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Top Scheduled Sessions @ MySQL CE

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Jaimey Walking Bear | @JaimeyWB |

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the MySQL Conference & Expo blog. We'll be posting updates about the conference, occasional thoughts from (Chairs) Colin and Brian, contests, and more before we raise the curtain at this year's conference on April 11.

As Colin mentioned in his welcome post, there is a lot of exciting content on tap in this year's MySQL Conference & Expo program - plenty for the MySQL community and enthusiasts of NoSQL and other open source databases alike.

Those who have punched their golden ticket to attend the conference this year have already been plotting out their personal schedules. Here's some of the Tutorials, Sessions, and Keynotes the community is most excited about in early returns:

Early registration ends on March 15, so be sure to take advantage and stretch the checkbook. If you need to make the Business Case to your boss, we have you covered here. Team discounts and other additional savings are available.


Jaimey Walking Bear is the Marketing Manager for O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo, Velocity, and Strata Conferences. He can be reached at jaimey [at] oreilly [dot] com or @jaimeywb.

Get Ready for MySQL Conference & Expo 2011

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from Colin Charles, MySQL Conference & Expo Co-Chair

The O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2011 is upon us again. Looking back, I've been involved in some way, shape or form since 2006, and have had the pleasure of being Program Chair since 2009.Brian AkerThe O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2011 is upon us again. Looking back, I've been involved in some way, shape or form since 2006, and have had the pleasure of being Program Chair since 2009. This year I co-chair with Brian Aker, and we've got an amazing, diverse program.

Its brilliant to see Oracle still have the opening keynote slot and I'm sure Tomas Ulin will set the direction of MySQL development and progress for the next year. More interestingly, we'll see what has happened and if there are changes abound for the MySQL community. After all this years focus is on "the ecosystem and beyond" and the MySQL ecosystem has exploded: Percona Server, MariaDB, the Drizzle project and lots more.

What's even more interesting for me this year is how we're including talks based on other complementary technologies. Talks for Cassandra, Hadoop, Redis and more are included. In case you were thinking GIS, don't forget all the PostgreSQL talks and the PostGIS related talks.

In short, the world is moving beyond just MySQL deployments. There's lots of complementary and competing technology, and its great to see how the ecosystem has shaped up and how people are using new and creative solutions to solve their issues.

To the most exciting MySQL Conference ever!

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  • Monty Program
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