October 10–11, 2016  •  San Francisco, CA
Nachi Junankar

Nachi Junankar
Founder and CEO, Avrio



Nachi Junankar is the founder and CEO of Avrio, a company based on the idea that machine intelligence is a powerful way to augment and assist people in landing the right jobs and companies in hiring the right people in an engaging, transparent way. Nachi creates long-lasting companies that build amazing tech that has a positive impact on everyday people all over the world. He bootstrapped his first company, Live Wire, straight out of college and built it into a successful CRM company. Prior to founding Avrio, Nachi founded OpenMobile on the seminal idea of making the Android app ecosystem portable to other mobile devices to offer consumers the widest possible choice of smartphones. OpenMobile’s compelling technology and large app store have enabled it to become a key player in the global mobile ecosystem, working closely with global key phone makers, OS vendors, app developers, and carriers across the globe.