July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR
Avni Khatri

Avni Khatri
President, Kids on Computers

Website | @avni321

Avni Khatri is the Program Manager for the Knowledge and Learning Technologies Group in the Laboratory of Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital. She helps build medical informatics applications using open source software and hardware. Her interests include studying different learning methodologies and researching and implementing different technologies and modalities to deliver learning content.

She is also President of Kids on Computers, a 501©(3) non-profit that sets up computer labs in areas where kids have no other access to technology. The organization currently has 16 labs worldwide including 10 labs in Mexico.

Before coming to MGH, she worked at Yahoo! Inc. as a Senior Front-end Engineer on the Flex Force Tiger Team and was co-president of the Southern California chapter of Yahoo! Women in Tech.


11:30am–12:10pm Thursday, 07/23/2015
Collaboration Portland 255
Stormy Peters (Red Hat), Avni Khatri (Kids on Computers)
Most nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers. And most volunteer organizations are asked how in the world they recruit and keep volunteers. While not every organization is the same, there are definitely some best practices that many open source software projects have discovered and evolved. Read more.