July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Evolution of information security threats

Jarret Raim (Rackspace), Laurens Van Houtven (Rackspace)
1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
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The landscape of information security has changed significantly over the last few years. Increasing amounts of economic value are directly linked to computer infrastructure, making that infrastructure increasingly interesting as a target for malicious actors, both state and private. While perennial “hit-and-run”-style attacks are still around, we’re seeing
the rise of technologically sophisticated threat actors capable of advanced persistent style attacks (APT).

Unfortunately, for most companies, the defensive options haven’t evolved nearly as much. Successful active threat defense still requires resources (including capital, expertise, and headcount) that aren’t available to many companies. The proliferation of technology platforms in an enterprise is stretching traditional security models to the breaking point.

In this talk, we’ll explore this evolving problem space, and how Rackspace is helping solve problems in this space.

This session is sponsored by Rackspace

Photo of Jarret Raim

Jarret Raim


Jarret Raim is the security product manager at Rackspace Hosting. Since joining Rackspace, he has built a software assurance program for Rackspace’s internal software teams, as well as defined strategy for building secure systems on Rackspace’s OpenStack Cloud implementation. Through his experience at Rackspace, and as a consultant for Denim Group, Jarret has assessed and remediated applications in all industries, and has experience with a wide variety of both development environments and the tools used to audit them. Jarret now owns Rackspace’s customer-facing security portfolio. Jarret holds a masters in computer science from Lehigh University and a bachelors in computer science from Trinity University.

Photo of Laurens Van Houtven

Laurens Van Houtven


Laurens Van Houtven is a social justice anarchist. Information security and distributed system engineering at Rackspace. PSF fellow, PyCon staff (Financial Aid & Open Spaces chair). Beard solves discrete logs in fields of small characteristic.