26–28 October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Enough Foundations Already!

Simon Phipps (Public Software CIC)
9:50–10:05 Monday, 26/10/2015
Location: Auditorium
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In the explosion of new open source software “foundations” there’s a crucial element we’re overlooking; the core principle that got everything started and which is the basis for every developers’ success in a modern business. Before we start another Foundation, let’s agree that what we need protected is software freedom and not corporate politics.

Photo of Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps

Public Software CIC

Simon Phipps has engaged at a strategic level in the world’s leading technology companies, starting in roles such as field engineer, programmer, systems analyst and more recently taking on executive leadership roles around open source. Simon worked with X-series standards in the ‘80s, on collaborative conferencing software in the ’90s, helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM, and was instrumental in open sourcing the whole software portfolio at Sun Microsystems. He is now managing director of Meshed Insights Ltd and founder of Public Software CIC. As a director of the Document Foundation and of the UK’s Open Rights Group, he takes an active interest in digital rights issues and is a widely read commentator on InfoWorld and his own Webmink blog. Simon holds a BSc in electronic engineering and is a fellow of the British Computer Society and the Open Forum Academy.