Schedule: Speakers

Osma Ahvenlampi (Sulake)

Osma heads the development and technical teams for Sulake, creators of Habbo, a virtual world for teens operating in 32 countries around the world and serving 10 million unique visitors every month.

Brian Aker

Brian Aker is the Director of Technology for MySQL. At MySQL he helps set direction for technology and looks for opportunies to harness and shape the MySQL database for efforts in Web, OEM, and Telephony. In his copious amounts of free time he works on Apache and Perl modules, and hacks on the Asterisk Telephony System (hence never has a working home phone number). In the past, he has been involved with projects for the Army Engineer Corps, The Virtual Hospital, Splunk, and Slashdot. He lives in Seattle with his dog Rosalynd.

Johan Andersson (SUN MySQL)

Johan Andersson is a Senior Manager with Sun/MySQL and leads a Cluster Practice with a focus on High Availability and High Performance Clustering. Johan has coordinated the design and implementation of many large-scale database clusters on behalf of clients in a number of industries, including telecomms and high availability e-commerce systems. Johan has a background in high performance computing, and previously, he worked at Ericsson with the development of real-time main-memory databases for the telecom market.

Vidur Apparao (LiveOps, Inc.)

Vidur is Chief Technology officer at LiveOps where he is responsible for the company’s vision and technology strategy, as well as the architecture of the LiveOps on-Demand Call Center platform.

Vidur was Chief Architect at Netscape Communications where he led design and development of the Netscape browser. He is a co-author of the W3C DOM Level 1 standard and was a key member of several industry standard working groups. He helped launch the Mozilla Open Source project and was a co-author of the Gecko layout engine, a core component of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird communication suite.

Vidur was a Chief Architect at America Online, working in the AOL Innovation Center, where he led research and development of consumer media management applications.

Prior... Read More.

Bruce Armstrong
Bruce Armstrong (Kickfire)

Bruce Armstrong is a database industry veteran who brings 25 years of technology-specific development, marketing and sales expertise to his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kickfire.

Armstrong began his career at data warehousing giant Teradata Corporation where he spent 15 years as part of the team that established the company as the leader in the market. After the company’s successful initial public offering (IPO) and acquisition by AT&T/NCR, he was named Vice President and General Manager of the $500M Enterprise Solutions Division, President of the Teradata subsidiary, and a company officer of AT&T. Following Teradata, Armstrong held the position of Vice President and General Manager of the Server Products Group at Sybase, where he ran the company’s $700M... Read More.

Kaj Arnö
Kaj Arnö (SkySQL Ab), @kajarno

Kaj Arnö is EVP Products at SkySQL Ab in Munich, Germany. He leads the Marketing and Engineering efforts of SkySQL, the independent provider of MySQL® related offerings. Kaj devotes his free time to adventures powered by his own muscles (running, kayaking, MTB etc.) and photography, mostly in social media running on MySQL.

Jess Balint (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Jess Balint is a MySQL developer on the Connectors team. He is currently working on Connector/ODBC and NDB/Bindings.

Omer BarNir
Omer BarNir (Oracle/MySQL)

Omer BarNir is a software QA architect for the database group/MySQL at Sun Microsystems. He has over twelve years of QA/testing experience as a software tester, team lead, and QA manager in testing database, client-server, and web-based applications. BarNir holds a B.S. in statistics; an M.B.A. in information systems, and a software engineering certificate in software quality assurance and testing.

Don Beesing (Alion Science and Technology)

Don Beesing is a Senior Programmer for Alion Science and Technology. He has five years experience in the fields of database administration, database programming, and web development.

Don has also co-authored a paper titled “Simulation vs. Stimulation” that was presented at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC) in December of 2008.

Don graduated from Hiram College (Hiram, OH) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Chuck Bell
Chuck Bell (Oracle)

Dr. Charles A. Bell conducts research in emerging technologies and agile development techniques. He works for Sun Microsystems as a senior software engineer on the backup and replication team. He is currently one of the principle developers of the backup system. His contributions to the backup system include the new logging mechanism, the default drivers, and numerous minor enhancements. Working exclusively on the Windows platform, he is also the resident Windows expert for the team.

Bruce Belvin
Bruce Belvin (Monolith Software Solutions)

Bruce Belvin is President of Monolith Software Solutions, A SaaS, BI company providing operational, accounting and payroll data and integration within the multi-unit restaurant segment. At Monolith, Belvin deployed a custom suite of BI tools into his software applications providing improved operational management, organizational transparency and profitability.

