November 12–13, 2015  •  San Francisco, CA


We have gathered some of the most influential technology and business leaders, policy makers, academics, VCs, entrepreneurs, and others who are driving the transformation of the economy. Their insights are key to understanding the trends at play. Stay tuned as we add more high-caliber speakers to the program.

Satya Nadella

CEO | Microsoft

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“In order to accelerate our innovation, we must rediscover our soul — our unique core.”

Kimberly Bryant

Founder | Black Girls Code

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“Learn how to become a ‘creator’ of technology and not just a ‘consumer’.”

David Plouffe

Chief Advisor & Member of the Board | Uber

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“Money generated in the sharing economy is making a meaningful difference in households across the world.”

Jeff Immelt


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“Many bought into the idea that America could go from a technology-based, export-oriented powerhouse to a services-led, consumption-based economy—and somehow still expect to prosper. That idea was flat wrong…”

Neera Tanden

President | Center for American Progress

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“The crash in 2008 changed the shape of our societies and our politics. It also challenged the underlying assumptions about the nature of economic growth, and made a response to the rise of inequality an essential part of mainstream politics.”

Logan Green

Co-founder & CEO | Lyft

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“I want to be able to go to any city and be able to get around that city for less than the cost of owning a car and with the ease of a car without actually having to own a car. I want to be able to consume transportation as a service.”

David Rolf

President | SEIU 775

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“God did not make being an auto worker a good job.”

Reid Hoffman

Co-founder | LinkedIn

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“Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location.”

Sebastian Thrun

CEO | Udacity

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“I’m really looking forward to a time when generations after us look back and say how ridiculous it was that humans were driving cars.”

Anne-Marie Slaughter

President & CEO | New America

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“If we’re going to have better choices for women, we’ve got to have better choices for men.”

Ev Williams

CEO | Medium

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“What the Internet is great at is building networks.”

Leah Busque

Founder & CEO | TaskRabbit

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“Our job is to build tools to improve the income of our workers.”

Byron Auguste

Managing Director & Co-founder | Opportunity@Work

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“We aim to create a job market where…technology is used to accelerate learning and optimize human capital potential—not just to automate tasks.”

Zeynep Ton

MIT Sloan School of Management

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“Why aren’t more companies pursuing the good jobs strategy? One reason is that achieving excellence is harder than achieving mediocrity.”

Zoë Baird

CEO & President | Markle Foundation

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“Everyone has a meaningful place in the new economy.”

Laszlo Bock


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“The most talented people on the planet are increasingly physically mobile, increasingly connected through technology, and—importantly—increasingly discoverable by employers.”

Stewart Butterfield

Co-founder | Slack

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“The best—maybe the only?—real, direct measure of ‘innovation’ is change in human behavior.”

James Cham

Bloomberg Beta

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“Too many view machine intelligence as magic or menace—we still don’t have a good economic model for understanding its impact.”

Adam Cheyer

Co-founder & VP of Engineering | Viv

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“We originally talked to computers in their language exclusively. Increasingly, we talk to them in ours.”

Lynda Chin

Institute for Health Transformation

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“OEA© empowers oncologists with knowledge and expertise so that they may offer their patients what they deserve—the best treatment options available to beat cancer”

Chad Dickerson

CEO | Etsy

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“I believe that companies can and should use the power of business to create social good.”

Limor Fried

Founder | Adafruit Industries

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“Oh really? There’s debate about open source hardware? I’m going to keep shipping open source hardware while you all argue about it.”

Carrie Gleason

Director | Fair Workweek Initiative Center for Popular Democracy

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“Whether just scraping by hour-by-hour or exhausted from a workweek that never ends, working Americans are becoming a 24/7 workforce even as they face mounting economic uncertainty.”

Saul Griffith

CEO | Other Lab

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“There’s no margin left in any old businesses which forces us to try new technology. Can we keep being this economically efficient without destroying R&D?”

Nick Grossman

General Manager | Union Square Ventures

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“The future of regulation is to grant companies the freedoms they grant their users, but also bring the same data-driven accountability.”

