July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Building the ultimate open source personal cloud platform

Moderated by: Suman Chakravartula
8:00pm–9:00pm Monday, 07/20/2015
BoF, D139/140
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For a personal cloud platform to be the ultimate and state of the art solution, it needs to be, first and foremost, open source and community oriented. It needs to be self hosted, but so easy that anyone can do it. It must provide complete control to the user, over data management, including security, access and sharing at scale. It must decentralize storage and services while providing simplicity and accessibility on par with a centralized paradigm. It must leverage and inter-operate with emerging open source technologies in the ecosystem.

I’ve been on a challenging and educational journey over the past two years developing such a platform, called Rockstor. In this session I plan to

  • share what we learned
  • challenges we face
  • current status of the project
  • discuss ideas and possibilities