Architecture conference sessions

2:50pm–3:35pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
This talk will cover forecasting and planning future growth for high volume mysql instances occupying many (500+) servers. Will include metrics tracked (and how to filter through noise), when and how to migrate, operational optimizations such as upgrades that can be incorporated, and how to deal with server technology that evolves faster than server lifetimes
2:00pm–3:00pm Wednesday, 04/13/2011
Apache CouchDB implements a reliable storage engine, webserver, and HTTP application server environment, in under 20k lines of Erlang and JavaScript source code (with an additional X lines of test code.) I'll show 3 related examples that strike at the core of CouchDB's simplicity: The storage engine, the incremental map reduce views, and replication.
1:30pm–5:00pm Monday, 04/11/2011
This tutorial focuses on the diagnostic tools you can turn to when confronted with an unexplained performance problem. Tools explained include iostat, vmstat, and mk-query-digest. The emphasis is on practical usage under pressure, and less on performance theory.
4:25pm–5:10pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
Moving rarely accessed data out of your main database can have a big impact on speed and cost. This session covers techniques to analyze the granularity of your data and implement an archival strategy that allows you to recall archived data on demand.
9:00am–5:00pm Monday, 04/11/2011
MySQL Plugins - first introduced in 5.1 - are server extensions that can be loaded into the running MySQL on the fly, without restart. This tutorial will teach what tasks can be solved with plugins, what a plugin consists of, and how to write a plugin that helps with your specific problem. Basic C/C++ and MySQL knowledge is expected, but no deep familiarity with either is required.
5:15pm–6:00pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
MQL-to-SQL is open source software that lets you query a RDBMS over HTTP using MQL (Metaweb Query Language). MQL is the native query language of There are good reasons to want MQL also as RDBMS query language, instead of SQL. This talk explains what MQL is, how it compares to SQL, why MQL is great for AJAX apps, and how MQL-to-SQL allows you to query RDBMSes like MySQL & Postgres
5:15pm–6:00pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
Are you considering how to use SSD disks with MySQL? Should you even use them? Will they make your database faster? They are still expensive, so how can you get the most out of them? This is the talk for you
2:00pm–3:00pm Wednesday, 04/13/2011
GitHub's history with MySQL and what we've built off of it.
11:55am–12:40pm Thursday, 04/14/2011
This presentation provides architectural guidance, design patterns, and specific suggestions for deploying and administering Data Warehouses using Mysql. It is based on lessons learned building and operating a Multi-Terabyte Mysql 5 Data warehouse over a period of 5 years.
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 04/11/2011
MySQL replication is the backbone of web scalability principles. This tutorial tells you how to go beyond the basics, to using MySQL replication more productively, by combining existing techniques and adopting new ones. After covering the basics, we will explore failover techniques, several performance boosting tricks, and emerging technologies that you can adopt in house and in the cloud.
2:00pm–3:00pm Wednesday, 04/13/2011
Site failures can blow your business out of the water unless you have a disaster recovery site already setup, tested, and ready to go. This talk presents a cookbook approach for setting up and managing MySQL DR. Standard architectures, failover procedures, and failback are covered. Finally, we talk about how to test it all so you know it works.
11:55am–12:40pm Tuesday, 04/12/2011
Database technology is seldom simple. Unless you are dealing with an embedded, self containing database such as SQLite, chances are that your data management requires a complex system involving one or more database servers. Whether you need to test new systems or benchmark existing scenarios, your common need is to isolate the system. This talk tells how to tame database systems into obedience.
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