November 12–13, 2015  •  San Francisco, CA

Who You'll See at Next:Economy

  • Adam Cheyer
    Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Viv
  • Al Hoover
    Managing Director, Leadout Advisors, LLC
  • Alex Moazed
    Founder & CEO, Applico
  • Alex Singh
    Co-Founder & CEO, Domino
  • Alexander Stojanovic
    CTO (Oracle Data Cloud Services), Oracle
  • Alexandre Lebrun
    Head,, Facebook
  • Alice Robbins
    Corporate Communications Manager, Narrative Science
  • Allen Webb
    Editor-in-Chief, McKinsey Quarterly and Editorial Director, McKinsey Publishing, McKinsey & Company
  • Aja C. Duncan
    Principal, Limitless Leadership Solutions
  • Alex Chriss
    VP, Self-Employed Solutions, Intuit
  • Alex Rosenblat
    Technical Writer/Researcher, Data & Society Research Institute
  • Alex Steffen
    Planetary Futurist, Planetary Thinking LLC
  • Alexander Rose
    Executive Director, Long Now Foundation
  • Alia Santini
    Consultant, Stop Meeting Like This
  • Alicia Rouault
    Senior Advisor, Code for America
  • Alon Halevy
    Executive Director, Recruit Institute of Technology

"If you don't have a real stake in the new, then just surviving on the old—even if it is about efficiency—I don't think is a long-term game."
-Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

  • Amanda Chiu
    VP Fidelity Labs, Fidelity Investments
  • Amye Osti
    CEO, 34 North
  • Anand Kulkarni
    Founder, LeadGenius
  • Andreas Weigend
    Director, Social Data Lab
  • Andrew Herleman
    Director, Flat World
  • Andrew Stern
    Senior Fellow, Columbia University
  • Angie Bealko
    Principal, Azulutions
  • Ann Miura-Ko
    Partner, FLOODGATE
  • Amie Frisch
    Operations Development Manager, LeadGenius
  • Anand Iyer
    CEO, Trusted
  • Andrea Dehlendorf
    Co-Director, OUR Walmart
  • Andrew Calvo
    Senior Corporate Accounts Manager, TechShop San Francisco
  • Andrew Leamon
    Director - Engineering Analysis, Comcast
  • Angela Morente Cheng
    Executive Board, STAC SV-Philippines, Blue Can Water
  • Anja C. Wagner
    CEO, FrolleinFlow | ununi.TV
  • Anna Steffeney
    Founder/CEO, LeaveLogic

"Learn how to become a 'creator' of technology and not just a 'consumer'."
-Kimberly Bryant, Founder, Black Girls Code

  • Anne-Marie Slaughter
    President and CEO, New America
  • Annie Gaus
    Reporter, SF Business Times
  • Arnaud Sahuguet
    CTO, The GovLab @ NYU
  • Assaf Shalvi
    CEO, Swift Shift Ltd
  • Beau Cronin
    Strategic Analyst, Salesforce
  • Ben Field
    Executive Officer, South Bay Labor Council
  • Ben W Bear
    CEO, co-founder,
  • Betsy Masiello
    Director, Communications & Policy, Uber
  • Annette Bernhardt
    Senior Researcher, UC Berkeley, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
  • Arjan Postma
    Founder, FreedomLab
  • Art Kleiner
    Editor in Chief, Strategy+Business
  • Avinash Gangadharan
    Director, Product and Engineering, Paypal
  • Beau Vrolyk
    CEO, Engine Yard
  • Ben Nevile
    CTO, Breather
  • Beth Gutelius
  • Bill Higgins
    Special Products, IBM Design

"Many bought into the idea that America could go from a technology-based, export-oriented powerhouse to a services-led, consumption-based economy—and somehow still expect to prosper. That idea was flat wrong..."
-Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE

