November 12–13, 2015  •  San Francisco, CA

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About Next:Economy

Who will be there | Why you should attend

Next:Economy is about rethinking:

  • Networks and the nature of the firm
  • Human labor and the future of the job
  • How technology will create jobs by solving new kinds of problems
  • The underlying technologies and practices that make such changes possible
  • On-demand networks and marketplaces
  • AI, robotics, networks, data, and other technologies that can augment workers as well as replace them
  • 21st century education, management, and public policy.

This two-day, high-value forum is where the geeks meet the suits, and where incumbents and upstarts come together to talk about what's happening and, more important, what's going to happen. By handpicking the topics and presenters, we've crafted an intense, lively program that not only explores the future of business but begins to shape it. Attendees will hear from, and connect with, leaders who are both instigating fundamental changes and transforming work, business, and society, as well as others who have felt the impact of these changes.

Our speakers include Silicon Valley visionaries and high-tech CEOs, as well as leaders from a broad spectrum of businesses, including industries that are being transformed by technological progress. We'll also hear from the top academics and other thought leaders who study these issues. And we'll highlight sharp new talent—people you might not have heard who are doing amazing things.

Questions we'll explore include:

  • What technologies are available to existing businesses that will let them deliver experiences that equal or exceed those of new economy companies. For example, what would it take for Fedex or UPS to become "the Uber of package delivery?"
  • How can augmented reality be used to "upskill" workers and consumers, creating enormous new sources of productivity?
  • How can software agents and applied machine learning transform business workflows, not just consumer experiences?
  • How can applied machine learning help companies use market mechanisms rather than command and control to match worker schedules with demand?
  • What tools and practices make it possible to manage a truly distributed, on-demand workforce?
  • What kinds of industries and what kinds of new opportunities can best take advantage of the 21st century approach to work?

Who will be there

Attendees will consist of senior executives, VCs, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. See the current attendee list here.

Why you should attend

If you're a leader in today's business world you'll want to join us for Next:Economy for one simple reason: to meet and share ideas with people like yourself who are wrestling with the fundamental changes that technology is bringing to business. It's no longer just media that's being transformed by "the Internet." Every business must change, or perish.

You'll hear not only from key executives of companies driving the transformation, and from economists and other academics who are studying it, but also from people on the front lines of the revolution: a new class of workers taking on new jobs in new kinds of businesses; kids who've grown up without the assumptions business leaders share; and inventors who are changing the world with their products and services.

Invited speakers include not just familiar faces from Silicon Valley (though they will be there) but also leaders from mainstream companies in diverse industries who know that every business is now a tech business and realize the urgency of understanding and shaping the future. Next:Economy collects the leading players and thinkers in the web space in one room; it will be the place where important deals and decisions are made, with a huge ripple effect on the industry over time.