Jorge Bernal
Jorge Bernal (Warp Networks)

Jorge Bernal is a self-taught geek currently working for Warp Networks in Zaragoza, Spain. Expert in open source technologies and one of the few MySQL authorized instructors in Spain. Jorge is a certified MySQL developer and DBA.

David Berube (Berube Consulting)

David Berube is a Ruby developer, trainer, author, and speaker. He’s used both Ruby and Ruby on Rails for several years, starting in 2003 when he became a Ruby advocate after he wrote about the language for Dr Dobb’s Journal. He is the author of “Practical Ruby Gems,” “Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails”, and the coauthor of the book “Practical Rails Plugins.”

His professional accomplishments include creating the Ruby on Rails engine for The Casting Frontier, which has been used to cast commercials for companies ranging from AT&T and Bank of America to Verizon and Wal-Mart. If a commercial has been cast with digital auditions recently, it probably used his code to do it. He also worked with ThoughtBot ( on the Rails engine... Read More.

Christophe Bisciglia
Christophe Bisciglia (Cloudera, Inc), @cloudera

Christophe Bisciglia joins Cloudera from Google, where he created and managed their Academic Cloud Computing Initiative. Starting in 2007, he began working with the University of Washington to teach students about Google’s core data management and processing technologies – MapReduce and GFS. This quickly brought Hadoop into the curriculum, and has since resulted in an extensive partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF) which makes Google-hosted Hadoop clusters available for research and education worldwide. Beyond his work with Hadoop, he holds patents related to search quality and personalization, and spent a year working in Shanghai. Christophe earned his degree, and remains a visiting scientist, at the University of Washington.

Damian Black
Damian Black (SQLstream Inc)

Damian has 25 years of experience in the software industry covering everything from middleware to business intelligence.

Damian is currently the CEO of SQLstream, the pioneer in Continuous ETL and Streaming Business Intelligence based on SQL/2003 standard extensions.

Justin Bolter
Justin Bolter (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Justin Bolter is a Technology Evangelist in the Sun Microsystem’s Developer Outreach organization. He recently joined the evangelist team to work with scripting languages and emerging web technologies. His primary areas of focus are PHP, JRuby, Groovy, JavaScript, JavaFX and Social Networking. Justin joined Sun over 4 years ago after graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Roland Bouman
Roland Bouman (XCDSQL Solutions / Strukton Rail)

I’m a Web Application and Business Intelligence developer and I authored two books about the Pentaho Open Source Business Intelligence stack: “Pentaho Solutions” (ISBN 978-0470484326) and "Pentaho Kettle Solutions (ISBN 978-0470635179). I’m an active member of the MySQL and Pentaho communities. In the past, I worked for Inter Access, MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems. I currently work for Pentaho.

Ronald Bradford
Ronald Bradford (EffectiveMySQL), @RonaldBradford

Ronald is a RDBMS industry expert with 2 decades experience across MySQL, Oracle and Ingres.

With specific expertise in enterprise data architecture, large systems development and Internet Web technologies Ronald has wealth of varying Industry knowledge.

He currently works as Principal for 42SQL specializing in building successful scalable enterprise solutions.

MC Brown
MC Brown (Sun Microsystems)

Martin MC Brown is a Technical Writer for the MySQL team within Sun Microsystems, but spends a lot of his time working with and advising different teams within MySQL on the architecture, implementation and end-user experience of MySQL. He draws on a wide experience of database and application development and large scale deployment of technology in grids and distributed computing environments involving hundreds or thousands of computers working in harmony. Today he spends most of his time developing large scale solutions, techniques for better performance monitoring or writing about it to educate other people.

Bob Burgess
Bob Burgess (Radian6 Technologies), @bobburgess

Bob has been squeezing every drop out of MySQL for a little over a year, having previously spent several years roaming in the Garden of Oracle. Last year, he found himself suddenly (and without warning) responsible for storing and retrieving all the information amassed at Radian6, the social media monitoring company.

Boris Burtin (Zimbra Inc.)

As a member of the Server Engineering team at Zimbra, Boris Burtin spends his time finding new ways to harness the power of MySQL. He brings with him more than ten years of experience building large-scale applications, web services and persistence frameworks. Boris has extensive experience with optimizing queries, improving concurrency and monitoring database performance.