  • Biz Carson
    Reporter, Business Insider
  • Brad Smith
    President and CEO, Intuit
  • Brady Forrest
    Veep, Highway1
  • Brian Mullins
  • Brigitte Piniewski
    Chief Medical Officer, PeaceHealth Labs
  • Bruce Reed
    Co-Chair, Aspen Initiative on the Future of Work, Aspen Institute
  • Byron Auguste
    Co-founder and Managing Director, Opportunity@Work
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Björn Wanbo
  • Bradley Horowitz
    VP, Product, Google
  • Brian Behlendorf
    Managing Director, Mithril Capital Management LLC
  • brianna salinas
    Director of Operations, LeadGenius
  • Bruce McCoy
    Director, Advertising Solutions, The Economist
  • Bryce Roberts
    Managing Director, OATV
  • Carlos Apodaca
    CEO, Explosion Movil
  • Carmen Rojas
    CEO, The Workers Lab

"The crash in 2008 changed the shape of our societies and our politics. It also challenged the underlying assumptions about the nature of economic growth, and made a response to the rise of inequality an essential part of mainstream politics."
-Neera Tanden, President, Center for American Progress

  • Carol Maguire
    Director, Clinical Research-Cardiology, University of California, San Francisco
  • Carolyn Said
    Staff writer, San Francico Chronicle
  • Cassie Divine
    Business Operations Leader, Intuit
  • Cathy Strider
  • Charles DeWitt
    Vice President, Business Development, Kronos
  • Chelsea Rustrum
    Author, Shareable Life
  • Chris DiBona
    Director, Open Source, Google, Inc.
  • Christian Plagemann
    Engineering Manager, Google
  • Caroline Fairchild
    New Economy Editor, LinkedIn
  • Carrie Gleason
    Director, Fair Workweek Initiative Center for Popular Democracy
  • Cassie Sanders
    Launch Manager, Managed by Q
  • Chad Dickerson
    CEO, Etsy
  • Charles Duhigg
    Senior Editor, The New York Times
  • Chris Davis
    SVP, Finance, Managed By Q
  • Chris ONeill
    CEO, WorkRecords
  • Christina Schultz
    PR Specialist, Upwork

"Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location."
-Reid Hoffman, Co-founder, LinkedIn

  • Christopher Bishop
    Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers
  • Christopher Fong
    CEO / Co-Founder, Choice
  • Claire Miller
    Reporter, New York Times
  • Dallas Kashuba
    Errand Runner, DreamHost
  • Dan Raile
  • Danese Cooper
    Open Source Diva, PayPal
  • Danny Kim
    Founder/CEO, Lit Motors
  • Dave Porter
  • Christopher Etesse
    CEO, Flat World Education, Inc
  • Christopher Zimmerman
    Head of Big Data Services, Quantcast Corporation
  • Collin Vine
    Co-Founder, Zirtual
  • Dan Friedman
    President, Thinkful
  • Dan Teran
    Co-founder, Managed by Q
  • Daniel Newman
    Executive Director,
  • Darrion Sjoquist
    Starbucks barista, Working Washington
  • Davey Alba
    Staff Writer, WIRED Magazine

"Our job is to build tools to improve the income of our workers."
-Leah Busque, Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit

  • David Hammer
    Founder, Emissary
  • David Nordfors
    CEO, i4j
  • David Plouffe
    Chief Advisor and Member of the Board, Uber
  • David Yoon
  • Derecka Mehrens
    executive director, Working Partnerships USA
  • Devin Fidler
    Research Director, IFTF
  • Dick Bolles
    Author, eParachute
  • Donald Chartier
    Founder, HourVoice
  • david lang
    Co-founder, OpenROV
  • David Petrovich
    President, Set and Service Resources LLC
  • David Rolf
    President, SEIU 775
  • Denise Cheng
    Denise Cheng, MIT Center for Civic Media
  • Derek Khanna
  • Diane Whitlow
  • Don Charlton
  • Douglas Douncan
    SVP & Chief Economist, Business Strategy, Fannie Mae

"We aim to create a job market where... technology is used to accelerate learning and optimize human capital potential—not just to automate tasks."
-Byron Auguste, Managing Director & Co-founder, Opportunity@Work

