26–28 October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
David Baumgold

David Baumgold
Developer Advocate, edX

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David Baumgold is a web developer and open source advocate based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He enjoys teaching, learning, and connecting interesting people with each other. He genuinely believes that everything will all work out in the end, somehow.


17:05–17:45 Tuesday, 27/10/2015
Location: G 104/105
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You know clone, commit, push, and pull. Now you're ready for the fun stuff. This talk will give you the advanced knowledge you need to take control of your Git repository: rebase, cherry-pick, bisect, blame, squashing, and the reflog. You'll also get a better conceptual understanding of how Git works, allowing you to chain these tools together to accomplish whatever task you need. Read more.