October 10–11, 2016  •  San Francisco, CA
Ellen Choi

Ellen Choi
Cofounder and CEO, CareerLark

Website | @LNchoi

One of the key design patterns of the Next Economy is augmenting people with increasingly intelligent software to do their jobs better. And one of the key jobs in any company is getting the most out of the people who work there. Can a bot help us get better at managing people? Ellen is trying to find out. Who wouldn’t want to learn more?

— Tim O’Reilly

Quotes from Ellen

One day, we won’t know how we survived without bots automatically doing everyday tasks for us in the workplace.

The rapidly expanding millennial workforce is ushering in a profound change in how we work. . .everything from our expectations of how technology should work to how we define our careers.

Conversational UI and bots represent one of the most exciting technology shifts today. We are in early days of understanding how to build the right UX, technology, and product to make conversational bots truly useful. But make no mistake—there will be multiple billion-dollar chat-first companies built harnessing this trend.


Ellen Choi is the cofounder and CEO of CareerLark. Having learned from excellent managers at Google how to create a culture of transparency, Ellen is a huge advocate of continuous and real-time feedback. CareerLark uses conversational UI and bot technologies to facilitate more microfeedback between employees and help companies achieve a better engaged and more productive workforce.