  • Edward Lichty
    Head of Corp Dev and Strategy, Medium
  • Eitan Bencuya
    Head of Communications, DoorDash
  • Elizabeth Woyke
    Reporter, Freelance
  • Emily Pakulski
    Software development intern, Nest
  • Emma Oppenheim
    Program Officer, Open Society Foundations
  • Eric Faurot
    CEO, GreenBiz Group
  • Erik Hanvey
    CEO, Set and Service Resources
  • Erik Larson
    CEO, Cloverpop
  • Efrem Bycer
    Director of Economic Development, Code for America
  • Elena Benito Ruiz
    CMO, Currently freelance
  • emiko higashi
    Managing Director, Tomon Partners LLC
  • Emily Woods
    Member Ambassador, TechShop, San Francisco
  • Eric Barajas
    Driver, Uber
  • Erik Brynjolfsson
    Professor, MIT
  • Erik Kruse
    Director, Ericsson
  • Erin Coppin
    Chief Compliance Officer, Coinbase, Inc

"The most talented people on the planet are increasingly physically mobile, increasingly connected through technology, and—importantly—increasingly discoverable by employers."
-Laszlo Bock, Google

  • Esko Kilpi
    Managing Director, Esko Kilpi Company
  • Esther Kaplan
    Editor, The Investigative Fund
  • Evan Hansen
    Editor, Medium
  • Evan Williams
    CEO, The Obvious Corporation
  • Fiona Ramsey
    Public Relations, NDWA
  • Frederic Boulanger
    President, Macadamian Technologies
  • G. S. Beckwith Gilbert
    Chairman, PASSUR Aerospace
  • Gary Marcus
    CEO, Geometric Intelligence
  • Esther Dyson
    Chairman, EDventure Holdings
  • Eugene Izhikevich
    CEO, Brain Corporation
  • Evan Schneyer
    Product Manager, Google
  • Felicia Wong
    President and CEO, Roosevelt Institute
  • Fred Vogelstein
    Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine
  • Frederick Reid
    COO, Zee.Aero Inc.
  • Gary Bolles
    Co-founder, eParachute
  • Gary Swart
    Venture Partner, Polaris Partners

"The best—maybe the only?—real, direct measure of 'innovation' is change in human behavior."
-Stewart Butterfield, Co-founder, Slack

  • Gavin Sherry
    CTO, Pivotal
  • George Votis
    Chairman and Founder, Techniplas Group/Galt Industries, Inc.
  • Gerald Huff
    Principal Software Engineer, Tesla Motors
  • Gigi Johnson
    Inaugural Director, UCLA Center for Music Innovation
  • Greg Munves
    President, 1010data
  • Greg Orlowski
    Chief Technology Officer, Deliveroo
  • Gregg Oldring
    Founder & CEO, Inkdit
  • Guy Bieber
    CTO Office Sr Director of Strategy and Innovation, Citrix Systems
  • Geoff Flood
    President, T4G Limited
  • Georges Nahon
    CEO, Orange Silicon Valley
  • Gideon Lichfield
    Senior editor, Quartz
  • Gillian Haley
    Change Strategist, Independent Consultant
  • Greg Nelson
    Special Assistant to the President, The White House
    technologist, self
  • Guissu Baier
    Sr. Employment Counsel, Instacart
  • harriet taylor
    Reporter, CNBC Digital

"Why aren't more companies pursuing the good jobs strategy? One reason is that achieving excellence is harder than achieving mediocrity."
-Zeynep Ton, MIT Sloan School of Management

  • Harry McCracken
    Editor, Technologizer
  • Heather Somerville
    Reporter, Thomson Retuers
  • humza teherany
    Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Group Canada
  • Ilana Berger
    Co Founder /Chief Product Officer, WinWinWork
  • James Beriker
    CEO, Simply Hired
  • James Manyika
    Director of Business and Economics Research, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Janet Maughan
    Executive Director, Passport Foundation
  • Jason Calacanis
    Founder & CEO, LAUNCH
  • Hays Witt
    Campaign Director, Partnership for Working Families
  • Holly Wood
    PhD Candidate, Harvard University
  • hunter walk
    partner, homebrew
  • Irene Au
    Operating Partner, Khosla Ventures
  • James Cham
  • Jamil Poonja
    Economic Development, Thumbtack
  • Jasmine Jaco
    Director, Deloitte
  • Jason Shah
    CEO, Do (

