July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Build your first Internet of Things app today with open source

Fred Melo (Pivotal), William Markito Oliveira (Red Hat)
9:00am–12:30pm Tuesday, 07/21/2015
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The Internet of Things requires new applications to consume data that streams in from connected devices, and apply advanced real-time analytics. It also demands the ability to scale horizontally in order to support a large number of devices, while keeping extreme low latency for immediate data insights.

How can you leverage open source software like Apache Geode, Spring XD, Docker, and Cloud Foundry/Lattice to quickly build a complete IoT solution?

In less than half a day, this hands-on workshop will show you how to:

  • Ingest data from sensors, small devices, and micro-processors like Raspberry Pi
  • Easily create data-streaming pipelines without source code, using a descriptive language
  • Transact and process information reliably in-memory, using distributed and scalable technologies
  • React to data changes, triggering events, and processors
  • Generate real-time analytics based on data coming from different sources and devices
  • Deploy and scale applications and services using lightweight containers.

Get hands-on training with several open source projects:

  • Apache Geode: An open source, distributed, in-memory database for scale-out applications
  • Spring XD: A data pipeline system that provides ingest and orchestration of data flows between sources and processing steps at scale
  • Docker: An application container engine
  • Cloud Foundry: A fully integrated cloud-native platform solution.
Photo of Fred Melo

Fred Melo


Fred Melo is a director of technical marketing at Pivotal. Fred has been developing software for 15+ years, and his job is to help customers worldwide on their journey to platform-as-a-service and an agile world.

Photo of William Markito Oliveira

William Markito Oliveira

Red Hat

William Markito Oliveira is a solution architect of enterprise applications with focus on system integration and highly distributed systems. He has large Java platform experience, solid skills in development and architecture of SOA, Big Data, EAI, and web services-based applications. William currently works at Pivotal and was formerly at Oracle, BEA, and Ericsson. He was born in Brazil and now lives in the Portland area. He is a co-author of the Java EE Tutorial (ISBN: 978-0321980083, ISBN: 978-0137081868) and Oracle Getting Started with WebLogic 12c: Developer’s Guide (ISBN: 978-1849686969).

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Picture of William Markito Oliveira
William Markito Oliveira
07/20/2015 6:05am PDT

Hi Ali. Absolutely. There will be a demo and we will walk through the code and steps which you can see and ask questions without trying in your laptop.

Not to mention that you can maybe join someone and do it paired. :)

Ali Corbin
07/20/2015 5:50am PDT

I have mechanical issues and can’t reliably use a laptop. And so, of course, don’t own one. Would there be any value to coming anyway and simply watching and learning?