July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Rosaria Silipo

Rosaria Silipo
Principal Data Scientist, KNIME.com AG

Website | @DMR_Rosaria

Dr. Rosaria Silipo (LinkedIn) is not only an expert in data mining, machine learning, reporting, and data warehousing, she has become a recognized expert on the KNIME data mining engine, about which she has published three books: KNIME Beginner’s Luck, The KNIME Cookbook, and The KNIME Booklet for SAS Users. Previously Dr. Silipo worked as a freelance data analyst for many companies throughout Europe. She has also led the SAS development group at Viseca (Z├╝rich), implemented the speech-to-text and text-to-speech interfaces in C# at Spoken Translation (Berkeley, California), and developed a number of speech recognition engines in different languages at Nuance Communications (Menlo Park, California). Dr. Silipo gained her doctorate in biomedical engineering in 1996 from the University of Florence, Italy.


1:40pm–2:20pm Thursday, 07/23/2015
Mobility Portland 255
Rosaria Silipo (KNIME.com AG)
This project deals with data from the Internet of Things, and particularly with data from a bike sharing service. The goal is to visualize and analyze the most popular routes, as well as to implement an intelligent alarm system to restock the bike stations in a timely manner. Time series prediction, geo-localization, and predictive analytics techniques have been used in this project. Read more.