"Everyone has a meaningful place in the new economy."
-Zoë Baird, CEO & President, Markle Foundation

  • Jeff Immelt
    Chairman and CEO, General Electric
  • Jeniece Pettitt
    Producer, CNBC
  • Jennifer Snell
    VP Marketing, Next IT
  • Jeremy Lizakowski
    Director of Software, Autonomous Tractor Corp
  • Jerry Kaplan
    Visiting Lecturer, and Fellow at The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, Stanford University
  • Jesse Wiley
    Business Development Manager & Board Director, Wiley
  • Jim Pugh
    Co-Founder, Universal Income Project
  • Jim Van Baalen
    CTO, TouchCommerce
  • Jeff Myers
    Director - Analytics, State Farm
  • Jennifer Pahlka
    Founder & Executive Director, Code for America
  • Jeremiah Owyang
    Founder, Crowd Companies
  • Jerry Hansana
    Student Entrepreneur, University of Utah
  • Jess Kutch
    Digital Strategist and Co-founder,
  • Jessica Lindl
  • Jim Stogdill
    ., .
  • Jiten Behl
    Principal, Roland Berger

"I believe that companies can and should use the power of business to create social good."
-Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy

  • Jocelyn Goldfein
    Angel Investor,
  • Joe Neuhaus
    Co Founder/ CEO, WinWinWork
  • Johannes Schonberg, M.S.
    Cofounder, Freelance Field Guide
  • John du Pre Gauntt
    Founder, Media Dojo LLC
  • John Markoff
    Journalist, New York Times
  • Jon Pittman
    VP, Corporate Strategy, Autodesk
  • Jonathan Goldman
    Director of Data Science, Intuit
  • Jonathan Taylor
    Managing Partner, Entrenext Ventures
  • Joe McCarthy
    Data Scientist, Indeed
  • Johan Nygren
    dApp developer, Bitnation
  • John Battelle
    CEO, NewCo
  • John Higgins
    Chief Evangelist, Cisco / Tropo
  • Jon Kessler
    Driver, Lyft
  • Jonathan Bloom
    Multimedia Journalist, ABC 7 San Francisco
  • Jonathan Hall
    Head of Economic Research, Uber Technologies
  • Joseph Adler
    Director of Product and Data Science, Confluent

"If you can save 98 percent of your startup costs, you can launch 20 more startups. Anybody in the middle class can now launch a hardware company."
-Mark Hatch, CEO, TechShop

  • Joseph Smarr
    Member of Technical Staff, Google
  • Julia Sears
    Special Assistant to the Social Innovations Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • Julie Noblitt
    Blogger, Triple Pundit
  • Justin Prostebby
    Senior Product Manager, Urban Airship
  • Kaoru Nakagawa
    Corporate Vice President, Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd.
  • Karin Fujii
    Workforce Development Consultant & Systems Builder, Independent
  • Katie Bethell
    Executive Director, Paid Leave for the United States
  • Keith Ryu
    CEO, OnboardIQ
  • Josh Constine
    Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch
  • Julie Menter
    Principal, New Media Ventures
  • Justin Fox
    columnist, Bloomberg View
  • Kale Frank
    Vice President, SVB
  • Karen Kocher
    Chief Learning Officer, Cigna
  • Kathryn Brown
    Founder, ScoutSavvy
  • Katsuya Debari
    President/CEO, Odyssey Communications Inc
  • Kelly Dessaint
    Driver, National Veterans Cab

"Rich people don't create jobs, nor do businesses, large or small. What does lead to more employment is a 'circle of life' like feedback loop between customers and businesses. And only consumers can set in motion this virtuous cycle of increasing demand and hiring..."
-Nick Hanauer, Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

