July 20–24, 2015
Portland, OR

Building a mobile app with Meteor.js, Cordova, and MongoDB

Josh Owens (Meteor Club)
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 07/20/2015
Teaching D137/138
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Understand JavaScript and basic concepts like arrays and logic flows.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

Attendees will need a GitHub account, and a working meteor.js install on their machine.


Learn what Meteor.js is, why you might want to use it, and how to get started. The goal of this tutorial is to introduce Meteor.js and a host of other technologies, which can be used to build a simple web app that can then be built into a native app using Meteor/Cordova integration.

We will cover concepts such as MongoDB and 2d sphere searches, Google API integration, and building a mobile responsive interface. As Meteor integrates Cordova as a first level player in its platform, we can easily marry all these components together and package a great mobile app that one could submit to the app store.

The technology is great for rapid prototyping, but most people tend to underestimate how good it is now that Meteor 1.0 is out. Come and learn about it firsthand, so you can evaluate this great new emerging platform for yourself.

Photo of Josh Owens

Josh Owens

Meteor Club

Josh Owens is the proprietor of Crater.io, host of Meteor Podcast, and an open source czar that helped create over 10 Meteor packages and 40 apps in 12 months. He is also the author of Testing with Meteor and part of the Velocity core team, helping to make testing more practical with Meteor. When he is not writing, podcasting, or teaching, then you can find him running the Cincinnati Meteor meetup or helping people with Meteor.js over Airpair.

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Picture of Josh Owens
Josh Owens
07/20/2015 9:25am PDT

Here is the code we did today in the tutorial: https://github.com/meteorclub/cityforks-4

Eric Till
07/12/2015 3:06am PDT

Is there a github repo we need to clone? Convention wifi isn’t always super reliable and I’d like to download any files we’ll need ahead of time! Thanks, -Eric