26–28 October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Programming as performance - live coding with Sonic Pi

Sam Aaron (University of Cambridge)
10:05–10:20 Monday, 26/10/2015
Location: Auditorium
Average rating: ****.
(4.84, 38 ratings)

Live coding – writing code in real time in front of an audience – has recently emerged as an expressive way of performing music.

Could live coding also increase engagement in programming lessons within schools? Should we be teaching functions and variables or basslines, riffs and live loops?

In this keynote Sam will introduce and perform with Sonic Pi, a live coding synth available for free to use on all major platorms including the Raspberry Pi. He will discuss how it has created a huge impact with educators in addition to artists and programmers interested in exploring the creative potential of code. Finally Sam will also offer a window into the Algorave movement: parties where live coded algorithms meet the dance floor.

Photo of Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

University of Cambridge

Sam is a live coder who strongly believes in the importance of emphasising, exploring and celebrating creativity within all aspects of programming. He is the lead developer of Overtone and the creator of Sonic Pi, a music live coding environment used to teach programming within schools. By day Sam is a Postdoc Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and by night he codes music for people to dance to.