  • Ken Smith
    Director of Mobility, Stanford Center on Longevity
  • Kenneth Smith
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Technical Systems, Inc.
  • Kevin Marks
    Founder, Proud To Pay
  • Kobi Dinar
    Founder & CEO, TalentTribe
  • Kristian Hammond
    Chief Scientist, Narrative Science
  • Larry Everson
    Ceo, Adjuvi LLC
  • Laura Tyson
    Professor & Director of Institute for Business and Social Impact, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley
  • Lauren Barghout
    Visiting Scholar, EECS, U.C. Berkeley
  • Kenneth Cukier
    Data Editor, The Economist
  • Kenneth Zimmerman
    Director, U.S. Programs, Open Society Foundations
  • Kimberly Bryant
    Founder, Black Girls CODE
  • KP Reddy
    CEO, Softwear Automation Inc
  • Larry Downes
    Author, Big Bang Disruption
  • Laszlo Bock
    Senior Vice President of People Operations, Google
  • Laura Zulliger
    Director of Marketing, Payable
  • Lauren Smiley
    Staff Journalist, Medium

"We’ve entered a new chapter of work in which technology is making it easier for people to find work faster and reach beyond the Industrial Era time and place boundaries we've been held back by."
-Stephane Kasriel, CEO, UpWork

  • Leah Busque
    Founder, TaskRabbit
  • Limor Fried
    Founder, Adafruit Industries
  • lisa jackson
    Community Engagement Specialist, Eden Youth and Family Center
  • Liz Shuler
    Secretary-Treasurer / CFO, AFL-CIO
  • Loic Le Meur
    Founder/CEO, LeWeb
  • Louis Hyman
    Mr, Cornell University
  • Lynda Chin
    Director, The University of Texas System
  • Mallory Surpless
    Customer Success Manager (QM), Managed by Q
  • Lesa Mitchell
    instigator, instigator+co
  • Linda Bernardi
    CIO, Cloud and IoT, IBM
  • Lisa MacSpadden
    Managing Director and Chief Communications Officer, Markle Foundation
  • Logan Green
    CEO and founder, Lyft
  • Loredana Crisan
    Head of Brand, Indiegogo
  • Lucas Puente
    Economic Analyst, Thumbtack
  • Lynn Bender
    Principal, Global Data Geeks
  • Marci Harris
    CEO, Civic Engagement Solutions

"Work is interaction between interdependent people."
-Esko Kilpi, Managing Director, Esko Kilpi Company

  • Marcus Daley
    CTO, SNL Financial
  • Margaret Stangl
    Donor Relations Manager, San Francisco Zoological Society
  • Marisa Goldenberg
    Managing Director, Azulutions, Inc.
  • Mark Hatch
    CEO, TechShop
  • Mark Stevens
    Partner, Fenwick & West
  • Mary Gray
    Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research
  • Matt Brown
    CEO, Bonsai
  • Matthew Haigh
    Solution Consultant, Westpac New Zealand
  • Margaret Levi
    Director and Professor, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences @ Stanford
  • Margaux Pelen
    edtech entrepreneur and freelancer, (freelancing for Paris-based
  • Mark Dijksman
    Founder and Creative Director, BigData.Company
  • Mark Sears
  • Marketing Teamchat
    CEO, Teamchat
  • massimo gaggi
    US Correspondent, Corriere della Sera
  • Matt McAlister
    Entrepreneur in Residence, The Guardian
  • Matthew Ontell
    Director of Customer Success, Microsoft

"Work is not 'a place', work is finding the right people for the mission."
-Gary Swart, Venture Partner, Polaris Venture Partners

  • Matthew Stein
    Marketing Director, GE Software
  • Megan Goering
    Strategist, Women 2.0
  • Michael Davies
    Senior Lecturer + Chairman, MIT + Endeavour Partners
  • Michael Wei
    Director, Huawei
  • Michelle Miller
  • Mike Amundsen
    Director of API Architecture, API Academy, CA Technologies
  • Mike Bond
    Founder, CluhCh
  • Mike Mathieu
    Chair, Front Seat
  • Max Elder
    Manager, The Markle Foundation
  • Michael Chui
    Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Michael Solana
    Vice President, Founders Fund
  • Michele Casertano
    CEO, BlueCrew
  • Michi Kaifu
    Columnist, Nikkei Business Online
  • Mike Anderson
    CEO, Elevator
  • Mike Gionfriddo
  • Mitch Morgan
    Managing Partner, Growth Achievement Partners

