July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

No more web app headaches!

Janina Schulyk (SAP SE), Michael Graf (SAP SE)
10:40am–11:20am Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Sponsored E 143/144
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Designing and developing web apps for a variety of platforms and screen sizes is pretty tough. People use notebooks, tablets, and phones for surfing the web, and BYOD is now well established at many companies. It is essential that your app supports as many different devices as possible to reach out to all of your users. In our session we’ll take a closer look at how modern web apps tackle these challenges.

What happens if you run the same web app on different devices or platforms? Will it still look as expected? Do you need to develop more than one app to cover all the different environments? Or do you have to hack a lot of special cases for this and that exotic browser? And how about having a common design language to deliver a consistent and beautiful user experience?

Think about how your life as a developer would be easier if you could use a toolkit that already takes care of a lot of these things. A toolkit that delivers consistent design out of the box, makes your app responsive and adaptive, delivers a lot of controls but is also easy to extend. We’ll talk about creating great web apps using real-world examples, and demonstrate apps built with the ‘OpenUI5‘ Open Source UI library – from simple apps that can be developed rapidly, to full-blown solutions like SAP Sports One for Soccer.

We will talk about the following topics:

  • Responsiveness and adaptiveness
  • Platforms, devices, and screen sizes
  • Common design language
  • Consistent user experience

Learn insights into how you can build well-designed web apps without the headache!

Sponsored by SAP

Photo of Janina Schulyk

Janina Schulyk


Janina Bläsius has been a software developer at SAP since 2012, focusing on user interfaces. Besides developing, she also spends part of her time leading training sessions and representing OpenUI5 at conferences.

Photo of Michael Graf

Michael Graf


Michael Graf is part of the UI5 development team and an expert in creating custom controls and applications with UI5. He works for SAP and has a lot of experience in consulting as well as development activities. He loves engaging with the OpenUI5 community, and lives in Stuttgart, Germany.