Mark Callaghan
Mark Callaghan (Facebook)

Mark lead the MySQL Engineering team at Google for 2.5 years. His current focus is on making MySQL perfect. He has more than 13 years of database internals experience at Informix, Oracle and now Google. He has an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He maintains a large MySQL patch at and a smaller patch at His blog is at

Laine Campbell

Owner of PalominoDB database consulting. Oracle and MySQL DBA, Architect and Designer for 9 years with such companies as, Technorati and Viacom/MTV Networks.

Vince Carbone (Sun Microsystems, Inc)

Vince Carbone works in the Performance Technology Group at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He has spent the last 8 years at Sun as a benchmark engineer on commercial database workloads and benchmarks, using Oracle and DB2. As part of Sun’s MySQL Scalability and Performance project he has shifted his focus in the last year to characterizing MySQL performance with the goal of increasing the scale-up performance of MySQL.

Matt Casters
Matt Casters (Pentaho)

Matt Casters is the founder and lead developer of the Kettle open source ETL project. Matt has extensive experience in business intelligence, lives in Belgium, is a big proponent of open source and works for the Pentaho corporation.

Colin Charles
Colin Charles (Percona), @bytebot

Colin Charles is the chief evangelist at Percona. Previously, Colin was on the founding team of MariaDB Server, worked at MySQL, and worked actively on the Fedora and projects. Colin has been a MySQL user since 2000. He’s well known within open source communities in APAC and has spoken at many conferences.

Raj Cherabuddi
Raj Cherabuddi (Kickfire)

Raj Cherabuddi is President and Founder of Kickfire, the company that developed the first SQL chip for the MySQL data warehouse market. A seasoned executive, he is experienced in both the startup and corporate worlds. Cherabuddi co-founded Kickfire in 2006 and served as its CEO and President for over two years. Under his leadership the company raised Series A and B financing from top tier investors and successfully brought its first product to market.

Prior to Kickfire, Cherabuddi was the founding CEO of Sanera Systems, a startup that focused on mission-critical, high-performance SAN switches. Sanera was successfully acquired by McDATA Corporation, an $800M public company now part of Brocade. At McDATA, Cherabuddi served as the corporate CTO for nearly two... Read More.

Steven Chin
Steven Chin (Intel Corporation)

Steven Chin is an Engineering Director in the Software and Services Group of Intel Corporation. His team is responsible for Server Performance and Analysis, and he is involved in many aspects of performance tuning and optimization for enterprise applications such as database, virtualization, web servers. Steven has a background in high performance computing, enterprise applications, middleware and performance tuning and optimization. Prior to joining Intel Corporation, Steven worked on application performance optimization at IBM.

Howard Chu (Symas Corporation)

Howard Chu joined the OpenLDAP Project in 1999 and is now the Chief Architect of the Project. He is also CTO and a Founder of Symas Corporation, the company that has driven the majority of recent development in OpenLDAP.

Tim  Clark
Tim Clark (IBM)

Tim is a staff software engineer with IBM and helped to design and develop the IBM DB2 storage engine. Prior to working on the storage engine, he was involved with development of the file system for the IBM i operating system.

Stephane Combaudon

Stephane has been working in the LAMP environment for over 5 years, first as a developer and then as a technical leader. He now trains DBAs who are new to MySQL how to take the full control over their databases and tries to promote open source sofware at SQLI in Paris.

Mike Culver
Mike Culver (Amazon)

Mike Culver joined the Developer Relations Group of Amazon Web Services in 2006. He brings with him fifteen years of technology leadership experience, including at companies such as Microsoft. In addition Mike has a strong background running an IT organization, with over a decade of experience in the Electrical Wholesale Distribution industry. As a Web Services Evangelist at Amazon, he helps developers take advantage of disruptive technologies that are going to change the way we think about computer applications, and the way that businesses compete.

Antony Curtis
Antony Curtis (Blizzard Entertainment)

Antony Curtis is an advocate of Open Source software and long-time user of alternative operating systems. His involvement with MySQL spans 10 years and he was a software developer for MySQL AB from 2003 to 2008. He currently lives in Los Angeles, working for Google Inc.

Jon Dahl
Jon Dahl (Phronos)

Jonathan Dahl is a software developer and entrepreneur. As a founding partner at Slantwise Design, he led an early Ruby on Rails development firm that has worked on dozens of Rails applications, which run the spectrum from Web 2.0 to the enterprise. Most recently, he has focused on Zencoder, a distributed video transcoding product, and Tumblon, a web-based service for parents to track and share their children’s growth.