"How will technology shape the future for American workers? Who will win, and who will lose, as technology drives change far faster than policy and politics can keep up?"
-Felicia Wong, President & CEO, Roosevelt Institute

  • Mitchell Kapor
    Founder & Chair, Mitchell Kapor Foundation
  • Molly Turner
    Global Head of Civic Partnerships, Airbnb
  • Natalia Wodecki
    Communications, Salesforce
  • Nate Boyd
    President and Co-founder, Nomic
  • Nayantara Mehta
    Senior Staff Attorney, National Employment Law Project
  • Neil Planchon
    DIrector, 2.Oakland
  • Nick Grossman
    General Manager, Union Square Ventures
  • Nick van Rensburg
    Research, Milkwood Capital
  • Molly Glover Gallatin
    VP of Marketing, Gigwalk
  • Nachi Junankar
    CEO, Founder, FaceForward Inc.
  • Natalie Foster
    Fellow, Institute for the Future
  • Naveen Koorakula
    Founder, Picch
  • Neera Tanden
    President, Center for American Progress
  • Neil Sharma
    Co-Founder, Choice
  • Nick Hanauer
    Co-founder/Partner, Second Avenue Partners
  • Nico Roberts
    SM Sales, OnboardIQ

"Modern employment conventions are the product of a century of progress meant to protect workers and employers. It would be naïve to think that the basic needs of workers change with the proliferation of smart phones."
-Dan Teran, Co-founder, Managed by Q

  • Nigel Beck
    founder, WhenLabs
  • Orion Matthews
    Chief Information Officer, Philanthropy Northwest
  • Ozan Cakmak
    Policy and Partnerships Officer, ILO
  • Palak Shah
    Social Innovations Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • Patrick Daniel
  • Patrick maruejouls
    Founder @Haigo, Haigo
  • Paul Teich
    Principal Analyst, TIRIAS Research
  • Peter Skomoroch
    Principal Data Scientist, Data Wrangling
  • Noah Lang
    CEO, Stride Health, Inc
  • Orly Jaffe
    Chief Evangelist, TalentTribe
  • Pablo Flores
    head of labs engineering, stubhub
  • Patricia Jerido
    Executive Coach, Leadership Matters Consulting
  • Patrick Loerch
    CEO & Co-founder, Shift Medical
  • Patrik Regårdh
    Head of Networked Society Lab, Ericsson
  • Peter Leyden
    Founder & CEO, Reinvent
  • Peter Svarre
    Author, Speaker, Digital Strategist,,

"If we're going to rebuild the labor movement, we need to start with a commitment to quality work, to show that union labor makes a difference not only for the workers and their families, but also for our employers."
-Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO

  • Philip Thomas
    Co-Founder and CEO, Staffjoy
  • Ramsey Walker
    Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • Rebeca Robboy
    Director, external communications, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Reid Hoffman
    Co-founder, LinkedIn | Greylock Partners
  • Richard Raya
    Chief of Staff, The Workers Lab
  • Roger Chen
    Principal, OATV
  • Rose Broome
    Founder & CEO, HandUp
  • Russell Castagnaro
    General Manager,
  • Quentin Hardy
    Deputy Tech Editor, New York Times
  • Ravi Sundararajan
    COO, Webaroo
  • Rebecca Smith
    Deputy Director, National Employment Law Project
  • Renee Cullinan
    CEO / Co-Founder, Stop Meeting Like This
  • Richard Waters
    West Coast Editor, Financial Times
  • Rohan Mathur
    Software Developer, Indeed
  • Roy Bahat
    Head, Bloomberg Beta
  • Russell Klusas
    Founder, Tradecraft

"It's time to consider the rights and needs of the hidden digital workers that are making our internet experience so magically seamless."
-Rochelle LaPlante, Digital Worker Advocate

