July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

JMAP & Cyrus: Better email – fully open source

Neil Jenkins (FastMail)
2:30pm–3:10pm Thursday, 07/23/2015
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Should Email & Calendaring developers have to choose closed/proprietary protocols in order to get the performance and functionality they need? We don’t think so and we want to tell you why this is no longer a problem!

We’d like to introduce JMAP – a new, 100% open source protocol developed by FastMail for synchronising email, calendars and contacts. It’s faster, more efficient and easier to use than any of the current options – open or proprietary. Plus it was designed from the ground up to be super battery friendly, perfect for today’s mobile driven mail & calendaring.

Cyrus IMAP, one of the oldest and most popular open source mail servers, is undergoing a renaissance. Recent advancements include CalDAV and CardDAV support (developed at Carnegie Mellon University), as well as cross-folder conversation support and powerful search capabilities (developed by FastMail). With smart webmail & mobile client, object storage integration from OpenIO, Ceph and others, Cyrus server is shaping up to become the leading powerhouse of Open Messaging.

In our session we’ll explore how JMAP and Cyrus are coming together to produce a truly modern, robust & scalable solution that is both fun to deploy and simple to manage. Come get involved with the future of messaging, today!

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Neil Jenkins


Neil Jenkins is a director at FastMail, where he leads the design and development of the user interface. He is the author of several open-source JavaScript libraries, including the popular Squire rich text editor, and is also the editor of the specification for JMAP, the new open email, calendar and contacts synchronisation protocol.