26–28 October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Automating web performance

Dean Hume (Settled), Robin Osborne (Otomotech)
9:00–10:30 Wednesday, 28/10/2015
Location: D403
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Materials or downloads needed in advance

- A Laptop - Github Account - Node.js installed


According to the HTTP Archive, the average web page consumes about 2 MB of total transfer size. This worrying trend is growing year on year, and as developers we need to ensure that our web pages are as mean and lean as possible. The easiest way to do this and ensure that our web pages forever stay lean is to automate our web performance workflow. As the famous meme goes – Automate all the things!

If you are lazy developers like us, then you will understand the need to automate as much of your development workflow as possible. Automation makes life easier and reduces the need to manually recreate your steps every time. However, when it comes to the different automation options out there – where do you even begin?

There are amazing open source tools that can make life a lot easier. In this talk we will run through various open source tools and libraries, and a step-by-step automation example covering web techniques, such as:

  • Image compression and optimization
  • Responsive images
  • WebP images
  • Removing unused CSS
  • Critical path CSS
  • Testing and benchmarking
  • How to integrate this all in a continuous integration process
  • Build, deployment, hosting, scaling

By the end of the session, we hope that developers will have the knowledge required to set up and automate the performance workflow of their websites. Engineers will look to attend this presentation because they can learn how to automate the performance of their websites; simple improvements can really go a long way toward improving performance.

Photo of Dean Hume

Dean Hume


Dean Hume is an author, Google Developer Expert, and all-around web performance geek. He regularly writes articles based on software development on his blog at Deanhume.com.

Photo of Robin Osborne

Robin Osborne


Robin Osborne is a freelance nerd, lover of shiny new tech and connecting solid, established tech for big wins. A lover of all things tech performance related, he’s fascinated by the various approaches teams take to improve their existing systems, or setting up new systems from scratch. When not plugging away with new technologies, he can be found training developers, pitching for conferences, and trying to write a book or two. Robin speaks, blogs, and writes at robinosborne.co.uk

When there’s a spare moment, he can be found teaching his daughters to code, cycling for fun and charity, and hunting down London’s best coffee – one cafĂ© at a time.