Drizzle conference sessions

11:55am–12:40pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
Drizzle was originally forked from MySQL in 2008 and has since gone through many changes. It is now very different from its MySQL cousin, so this talk is aimed to help anyone new to Drizzle get to grips with it from both a DBA and an application developer point of view.
2:00pm–2:45pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
Writing a complete plugin requires quite a bit of infrastructure work to get all the feature registration and build system aspects right. A code generator can take care of such tasks, allowing you to focus on the actual functionality you want to add without having to figure out all plugin API details up front. This can cut the time to create a simple plugin down from hours to minutes.
4:25pm–5:10pm Wednesday, 04/13/2011
Drizzle has thrown out the MySQL replication system and has started from scratch in implementing its own replication architecture. In this session, we'll take a look at the basics of the new architecture, what tools are available, and discuss possible future functionality. An example setup will also be presented.
2:00pm–2:45pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
Drizzle has a rich plugin system, which means that Drizzle has a rather large set of available plugins which do things. Some of those plugins implement functionality that people have been asking for in the MySQL ecosystem for quite some time - such as LDAP or PAM based authentication, extremely flexible logging and direct use of Memcached. Come see how to actually do these things and more.
2:00pm–2:45pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
Drizzle has fixed many "gotcha" type things. Often we find ourselves saying "fixed in Drizzle". This is a whirlwind tour of what that is.
2:50pm–3:35pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
Kewpie is a random testing tool for database systems. Based on research by Microsoft's SQL Server team, it utilizes feedback from the system under test to help drive query generation. This design provides a greater degree of control and accuracy than purely random systems. This talk will discuss the motivations behind the system as well as providing several applications for testing.
10:50am–11:50am Thursday, 04/14/2011
A guide to migrating your database and application from MySQL to Drizzle at every layer, from schemas to connections and application modifications.
11:55am–12:40pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
The Narada Search Application is a project that was an idea that was inspired while writing a book on how to take advantage of Sphinx, Gearman and MySQL that introduces a whole new way of thinking about web applications. Instead of a single monolithic web application, functionality is broken out into several Gearman workers to make for a much more scalable and dynamic application.
11:55am–12:40pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
Now that you've decided to use Drizzle for everything, you're going to want to tune it to get the best out of your system. Some of the things you know from MySQL apply, some don't. Let's look at some real numbers and real graphs and see what Drizzle is doing.
5:15pm–6:00pm Wednesday, 04/13/2011
Perl has been around for a while now. Even with buzz around other interpreted languages, Perl is still prevalently used in many applications- anything from simple database utilities, database administrative tools or web applications, it is useful to know how to program with Perl along with a relational database. This session is refresher course for lovers and non-lovers of Perl alike.
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