JavaScript... Read More.

Yan Cui

Yan Cui is a principal engineer at DAZN and an AWS serverless hero. Over his career, he has been an architect and lead developer with a variety of industries ranging from investment banks, ecommerce... Read More.

Rafael Dohms
Rafael Dohms (AmsterdamPHP), @rdohms

Computer engineer Rafael Dohms has vast experience in the PHP ecosystem as a developer, speaker, and contributor. Addicted to building communities, he has founded various groups wherever he lives – currently he is to blame... Read More.

Neal Ford
Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks), @neal4d

Neal Ford is a director, software architect, and meme wrangler at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy that thinks disruptively to deliver technology to address the toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry... Read More.

Patrick Fox
Patrick Fox (Razorfish), @patrickfox

Patrick Fox is a technology director at Razorfish specializing in frontend technology and modern web accessibility.

Stuart Frisby
Stuart Frisby (Booking.com)

Stuart Frisby is Principal Designer at Booking.com in Amsterdam – one of the biggest ecommerce websites in the world – working across web & mobile apps, Stuart joined Booking.com in 2011 after working freelance... Read More.

Luke Gannon (Neo Technology)

Luke Gannon has been working in the open source technology space over the past two years, especially on data and providing insights. He recently joined Neo4j after working for Cap Gemini. At Neo4j, Luke helps clients... Read More.

Ari Gesher
Ari Gesher (Kairos Aerospace), @alephbass

Ari Gesher is the founding director of software engineering at Kairos Aerospace, a startup building and operating the next-generation of airborne and spaceborne sensors for monitoring oil and gas infrastructure. Ari also serves as... Read More.

Christiane Goebels

Christiane Goebels is a developer culture advocate at SAP SE. She has 19 years of experience as a developer and software architect on development teams inside and outside of SAP. She was part of... Read More.

Valentine Gogichashvili

As Head of Data Engineering at Zalando, Valentine’s main goal is to create a data integration platform that enables data science and business intelligence teams to access and process data easily and efficiently. One of his... Read More.

John Graham-Cumming
Go bootcamp Tutorial

John Graham-Cumming is a computer programmer and author. He studied mathematics and computation at Oxford and stayed for a doctorate in computer security. As a programmer he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York, the... Read More.

Tugdual Grall

Tugdual Grall is a Technical Evangelist at MapR, an open source advocate and a passionate developer. He currently works with the European developer communities to ease MapR, Hadoop and NoSQL adoption.

Before joining MapR, Tug was... Read More.

Tom Greever
Articulating design decisions 40-minute session

Tom Greever is a designer, consultant, and trainer for Bitovi – a UX design and JavaScript development consulting company in Chicago. Bitovi authors and maintains several open source JavaScript front-end frameworks, including JavaScriptMVC and CanJS. He... Read More.

Adam Harvey
Adam Harvey (New Relic), @LGnome

Adam Harvey is a software developer working on PHP, Go, and C language support at New Relic. Adam has worked on a number of interesting and occasionally even useful things in his two-decade career,... Read More.

Leslie Hawthorn

Leslie Hawthorn is director of developer relations at Red Hat. An internationally known developer relations strategist and community management expert, Leslie has spent the past decade creating, cultivating, and enabling open source communities. She’s best known... Read More.

Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey Hightower has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech but most enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software. Kelsey is a strong open source advocate focused on building simple... Read More.

Dean Hume
Dean Hume (Settled), @deanohume

Dean Hume is an author, Google Developer Expert, and all-around web performance geek. He regularly writes articles based on software development on his blog at Deanhume.com.

Michael Hunger

Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development for more than 25 years.

For the last few years, he has been working on the open source Neo4j graph database filling many roles. As caretaker of the... Read More.

Marek Jelen

Marek Jelen currently works as a developer advocate at Red Hat, where his task is to introduce PaaS to engineers and architects. Before joining Red Hat Marek worked as a Ruby, PHP, and Java engineer... Read More.

Scott Jenson
The Physical Web 40-minute session

Scott Jenson worked on the Newton at Apple, multiple phone UIs at Symbian, the mobile Maps app at Google, and was a creative director at frog design. He has been writing/speaking about smart devices for many... Read More.

Tim Krajcar
Tim Krajcar (New Relic), @TimKrajcar

Tim Krajcar is an engineering manager at New Relic, where he runs the Ruby agent team. He’s been working with open source software since the early ’90s and has built software, web, and infrastructure solutions for... Read More.

Robert Kubis
Robert Kubis (Google UK Ltd.), @hostirosti

Robert Kubis is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in London, UK, specializing in container, storage, and scalable technologies. Before joining Google, Robert collected over 10 years of experience in software development and... Read More.

