July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster
Open Source Software Strategy Lead, Pivotal

Website | @geekygirldawn

Dawn Foster is a PhD student at the University of Greenwich in London, after spending the past 20 years working at companies like Puppet Labs, Intel, Jive Software, and more. She has experience in business and technology with expertise in community building, open source software, metrics, and more. She is passionate about bringing people together through a combination of online communities and real-world events, along with analyzing the data associated with participation in developer and open source communities. She has spoken at dozens of industry events, including many Linux Foundation events, OSCON, SXSW, and more.


10:40am–11:20am Thursday, 07/23/2015
Solve E147/148
Dawn Foster (Pivotal)
The real magic in any community comes from the people. I will show you tools and techniques for performing network analysis, to look at the people in your community along with the relationships between them. Why settle for boring numbers and line charts to describe your community when you can do cool visualizations that show how people connect within your open source community? Read more.