July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Getting started with InnerSource

Danese Cooper (PayPal), Arnold Goldberg (PayPal), Manish Jain (PayPal)
9:20am–9:30am Thursday, 07/23/2015
Sponsored Portland Ballroom
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InnerSource is what we call using open source tools and methodologies inside a company to improve engineering practices, and it’s gained a foothold at PayPal. We’ve found it useful for helping to break down engineering silos, increasing emphasis on code craftsmanship and, more generally, for increasing employee collaboration and satisfaction. Long ignored by open source activists, there’s a new interest throughout the software industry in how to successfully use InnerSource. Join PayPal to learn more about what they’ve learned and what they recommend, as well the announcement of some new resources to support the InnerSource Community.

This keynote is sponsored by PayPal

Photo of Danese Cooper

Danese Cooper


Danese Cooper has a long history of successfully combining work in social justice and digital inclusion with leading open source advocacy at some of the largest global technology companies. She joined PayPal as a distinguished member, technical staff-open source as of February 2014. She also runs DaneseWorks, an open source consultancy whose clients have included the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Numenta, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia, AutoDesk, and if(we) Inc. Prior to founding DaneseWorks she was CTO of the Wikimedia Foundation (home of Wikipedia). Since 1999, Danese has been involved in developing and evangelizing the open source movement and its attached methodologies, including release of some very key open source projects while at Sun Microsystems, such as Apache Tomcat, OpenOffice.org, JXTA.org, NetBeans.org, GridEngine.org, GlassFish, and OpenSolaris. At Intel she worked on projects designed to bridge the digital divide, and fed a growing interest/participation in the social software movement. Prior to the dawn of open source, Danese enjoyed a long career at proprietary companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Symantec. She is also co-editor of the book Open Sources v2.0, and is a reviewing editor of The Art of Community and Getting Started With InnerSource, all from O’Reilly Media.

Photo of Arnold Goldberg

Arnold Goldberg


Arnold Goldberg has over 25 years of experience in the software industry and is currently VP of merchant product and technology at PayPal. In his time at PayPal, he has had responsibility for consumer, developer, and merchant engineering for PayPal’s global products. Arnold has focused heavily on shifting the technology organization’s culture to focus on engineering craftsmanship and providing experiences that delight customers. Prior to PayPal, Arnold enjoyed working at both large and small companies. After graduating from the University of Florida, he moved back to Melbourne, Florida, where he grew up, to take his first job at Harris Controls. After Harris, he spent his “formative” years at eBay, between 2001 and 2008, learning how to scale people, process, and technology. Arnold then spent five years at startups, including the early days of LinkedIn and Box. At LinkedIn he was responsible for platform engineering. In his three years at Box he led and scaled product engineering, backend, mobile, sync, platform, engineering services, release, and QE teams. He joined when the company was around 50 people and it was over 900 when he left. Outside of work Arnold and his wife Lisa are raising two children. In his free time he enjoys getting away to Tahoe, running, biking, and a little extreme snowboarding from time to time.

Photo of Manish Jain

Manish Jain


At PayPal, Manish Jain leads efforts to redesign engineering practices with the objective of scaling engineer productivity. He aims to remove impediments and non-productive engineering tasks by developing the innovative tools and implementing standards. Manish believes that the important aspect of the transformation is changing engineering behavior that will create a sustainable culture of delivering quality code in predictably rapid intervals. The engineer in Manish enjoys coding and collaborating, and believes that engineers are most satisfied and productive when spending time in these two activities. In the spirit of this philosophy, he wants to bring this same joy to all engineers at PayPal.

Manish Jain is, at his core, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of software development experience in several industry segments including payments, e-commerce and networking. In his journey, Manish has had the opportunity to start his own company as well as work for multiple start-up companies and large established enterprises where he has been exposed to many examples software development success and failure. Manish with his unique background in Economics, Computer Science and MBA, works to simplify and scale code development process in large enterprises.