October 10–11, 2016  •  San Francisco, CA

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The O'Reilly Next:Economy Video Compilation, with recordings of all sessions (subject to speaker consent), is available for viewing in Safari.

Technology and business as if people matter

For the first time in generations, our children may be worse off than we are. Many point to technology as the culprit, arguing that AI and robotics will destroy far more jobs than they create. Are the prospects really that dark for our children and grandchildren, our businesses and our economy, our cities and our way of life?

We have a choice: We can create a better future for all.

At the Next:Economy Summit, business leaders, policy makers, and technologists will chart a course from the economy we experience today—full of wonders and horrors in equal measure—to a Next Economy that brings prosperity to all.

Join hosts Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, and a remarkable cast of leaders as we address the challenges and opportunities of the Next Economy.

This summit features frank conversations with entrepreneurs, business and labor leaders, thinkers and policy makers, and hands-on workers shaping the Next Economy.

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A vision for the Next Economy

Companies use technology not to replace workers but to augment them, so that they can do things that were previously impossible.

AI and robots take on more and more repetitive tasks, and people work at jobs that our grandparents would not recognize as work.

New technology platforms become the infrastructure of prosperity in the same way that roads, electricity, and telephony did in the 20th century, enabling entrepreneurship at all levels of society.

Businesses recognize that if workers aren’t well paid, they can’t afford to be customers; it’s simple self-interest to have a fairer distribution of the fruits of productivity.

Policy makers question old recipes for managing the economy and providing a social safety net; they try bold, new experiments informed by data and reflecting the reality of how people live today.

Companies create great experiences—not just for their customers but also for their workers.

Highlights from Next:Economy 2015

Get the latest news, offers, and more on the topic of business leadership.