Eric Day
Eric Day (craigslist), @edaypdx

Eric Day has been writing high-performance, multi-threaded servers for most of his career at Concentric, including complete HTTP/SSL, DNS, and IMAP implementations. He has also designed and implemented custom storage and database systems, from the protocol up through the application front-end. Most of his work has been done in clustered and distributed environments. When not hacking on code, he can be found running, biking, or enjoying a good vegan meal. You can read his blog and more at

Mikey Dickerson
Mikey Dickerson (Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team)

In 2013, Mikey Dickerson joined what became known as the “ad hoc” team, tasked with rescuing after its failed launch on October 1. In August 2014, President Obama established the United States Digital Service to see if the strategy that succeeded at pulling out of the fire could be applied to other government problems and appointed Mikey to serve as the administrator. Now two years old and employing about 150 people spanning a network of federal agencies, the US Digital Service has taken on immigration, education, veterans benefits, and health data interoperability and helped agencies build effective government services and improve IT procurements by focusing on industry best practices and agile methodology, ultimately driving change in the largest institution in history. Prior to... Read More.

Darpan Dinker
Darpan Dinker (Schooner Information Technology, Inc.), @darpandinker

Darpan Dinker is VP of Engineering at Schooner Information Technology. His team’s objective is to provide enterprise-grade MySQL and caching products to customers with business-critical applications. Schooner’s software products dramatically improve HA, performance/scalability and ease of administration while reducing TCO.

Prior to Schooner, Darpan held various engineering and leadership roles at Sun Labs, Sun Microsystems, iPlanet, Netscape, Fujitsu and consulting roles at various Fortune 500 companies.

James  Dixon
James Dixon (Pentaho)

As " Lord of the 1s and 0s" (CTO) at Pentaho, James Dixon is responsible for Pentaho’s architecture and technology roadmap. James has over 20 years of professional experience in software architecture, development and systems consulting. Prior to Pentaho, James held key technical roles at AppSource Corporation (acquired by Arbor Software which later merged into Hyperion Solutions) and Keyola (acquired by Lawson Software). Earlier in his career, James was a technology consultant working with large and small firms to deliver the benefits of innovative technology in real-world environments.

Adam Donnison
Adam Donnison (Sun Microsystems)

Adam is currently a member of the team responsible for the websites. He was primarily responsible for the design of the current web infrastructure, which now achieves an enviable uptime, showing that it can be done with open source and commodity hardware.

In previous incarnations Adam has been an analyst programmer, consultant, systems engineer, trainer and courseware developer.

John Duncan
John Duncan (Oracle Corp.)

John David Duncan (“J.D.”) works for MySQL AB as a Consulting Engineer and lives in the San Francisco bay area.

Blythe Dunham
Blythe Dunham (Spongecell)

Blythe Dunham is co-founder and architect at Spongecell, LLC where she has been working with MySQL and Ruby on Rails since 2005.

David Ferguson
David Ferguson (iDashboards)

David Ferguson is Director of Business Development and Channels for iDashboards, the leader in Dashboard Software. With eight years of experience in the business intelligence space, David is recognized as an expert in the dashboard software segment.

Frank Flynn
Frank Flynn (Spock Networks)

Frank Flynn is a Database Architect and Operations Manager at Spock Networks. He specializes in MySQL programming and working miracles wherever possible.

Ewen Fortune
Ewen Fortune (Percona)

Ewen Fortune is a MySQL performance expert at Percona, a consulting firm that helps customers build high-performance applications with MySQL. He has many years of experience with not only MySQL, but also other databases, enterprise-level networking, and SUN Solaris.

Jeff Freund
Jeff Freund (Clickability)

Jeff Freund, Clickability, Inc.

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Jeff designed and deployed the first and only pure-play SaaS platform for the entire web content lifecycle, from content creation to optimization. His work to launch the flagship Clickabilty cmPublish platform in 2003 has advanced and his team’s solutions will be serving over 200 million pages per month by end of 2007. In addition to the platform’s core content management and publishing capabilities, Jeff has overseen the launch of Clickability’s comprehensive suite of publishing modules, which include an ad server, newsletter services, reports, polls and surveys, and search capabilities.

With over 10 years of software and Internet experience, Jeff’s earlier posts include Western U.S. head of technology for Network Software Associates, a provider of legacy-to-web host... Read More.

Ian Fyfe
Ian Fyfe (JasperSoft)

Ian Fyfe is responsible for product strategy, product management and product marketing of the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite, an integrated suite of reporting, data analysis, and data integration products. Ian has an extensive background in Business Intelligence product management, product marketing, pre-sales engineering, and professional services at both large and small independent software vendors including Business Objects, Epiphany, Informix, and PeopleSoft. Ian has played a pivotal role in Jaspersoft’s transition to become the clear market leader in Open Source Business Intelligence.

