July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Elijah Hamovitz

Elijah Hamovitz
Senior Developer, Analytic Spot

Website | @analyticspot

Elijah Hamovitz has been developing web applications since 2010. He specializes in building Python and JavaScript applications, both client- and server-side, and has had the opportunity to familiarize himself with a huge variety of frameworks, platforms, and paradigms.


5:00pm–5:40pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Data D137/138
Mike Biglan (Twenty Ideas), Elijah Hamovitz (Analytic Spot)
CQL3 has a relational-database-centric abstraction that hides many key details of the underlying storage. Though CQL can be an efficient and convenient tool to use when querying, knowing how CQL actually maps to Cassandra's storage structure is key to being able to create scalable and flexible data models. Read more.