October 10–11, 2016  •  San Francisco, CA

Some of Who You'll See at Next:Economy...

  • Anton Oguzhan Andrews
    Director of Office Envisioning, Microsoft
  • Austin Badger
    Silicon Valley Bank
  • Simon Rothman
    Partner, Greylock
  • Efrem Bycer
    Director of Economic Development, Code for America
  • Gordon Ritter
    General Partner, Emergence Capital Parnters
  • Gretchen Anderson
    Product Design Executive, PG&E
  • Jeff Myers
    Director - Analytics, State Farm
  • Josh Constine
    Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch
  • Kathleen Chaykowski
  • Megan Fietsam
    Senior Statistician, State Farm Insurance Co

For all the conversations in separate circles about the future of work and the potential and challenges of technology, the O'Reilly Next:Economy Summit is the only event that brings everyone—venture capitalists, tech leaders, social activists, public leaders, labor representatives—together in one venue. The Summit is an important place for those who want to help shape the future.”
- Ken Zimmerman, Director of U.S. Programs, Open Society Foundations, 2015 Next:Economy Summit Attendee

  • Misha Chellam
    Co-Founder, Tradecraft
  • Paul Michelman
    Editor in Chief, MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Virginia Hamilton
    Regional Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor
  • William J. Raduchel
    Chair, Originate
  • Tore Tennoe
    Director, The Norwegian Board of Technology
  • Bowen Dwelle
    CEO, AdMonsters
  • Carmen Rojas
    CEO, The Workers Lab
  • Akihito Toda
  • Alan Webber
    Research Director, IDC Government Insights
  • Ali Dalloul
    GM, Microsoft

I have been to a lot of conferences, and this was possibly the most thoughtfully constructed agenda I've ever seen, as evidenced by the engaged conversation and high caliber of speakers and attendees.”
- Matt A. Stein, 2015 Next:Economy Summit Attendee

  • Ali Rahnema
  • ali quigley
    boss, rtb
  • Anja C. Wagner
    CEO, FrolleinFlow | ununi.TV
  • Anuranjita Tewary
    Director of Product Management, Intuit
  • Avanessian Zorik
    Chief Architect, Director, Cognizant
  • Caroline O'Donovan
    senior tech reporter, BuzzFeed
  • Carolyn Said
    Staff writer, SF Chronicle
  • Celeste Gudas
    President, 24 Seven
  • Chie Kumahara
    Manager, Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd.
  • Chris Hughes
    Basic Income Collaborative

Excellent organization and layout of conversations. The caliber of the speakers and attendees was phenomenal.”
- Johannes Schonberg, 2015 Next:Economy Summit Attendee

  • Clay Nelson
    Enterprise Sales Executive - Southeast, GitHub
  • Corrie Watterson
    Senior researcher, SEIU 775
  • Cristina Riesen
    Tech Entrepreneur, Cristina Riesen NET
  • Dan Beam
    Principal, Beam
  • Dave Hale
    CEO, Gigwalk
  • David Hammer
    Founder, Emissary
  • David Jones
    Exec Producer/Principal PM, Microsoft
  • David Crow
    User Experience Evangelist, Microsoft Corp
  • David Rolf
    President, SEIU 775
  • Dennis Howlett
    co-founder, diginomica

I attended the Next:Economy Summit last year and I'm attending this year. The conversations I had with a broad swath of tech leaders at the last event informed much of our development this year.”
- Hays Witt, Deputy Director, The Partnership for Working Families

  • Diego Graglia
    Silicon Valley Correspondent, Univision Noticias
  • Edward Hess
    Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business, UVA
  • Eric Woods
    The Workers Lab
  • Frederic Boulanger
    President, Macadamian Technologies
  • Gabriel Sidhom
    VP - Technology Strategy & Development at Orange Silicon Valley, Orange
  • Georges Nahon
    CEO, Orange Silicon Valley - France Telecom
  • Gianfranco Cecconi
    CEO and Founder, Digital Contraptions Imaginarium Ltd.
  • Haeyoung Yoon
    Director of Strategic Partnerships, National Employment Law Project
  • Jeremiah Owyang
    Founder, Crowd Companies
  • Joel Mahoney
    CEO, OpenCounter

A key to survival is to embed curiosity and learning in an organization.”
- James Manyika, Director of the McKinsey Global Institute

  • Julie Motz
    Host - Programmer, KWMR FM
  • Julie Rufo
    Senior Research Analyst, Research board
  • Karen Wickre
    Principal, KVOX Media
  • Kathleen Chaykowski
    Staff Writer, Forbes
  • Katsuya Debari
    President/CEO, Odyssey Communications Inc
  • Kunio Ikari
    Researcher, Recruit Works Institute
  • Laura Maechtlen
  • Liana Ramos
    Radio producer, KGO
  • Lisa Maki
    CEO, PokitDok
  • Lu-Ann Glaser
    Manager of National Programs & Initiatives/Director of ADR and International Services, FMCS

The single biggest unexplored reason for long-term slower growth is that the financial system has stopped serving the real economy and now serves mainly itself.”
- Rana Foroohar, Author, assistant managing editor at Time magazine

  • massimo gaggi
    US Correspondent, Corriere della Sera
  • Mathew Benjamin
    Head of Asia, Stone & Chalk
  • Matt McAlister
    Entrepreneur in Residence, The Guardian
  • Matthew Milan
    CEO and Design Leader, Normative
  • Michi Kaifu
    Columnist, Nikkei Business Online
  • Molly Wood
    Senior correspondent and host, Marketplace
  • Niall Murphy
    CEO & Founder, EVRYTHNG
  • Percival Garcia
    Principal Partner, Percival & Associates
  • Peter Blanks
    VP IT, Asurion
  • Peter Leyden
    Founder & CEO, Reinvent

We’re not a watch company. I did not want to build another watch company. This company really started as a job-creation vehicle.”
- Tom Kartsotis, Founder of Shinola

  • Rob Helm
    Managing Director - SO, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Roman Vinogradov
    Test, RTB_TEST
  • Susan Mernit
    Co-Founder, BlogHer
  • Tao Xu
    Senior Writer, CBNweekly
  • Tia Gao
    Group Product Manager, Collective Health
  • Tracey White
    Managing Director, Strategy In Action
  • Uwe Thuemmel
    PhD Candidate in Economics, Tinbergen Institute, VU University Amsterdam, EUR Rotterdam
  • Jeff Myers
    Director - Analytics, State Farm
  • Matt McAlister
    Entrepreneur in Residence, The Guardian
  • Lu-Ann Glaser
    Manager of National Programs & Initiatives/Director of ADR and International Services, FMCS
  • Eric Woods
    The Workers Lab
  • Carmen Rojas
    CEO, The Workers Lab
  • William J. Raduchel
    Chair, Originate

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