July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Building a mobile location-aware system with beacons

Jonathan LeBlanc (PayPal / Braintree)
11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/22/2015
Mobility Portland 256
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Prerequisite Knowledge

An understanding of the concepts of iBeacons, Android development, and Bluetooth Smart is recommended, but not required for the talk.


What if instead of a broad location, you could have pinpoint location awareness of someone in a physical space. How could this change everything about how we interact with the physical world?

Building upon the Bluetooth Smart standard, beacons and beacon technology is being deployed to be able to provide true, accurate discoverability of people as they move about in a physical space, all building around something you carry day in and day out: your phone. This technology is being used to revolutionize shopping, accessibility for the disabled, and is changing how we interact with the physical world.

Throughout this session we will cover a number of fields in this emerging hardware market:

  • How beacons work and how they are deployed, focusing on a few major beacon types
  • Ways that beacon technology is changing many different industries
  • How to solve problems of deploying beacons at scale
  • Building your own beacon using common open source hardware
Photo of Jonathan LeBlanc

Jonathan LeBlanc

PayPal / Braintree

Jonathan LeBlanc is an Emmy award-winning software engineer, author of the O’Reilly book Programming Social Applications, and the head of global developer advocacy for Braintree and PayPal. Specializing in identity, authorization, and security, hardware-to-web interconnectivity, and data mining techniques, as well as open source initiatives around social engagement, Jonathan works on the development of emerging initiatives toward building a more user-centric web.