Performance tuning conference sessions

2:00pm–3:00pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
Complex normalized schemas can make database systems slow and inefficient. This presentation explores a storage layer that eliminates most joins in such systems by pre-joining the data. Data in this storage layer can be accessed using an object API without the overhead of an object-relational mapping layer. It can also be accessed using standard SQL for efficient complex multi-table reporting.
11:55am–12:40pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
This talk shows you how to gather the correct data for performance forecasting and capacity planning. You will learn how to apply mathematical models to the data, and get meaningful answers that are likely to resemble reality.
2:00pm–2:45pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
In this session, We introduce groonga Storage engine which enables for MySQL to handle fulltext search lightly. groonga is a library which have storages and indexes for fast fulltext searching. The backend of groonga Storage Engine is groonga library. With groonga Storage Engine, you can use datas in groonga as a usual MySQL tables.
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 04/11/2011
Choosing right Hardware components, configuring them properly, and optimizing Linux settings are very important for MySQL and other database server deployments. But they are frequently overlooked. Learning best practices will certainly improve performance and stability. Do you want to learn these best practices? This three-hour tutorial is for you.
4:25pm–5:10pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
This talk will cover some of the less common linux tuning options, and how they can benefit MySQL performance, and benchmark results showing real impacts (or lack thereof) of tuning.
3:05pm–3:50pm Wednesday, 04/13/2011
Small web apps running on shared hosting or single/dual server environments can take advantage of many optimizations without requiring additional hardware or drastic application redesign. This session is aimed at developers and covers the "low hanging fruit" type optimizations that just about everyone has to learn the hard way! 
3:05pm–3:50pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
It takes a lot to deliver consistent high performance for your MySQL powered system. In this presentation we'll look at defining Performance Goals, understanding Architecture Scalability and performing Capacity Planing.
11:55am–12:40pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
Now that you've decided to use Drizzle for everything, you're going to want to tune it to get the best out of your system. Some of the things you know from MySQL apply, some don't. Let's look at some real numbers and real graphs and see what Drizzle is doing.
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