July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Microservices. Microservices everywhere!

Jerome Petazzoni (Tiny Shell Script LLC)
11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Architecture Portland 251
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Prerequisite Knowledge

If you have heard about containers and microservices, but don't see how the two are connected or even beneficial, this talk will hopefully help to change your mind!


Microservices architectures suggest the decomposition of large applications into many smaller processes, each of them developed, deployed, and maintained independently from the others. This decoupling has many advantages. A team can be fully responsible for a service, and pick the language, framework, and tools that are better suited for the job.

With microservices, deployments are no longer large, risky, or infrequent events. Deploying a single service is simpler, faster, and carries less risk, and can therefore become more frequent. This promotes continuous deployment practices, and yields much faster release cycles.

But microservices also have their own, specific constraints. Communication between services, using API and RPC, will typically be slower than internal functional calls. Service discovery, activation, and load balancing all become mandatory.

In this talk, after presenting the expected benefits of microservices, we will walk you through those new constraints, and demonstrate how to use Docker and containers to address them.

Photo of Jerome Petazzoni

Jerome Petazzoni

Tiny Shell Script LLC

Jerome Petazzoni is a senior engineer at Docker, where he helps others to containerize all the things. In another life he built and operated Xen clouds when EC2 was just the name of a plane, developed a GIS to deploy fiber interconnects through the French subway, managed commando deployments of large-scale video streaming systems in bandwidth-constrained environments such as conference centers, operated and scaled the dotCloud PAAS, and various other feats of technical wizardry. When annoyed, he threatens to replace things with a very small shell script.

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Picture of Audra Carter
Audra Carter
07/10/2015 9:53am PDT

Hi Sainath,

You may attend any of the sessions that are labeled as “Sponsored” with just the $49 Expo Pass. This session does not fall under that category.

Sainath Grandhi
07/08/2015 2:48pm PDT

is 49$ expo pass sufficient to attend this session? I am interested in this talk