July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Scott Cranfill

Scott Cranfill
Front-End Web Developer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Website | @scott_ish

Scott Cranfill is a front-end web developer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He joined the bureau in 2013 as a Technology & Innovation Fellow. While there, he has been an advocate for open source software—both the use and the release of software developed by the bureau’s in-house development team. He currently leads the effort to write about CFPB’s technology work on CFPB Open Tech, at cfpb.github.io. Scott is a co-creator of Capital Framework with Michael Morici (and with great help from the rest of CFPB’s front-end developers, too), and has also shepherded the front-end development on the CFPB Design Manual.


11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Design D139/140
Scott Cranfill (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), Mollie Bates (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
Keeping code and design in sync across large teams and multiple projects can be a big challenge. At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new federal agency, the in-house design and development team has created its own modular front-end framework and style guide. Team members will talk about how this has fostered cross-team collaboration and improved the consistency of their products. Read more.