July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Amye Scavarda

Amye Scavarda
Gluster Community Lead, Red Hat

Website | @amye

Amye Scarvada is an implementer of sanity in fast-paced chaos. She is pleasant, cheerful, and competent in a sea of snark. She’s at Phase2 as a DevOps project manager, expanding out the world one little website + infrastructure build at a time. Previously, she was at Acquia, building out a Customer Success program for new customers to get comfortable and get what they need to get started. Amye helps technologists think about what they’re doing, and helps explain it to clients in ways that they like hearing. She’s written and presented on project management since 2009. She still likes it.


1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Craft Portland 252
Leslie Hawthorn (Red Hat), Amye Scavarda (Red Hat)
While it’s easy to pay lip service to the idea of innovating by failing fast, humans are both neurally geared and financially incentivized to avoid failure. How can we create an environment that makes failing fast safe for the participants and their organizations? Read more.