Bradley Kuhn
Bradley Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy), @bkuhn_ebb_org

Bradley M. Kuhn is the president and distinguished technologist at Software Freedom Conservancy, on the board of directors of the Free Software Foundation, and editor-in-chief of Copyleft.org. He’s been a part... Read More.

Chris Laffra
Chris Laffra (Google)

Chris Laffra was born in The Netherlands, obtained an MsC at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and a PhD at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. At both the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and... Read More.

Hongli Lai
Hongli Lai (Phusion), @phusion_nl

Hongli Lai is the co-founder and CTO of Phusion, a company that specializes in offering top of the line IT products and services to high profile clients.

Prior to founding Phusion, he has had... Read More.

Jeff Luszcz
Jeff Luszcz (Palamida, Inc), @jeffluszcz

Jeff Luszcz is the Founder and CTO of Palamida, a leading provider of Open Source discovery and vulnerability management tools. Since starting Palamida in 2004 he has helped hundreds of software companies understand how to... Read More.

Nils Magnus
Nils Magnus (LinuxTag Association and Open Telekom Cloud)
Docker security Keynote

Nils Magnus is a system architect and journalist. He has a 15+-year track record in open source security architecture, engineering, and cloud infrastructure. He believes in scalable, sustainable software solutions and cooperative, Agile development. In his... Read More.

Jon Manning
Jon Manning (Secret Lab), @desplesda

Jon Manning is the cofounder of independent game development studio Secret Lab. He’s working on the critically acclaimed award-winning adventure game Night in the Woods, which includes his interactive dialogue system Yarn Spinner, and Button Squid,... Read More.

Gervase Markham
Gervase Markham (Mozilla), @gerv

Gervase Markham has been involved in the Mozilla project since the turn of the millennium, and has made contributions in many different areas, from QA to web compatibility, governance to Bugzilla. His security ideas are... Read More.

Eleanor McHugh
Eleanor McHugh (Innovative Identity Solutions)

Eleanor McHugh is the director of Innovative Identity Solutions. Ellie trained as a physicist but for the last 12 years has specialized in developing real-time software systems for aviation control, broadcast transmission, and network infrastructure. In... Read More.

Tim Messerschmidt
Tim Messerschmidt (PayPal + Braintree), @SeraAndroid
Death to passwords 40-minute session

As a long time mobile and web developer, Tim Messerschmidt channels his knowledge and experience as Braintree’s head of developer relations. He is passionate about startups and served as mentor at multiple incubators and accelerators. Prior... Read More.

Max Mether (MariaDB)
Scaling MySQL and MariaDB 40-minute session

Max Mether, a native of Finland, received his M.Sc (Eng) in Physics and Maths from Helsinki University of Technology. Max joined MySQL AB in 2001 as a consultant and instructor, and ended up creating the MySQL... Read More.

Wade Minter
Wade Minter (Custom Communications), @minter

H. Wade Minter is the chief technology officer at Custom Communications in Raleigh, NC. Previously, he was part of the founding team and CTO at TeamSnap and the engineering lead at WeaveUp and Adwerx. He... Read More.

Lorna Mitchell
What to expect from PHP 7 40-minute session

Lorna Mitchell is a Leeds-based developer advocate with IBM Cloud Data Services. She brings her technical expertise on a range of topics to audiences all over the world with her writing and speaking engagements, always... Read More.

Deb Nicholson
Deb Nicholson (Software Freedom Conservancy), @baconandcoconut

Deb Nicholson is the director of community operations at Software Freedom Conservancy, where she supports the work of its member organizations and facilitates collaboration with the wider free software community. A free software policy expert and... Read More.

Tim Nugent
Tim Nugent (Lonely Coffee), @The_McJones

Tim Nugent pretends to be a mobile app developer, game designer, tools builder, researcher, and tech author. When he isn’t busy avoiding being found out as a fraud, Tim spends most of his time designing and... Read More.

Devon H. O'Dell

Devon H. O’Dell is a recovering competitive Guitar Hero and Rock Band addict, but still occasionally enjoys rhythm games and jamming on guitar and drums. Today, he is a Senior Systems Engineer at Google. Prior to... Read More.

Robin Osborne
Robin Osborne (Otomotech), @rposbo

Robin Osborne is a freelance nerd, lover of shiny new tech and connecting solid, established tech for big wins. A lover of all things tech performance related, he’s fascinated by the various approaches teams take to... Read More.

Matthias Oßwald

Matthias Oßwald is a web developer at SAP. He has been a member of the UI5 core team since 2013, responsible for various core features and tools around UI5.

Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons is CTO at ThoughtWorks. Rebecca has more than 30 years’ experience leading the creation of large-scale distributed, services-based applications and the integration of disparate systems. Previously, she was an assistant professor of... Read More.

