26–28 October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AB testing: Test your own hypotheses, and prepare to be wrong

Stuart Frisby (Booking.com)
9:05–9:20 Tuesday, 27/10/2015
Location: Auditorium
Average rating: ****.
(4.57, 21 ratings)
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The rise of AB testing in the world of e-commerce has shifted the focus of product development from being opinion-driven to data-driven. However, the realities of AB testing might not be the reality you expect. We’ll explore how product development fundamentally changes when you allow science to inform decision-making – from the democratisation of decision-making, to the constant surprises revealed by data.

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Stuart Frisby


Stuart Frisby is Principal Designer at Booking.com in Amsterdam – one of the biggest ecommerce websites in the world – working across web & mobile apps, Stuart joined Booking.com in 2011 after working freelance & in agencies in Japan, New Zealand & The UK.