July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin
Chief Evangilist, Datastax

Patrick McFadin is regarded as a foremost expert on Apache Cassandra and data modeling. As chief evangelist for Apache Cassandra and consultant working for DataStax, he has been involved in some of the biggest deployments in the world.


10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/24/2015
Craft D137/138
Patrick McFadin (Datastax)
You love using open source software. It's done right by you and now you want to contribute back. You get your patch all ready and... the boss says No! Don't feel alone. Enterprises everywhere are trying to figure this out. I'll walk you through the risks to business that actually exist and how you can help manage them. Maybe armed with this information your boss will say... Yes! Read more.