  • Ryan Davidsen
    Senior Manager, Technology Solutions, EMC Corp
  • Sally Applin
    Doctoral Candidate, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK - School of Anthropology and Conservation - Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing
  • Sanjiv Gupta
    Associate Partner, Oliver Wyman
  • Satya Nadella
    CEO, Microsoft
  • Saul Griffith
    CEO, Other Lab
  • Scott Rosenberg
    Journalist, Backchannel/Medium & Wordyard
  • Scott Yara
    President, Pivotal
  • Seyi Fabode
    Oartner, Asha Labs
  • Sabrina Merlo
    Program Director, Maker Faire
  • Samantha Walravens
    Co-founder, Geek Girl Rising
  • Sara Cohen
  • Saujin Yi
    Founder & CEO, 79 Studios
  • Scott Engelman
    Former Head of Consumer Marketing, LinkedIn
  • Scott Santens
    Writer and Basic Income Advocate, Basic Income Action
  • Sebastian Thrun
    Co-Founder and CEO, Udacity
  • Sharon Savariego
    Founder & CEO, Mobilize

"Marketplaces leverage the power of people; that is the fundamental source of power for all marketplaces."
-Simon Rothman, Partner, Greylock Partners

  • Shel Kaphan
  • Shona Brown
  • Simon London
    Director, Digital Communications, McKinsey & Company
  • Simon Smith
    Secretary, New South Wales Department of Industry, Skills & Regional Development
  • Stephane Kasriel
    CEO, Upwork
  • Steve Girolami
    Consulting CTO, SMGC INC
  • Steven Hill
    Senior Fellow, New America Foundation
  • Stewart Butterfield
    Co-founder and CEO, Slack
  • Shelby Clark
    CEO, Peers
  • Shwetha Arya
    General Manager, Managed by Q
  • Simon Rothman
    Partner, Greylock Partners
  • Stacy Donohue
    Investment Partner, Omidyar Network
  • Stephanie Czerny
    Managing Director & Founder, DLD Media GmbH
  • Steve Piersanti
    President, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • Steven Levy
    Editor in Chief, Backchannel
  • Sunil Kanderi
    CEO, Mokriya Inc

"The creative collaboration of business tech and social movements is the only sustainable way forward. For all of us."
-Palak Shah, Social Innovations Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

  • Sunita Parbhu
    Product, NFX, Next Force,
  • Tamra Johnson
    Partner & Cofounder, 79 Studios
  • Teresa Kellett
    Board Member, Women's Employment Network
  • Thomas Wendt
    Senior Partner, Roland Berger
  • Tim Smith
    President and Founder, Element PR
  • Todd Bonnewell
  • Tom Caramanico
    Associate, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Uwe Pleban
    Principal Director, Accenture GmbH
  • Suzanne Sheuerman
    SVP-Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Tao Xu
    Senior Writer, CBNweekly
  • Tess Townsend
    Staff Reporter, Inc. Magazine
  • Tim Attia
    CEO, Slice
  • Tina Tang
    Chair, MIT Chief Data Officer Forum
  • Todd Frankel
    Staff writer, national business, The Washington Post
  • Tom Lounibos
    CEO, SOASTA, Inc.
  • Valerie Williamson
    Vice President, Head of Integrated Media, The Americas, The Economist
  • Vijay Gurbaxani
    Professor and Director, Center for Digital Transformation, Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine
  • Viki Forrest
    CEO, ANZA Technology Network
  • Vivek Hutheesing
    Founder / CEO, rBlock Inc.
  • Waguih Ishak
  • William J. Raduchel
    Chair, Originate
  • Yancey Strickler
    CEO, Kickstarter
  • Zoë Baird
    CEO and President, Markle Foundation
  • Vijay Mehrotra
    Professor, University of San Francisco School of Management
  • Virginia Hamilton
    Regional Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Wael Ghonim
    CEO, Parlio
  • Will Beaubien
    President, Beaubien Investment Group
  • William Werhane
  • Zeynep Ton
    Associate Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management