July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Open source email reboot! - Open messaging day

Pierre Chamberland (Netmail), Laurent Denel (OpenIO), Matt Technical Advisor (Spamhaus)
9:00am–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/21/2015
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Open Messaging Day @ OSCON 2015


09:30 – Welcome & Opening Remarks
Pierre Chamberland – Director Open Messaging Day & Cyrus/JMAP Project

09:45 – 10:30 Smart Innovations in Email Security: DNS Block Lists & SMTP AUTH Deflection.
Are you sure your Email server defenses are properly configured? If you are only doing SMTP-level checks on IP addresses, your network is dealing with a lot of unnecessary traffic. Spammers & Cyber-Miscreants rotate IPs more quickly than they change domains, so checking URLs and domains will improve spam rejection significantly – 90% or more of all spam at SMTP connect. Come and learn about these innovative defenses and how to best implement them on your network.

Presented by Spamhaus Technical Team. www.spamhaus.org

10:30 – 11:15 The Future of Smart Messaging & Smart Sync – Cyrus JMAP 3.0.
The Cyrus Project started at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 and it rapidly became the reference design for open source IMAP servers with thousands of global deployments, supporting millions of consumer and business mailboxes. Earlier this year, a re-energized and expanded Cyrus JMAP team released version 2.5 and we are now ready to release version 3.0 which will surely delight IMAP admins. Meet the team & discuss the main goals of the project: JMAP proxy, smart clustering, virtualization, better security & object storage + a cool demo of modern webmail and smart watches – could it be better than iCloud? Come find out.

Presented by Bron Gondwana, Director – Fastmail. www.fastmail.com

11:15 – 11:45 JMAP – Open & Efficient Synchronization.
JMAP is a new open protocol that allows very fast synchronization of mail, calendar and contact data across mobiles, tablets, webmail & watches. Understand how it can be implemented in a JMAP client that allows the local UI to update instantly while committing the change in the background, with recovery if the server rejects the change.

Presented by Neil Jenkins, Director – Fastmail. www.fastmail.com

11:45 – 12:15 Power JMAP – the next killer Email client.
A “walk-through” of our recent development effort to support client side JMAP and how we coded our JavaScript JMAP client for Webmail and Mobile. We’ll discuss the benefits of using JMAP over IMAP from a developer perspective, and how to leverage its power and flexibility to write next generation mobile apps without the constraints of IMAP.

Presented by Ben Duncan, Founder & CTO – Atmail. www.atmail.com

12:15 – 1:30 Lunch Break


1:30 – 2:15 Enabling the Petabyte-sized Mailbox.
OpenIO is an open source object storage designed for very, very big email data stores. We’ll look at the core concepts used to deal with large numbers of mailboxes and email messages while also ensuring high performance and low latency. This is not just theoretical stuff – we will look at a real world deployment that operates 16 million active mailboxes and uses Grid for Apps for on-demand, fast & efficient scale-out capabilities.

Presented by Laurent Denel, Founder & CEO – OpenIO. www.openio.io

2:15: – 3:00 Motion – a RESTful API for Email Queues.
The goal of Motion is to accept mail from authenticated sources and act as a submission port to augmenting SMTP (versus replacing it). Motion will offer built-in and external services such as: i) condition services: match message data with criteria, and ii) action services: policy engine, delivery, archiving, etc. The goal of the session is to present the concept and get feedback about what this API should look like. We will also present WJElement, an open source, battle-hardened JSON library, that is useful for everything from quick custom data structures to easily manipulating huge documents.

Presented by Micah Gorrell and Owen Swerkstrom, Senior Developers – Netmail. www.netmail.com

3:00 – 3:45: Rebooting Open Source Messaging – XMAP Project Update.
XMAP Project is the name of the Non-Profit which was set up to facilitate funding and project management of the Cyrus/JMAP mail and calendaring server codebase. The new Cyrus JMAP server can now be used as a scalable and open stack to power classic Messaging, Sync & Share, OTT (mobile apps) and even power Messaging/Calendaring for the Internet of Things, effectively replacing older projects related to SMTP, IMAP, or WebDAV that have been abandoned, or have forked into closed products. How can we collaborate to build and energize the community required to make this vision become a reality.

Panel & Audience interactive discussion

This tutorial is sponsored by MXTools

Pierre Chamberland


Photo of Laurent Denel

Laurent Denel


Laurent Denel is the CEO of OpenIO. He has been involved in running massive email platforms, with thousands of servers, for major telcos since 2002. During those years, confronted with the exponential growth of storage, he designed what would become OpenIO’s object storage core technology. This technology has been operational at petabyte-scale since 2009 with Laurent subsequently launching OpenIO with his fellow co-founders.

Matt Technical Advisor


Technical advisor for Spamhaus