July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Continuous delivery and large microservice architectures: Reflections on Ioncannon

Kevin Scaldeferri (New Relic)
5:00pm–5:40pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Architecture Portland 251
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Prerequisite Knowledge

This talk will be targeted at senior engineers and architects. Familiarity with deploying and operating applications will be helpful, in addition to application design. While the system being discussed was implemented in Scala, the majority of the talk will not require any familiarity with Scala.


I spent two years as the primary designer and developer of Ioncannon, the continuous delivery system used at Gilt Groupe to move over 300 microservices from development, through testing, to production. Much has been written, and open-sourced, regarding the continuous delivery of monolithic or substantially-monolithic systems; but less attention has been given to continuous delivery in the context of microservices, and the new and unique challenges in implementing it in such an environment.

I will discuss our approach, the design and evolution of Ioncannon, what worked well, and what I would do differently. I’ll touch on build and packaging systems, tooling for microservices, configuration management, test frameworks, maintaining test environments, where databases fit in, as well as the cultural and political aspects of continuous delivery.

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Kevin Scaldeferri

New Relic

Kevin Scaldeferri has focused on building high-volume, high-reliability systems at multiple companies, most recently New Relic. His interests include programming languages, the interaction between online and real-life communities, and techniques for making the development process more reliable, more successful, and more fun.