July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Brian Holt

Brian Holt
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft


Brian Holt is currently working as a senior user interface engineer at Netflix. This means he’s using JavaScript to enable your (and his) binge-watching of House of Cards. Previously he worked as the director of redditgifts front end at reddit. When not on a Netflix bender or devouring content on reddit, Brian is probably hanging out with wife and dog, running, traveling, or playing video games. Brian is presently a resident of San Francisco.


1:30pm–5:00pm Monday, 07/20/2015
Scale Portland 255
Brian Holt (Microsoft)
One of the new, hot libraries in the JavaScript world is React, and there is reason that it is getting so much attention: it offers some productivity gains you will not believe. In this workshop, we will cover React at a high level and then get in and write some code. Read more.