July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Kris Kowal

Kris Kowal
Software Engineer, Uber

Website | @kriskowal

Kris Kowal wrote the CommonJS modules specification and the first package.json. Through that work he was introduced to promises by Mark Miller and brought the Q library to popular attention, which has had a hand in shaping JavaScript promises. Kris is also an aficionado of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish languages and produced an online map of Middle-earth, 3rin.gs.


5:00pm–5:40pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Foundations D135/136
Kris Kowal (Uber)
Promises, streams, observables, and behaviors are some of the building blocks of event driven programming. What makes each of these tick and when would you choose one over another? Read more.