Simon Phipps
Simon Phipps (Public Software CIC), @webmink

Simon Phipps has engaged at a strategic level in the world’s leading technology companies, starting in roles such as field engineer, programmer, systems analyst and more recently taking on executive leadership roles around open source. Simon... Read More.

Curtis Poe
Curtis Poe (All Around the World), @OvidPerl
How to fake a database design 40-minute session
Perl 6 for mere mortals 40-minute session

Curtis Poe is a well-known Perl expert, better known online as Ovid. He specializes in large-scale, database-driven code bases and wrote the test harness that currently ships with the Perl programming language. He’s constantly trying to... Read More.

Luciano Ramalho
Luciano Ramalho (ThoughtWorks), @ramalhoorg

Luciano Ramalho is a principal consultant at ThoughtWorks and the author of Fluent Python. Luciano wrote the Introduction to Go with TDD tutorial (in Portuguese) and has presented it multiple times. He... Read More.

Matthew Revell

Leading developer relations and marketing for cloud hosting provider Exoscale, Matthew Revell has been active in open source since the early 2000s. Before Exoscale, Matthew ran EMEA Developer Advocacy at Couchbase. Before that, he held... Read More.

Rachel Roumeliotis

Rachel Roumeliotis is a strategic content director at O’Reilly, where she leads an editorial team that covers a wide variety of programming topics ranging from full stack to open source in the enterprise to emerging programming... Read More.

Andreas Rumpf
Andreas Rumpf (3DICC)
Nim: An overview 40-minute session

Andreas Rumpf is the creator of the Nim programming language, which is growing slowly but steadily. He is a software engineer working at 3DICC to incorporate Nim into their collaborative distributed 3D system.

Andreas has programmed... Read More.

Gareth Rushgrove

Gareth Rushgrove is a Director of Product at Snyk, working remotely
from Cambridge, UK, helping to build interesting tools for people to
better secure infrastructure and applications. He has previously
worked for the... Read More.

Emily Samuels
Emily Samuels (Spotify)

Emily Samuels is a data engineer at Spotify. She has worked on the Radio, Discover Page, and Playlist Recommendations. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in computer science. Emily has worked in... Read More.

Melissa  Santos
Melissa Santos (Big Cartel), @ansate

Melissa Santos has over a decade of experience with all parts of the data pipeline, from ETLs to modeling. Her role as a data scientist at Big Cartel involves teaching both engineers and nontechnical people how... Read More.

Baron Schwartz
Baron Schwartz (VividCortex), @xaprb

Baron Schwartz is the founder and CTO of VividCortex, the best way to see what your production database servers are doing. Baron has written a lot of open source software and several books, including High... Read More.

Carlos Souza
Carlos Souza (Code School), @caike

Carlos Souza teaches web technologies at Code School. When not making loud noises on his mechanical keyboard, he can be found rock climbing or playing guitar.

Romek Szczesniak (Spiky Black Cat Records)

Romek Szczesniak is a professional cryptographer, and the owner of independent recording label Spiky Black Cat Records. His interests include UK ENUM, PKIs, hybrid key encryption, identity management and security, and improving the security of... Read More.

Mark Tolliver (Palamida, Inc.)

As CEO of Palamida, Mark Tolliver leads corporate strategy and growth. A well-known speaker and industry visionary, he brings over 30 years of expertise in global high-tech marketing, product, and business strategy to the team.... Read More.

Cor van der Struijf

As Senior Cloud Advisor, Cor van der Struijf helps clients with their business and IT challenges in the Cloud solution domain. For that, he identifies comprehensive, innovative solutions in partnership with clients. His focus is on... Read More.

Job van der Voort

After working in the wonderful world of neuroscience and learning how to create great products at several startups, Job joined GitLab as one of the earliest engineers. He spent a lot of time working with Fortune... Read More.

Mandy Waite
Mandy Waite (Google), @tekgrrl

Mandy Waite is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform.

Emma Jane Westby
A Git rebasing workflow 40-minute session

Emma Jane Hogbin Westby leads the operations team for shared digital services at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). She is the author of O’Reilly’s Git for Teams and two... Read More.

Cedric Williams

Cedric Williams is an InnerSource advocate for PayPal helping to grow the InnerSource Commons community. A technologist, pilot, coach, and advocate for individual freedoms, Cedric aspires to use narrative and technology to make communities powerful.

Bruce Wong

Bruce Wong is a technology leader who formerly resided at Netflix, where he founded Chaos Engineering to stress and proactively introduce failure into production to validate resilience designs. He is passionate about tackling challenging problems, building... Read More.

Maggie Zhou

Maggie Zhou works on the Core Platform team at Etsy where she builds infrastructure to manage challenges scaling the site. Before Etsy, Maggie spent time at the Recurse Center and wrote software at Google.