Mark Hatch

CEO | TechShop

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“If you can save 98 percent of your startup costs, you can launch 20 more startups. Anybody in the middle class can now launch a hardware company.”

Kristian Hammond

Chief Scientist | Narrative Science

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“Who would trust an AI that can’t explain itself?”

Nick Hanauer

Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

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“Rich people don’t create jobs, nor do businesses, large or small. What does lead to more employment is a ‘circle of life’ like feedback loop between customers and businesses. And only consumers can set in motion this virtuous cycle of increasing demand and hiring…”

Esther Kaplan

Editor | The Investigative Fund

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“Employees [are] slowly being turned into day laborers. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the number of retail employees involuntarily working part time more than doubled between 2006 and 2010, from 644,000 to 1.6 million.”

Jerry Kaplan

Lecturer and Fellow | Stanford University

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“The coming robot armageddon will be economic, not military.”

Stephane Kasriel

CEO | UpWork

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“We’ve entered a new chapter of work in which technology is making it easier for people to find work faster and reach beyond the Industrial Era time and place boundaries we’ve been held back by.”

Esko Kilpi

Managing Director | Esko Kilpi Company

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“Work is interaction between interdependent people.”

Jess Kutch

Digital Strategist & Co-founder |

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“As an employee, you’re responsible to your employer to perform a job. As a co-worker, you’re responsible to each other to push for a more healthy, humane workplace.”

Rochelle LaPlante

Digital Worker Advocate

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“It’s time to consider the rights and needs of the hidden digital workers that are making our internet experience so magically seamless.”

Alexandre Lebrun

Head,, Facebook

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“Language is maybe the hardest task in AI because it's very nuanced. Words are mere references to your experience as a human. It’s very hard for a computer to understand what they mean.”

John Markoff

Journalist | New York Times

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“Norbert Wiener issued a warning about the potential of automation: ‘We can be humble and live a good life with the aid of the machines,’ he wrote, ‘or we can be arrogant and die.’ It is still a fair warning.”

James Manyika

Director | McKinsey Global Institute

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“The information tools that helped improve productivity are now being used to disaggregate jobs into specialized tasks that can be scheduled down to the hour of a workweek with flexible labor and can increasingly be done remotely.”

Michelle Miller

Co-founder |

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“A new generation of workplace leaders are using technology to push corporate decision-making out into the open.”

Brian Mullins

CEO | daqri

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“Imagine being able to walk around a factory and see the equipment running hot, days before it actually breaks.”

Simon Rothman

Partner | Greylock Partners

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“Marketplaces leverage the power of people; that is the fundamental source of power for all marketplaces.”

Palak Shah

Social Innovations Director | National Domestic Workers Alliance

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“The creative collaboration of business tech and social movements is the only sustainable way forward. For all of us.”

Liz Shuler

Secretary-Treasurer | AFL-CIO

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“If we’re going to rebuild the labor movement, we need to start with a commitment to quality work, to show that union labor makes a difference not only for the workers and their families, but also for our employers.”

Brad Smith

President & CEO | Intuit

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“The rise in self-employment over the last three decades has created a new era of entrepreneurship. It’s time we start championing this new vision of the on-demand economy and build the infrastructure and tools needed to support this new wave of businesses.”

Andrew Stern

Columbia University

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“Change is inevitable but progress is optional. Leadership makes the difference.”

Yancey Strickler

CEO & Co-founder | Kickstarter

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“We are all patrons of the arts now.”

Gary Swart

Venture Partner | Polaris Venture Partners

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“Work is not ‘a place’, work is finding the right people for the mission.”

Dan Teran

Co-founder | Managed By Q

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“Modern employment conventions are the product of a century of progress meant to protect workers and employers. It would be naïve to think that the basic needs of workers change with the proliferation of smart phones.”

Laura Tyson

Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley

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“How the benefits of smart machines are distributed will depend not on their design but on the design of smart policies appropriate for the new machine age.”

Felicia Wong

President & CEO | Roosevelt Institute

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“How will technology shape the future for American workers? Who will win, and who will lose, as technology drives change far faster than policy and politics can keep up?”