July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Eddie Canales

Eddie Canales
Senior Software Engineer, CrossChx


Eddie Canales has been a software engineer at Manta.com for 10 years. Recently he has focused on front-end web development using Node, Angular, and Bootstrap. Eddie is a web speed enthusiast, so his goal in life is to build, as his 5-year-old once said, “something as fast as a cheetah wearing a rocket pack and roller skates.”


10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/24/2015
Scale Portland 255
Eddie Canales (CrossChx)
Faster pages...profit! Right? Despite what common sense and every case study might tell you, we found out that isn't always true. When you get 20 million visitors a month and make a lot of your money from advertising (the enemy of speed), you have tons of opportunity/obligation to understand which kinds of speed matter. This is a story about hope, disappointment, discovery, and triumph. Read more.