Patrick Galbraith
Patrick Galbraith (Hewlett Packard), @CaptTofu

Patrick Galbraith is a principal engineer at HP in the Advanced Technology Group. He is the author or two books: “Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl” (Wiley) “Expert PHP and MySQL” (Wiley) In his “spare time”, he also maintains DBD::mysql, DBD::drizzle, FederatedX storage engine and the Memcached Functions for MySQL as well as tinkering with various other OpenSource and OpenStack projects. Patrick lives up in the sticks of New Hampshire with his wife Ruth and son Kiran, daughter Sara, lots of trees and rocks, as well as his Kubota tractor.

Brian Gentile
Brian Gentile (JasperSoft)

Brian brings to JasperSoft a 23-year track record of success in helping to build and lead prominent technology companies’ product and go-to-market strategies. Most recently, Mr. Gentile was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Informatica Corporation, the industry-leading data integration software company, where he helped the company grow consistently and substantially. Previously, Mr. Gentile served as executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Brio Software, a leading business intelligence software provider, where he was responsible for the company’s global market position and strategy, product marketing, corporate marketing and strategic partner relationships. Prior to Brio, as a Vice President at Sun Microsystems, Brian created Sun’s first-ever worldwide Developer Relations team and helped build the Sun and Java Developer Connection Programs, which reached over... Read More.

Matt Gentry (iDashboards)

Matt Gentry is a Senior Consultant for iDashboards. He has twelve years of experience in the field of IT consulting working as a systems engineer, analyst, and consultant, mostly working with data and database technologies. Matt heads up the MySQL technical and consulting team for iDashboards.

Sergei Golubchik
Sergei Golubchik (MariaDB)

I’m working in MySQL AB since 2000. Worked in almost every part of the server. To list a few projects – fulltext search, XA, HANDLER, precision math library, parallel repair and bulk inserts in MyISAM, indexes in MERGE. A primary architect of the plugin API. These days I also spend a lot of time doing code and architecture reviews for bug fixes and new features.

Lenz Grimmer
Lenz Grimmer (Sun Microsystems)

Lenz Grimmer is a member of the MySQL Community Relations team of the Database Group at Sun Microsystems. He lives in Hamburg, Germany and has worked for MySQL since April, 2002. Before joining the community team in December 2005, he was a member of the release engineering team that is in charge of creating the official release builds of the MySQL server and related products. Prior to working for MySQL AB, he was a developer at the distribution engineering team at SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany.

Ian Gulliver (Google)

Ian has worked in the computing industry for over ten years at telecom giants and Internet startups. He founded and implemented an anti-spam blackhole list using MySQL that grew to be the most-queried on the Internet. Eventually, the pull of Google brought him to California, where he now works doing administration and development around Google’s MySQL deployment.

Peter Gulutzan
Peter Gulutzan (MySQL AB)

Architect for many of the newer MySQL server features since 2003.

Member of ANSI SQL Standard Committee in 2009.

Co-author of four computer books

Co-presenter of MySQL User Conference 2009 session on New Foreign Keys in 6.1

From Edmonton.

Stephen Gunn (Google, Inc)

Steve was the Site Reliability Engineering Lead for a large MySQL installation at Google from 2005-2008. Late in 2008, he volunteered at Obama For America helping with big-data analytics. Upon returning to Google, he’s been working with networks. Steve has more than 15 years experience as a UNIX and OpenSource generalist from Purdue University, Progeny Linux Systems, FedEx, and Google.

Arun Gupta
Arun Gupta (Amazon Web Services), @arungupta

Arun Gupta is a Technology Evangelist for Web Tier at Sun Microsystems. He was the specification lead for several APIs in the Java platform, committer in multiple Open Source projects, represented Sun at different standard bodies and contributed to Java EE and SE releases.

Florian Haas
Florian Haas (LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH)

Florian is an expert in high availability clustering, not limited to databases, but also including virtualization, file services, and more. His blog is an interesting read.

Gregory Haase
Gregory Haase (Bill Me Later, Inc.)

Gregory J. Haase has been working in and around the LAMP stack since 2000. His focus started shifting towards database technologies in 2003 and he began making a career out of it in 2006. He is currently a Database Developer at Bill Me Later, Inc., an eBay company.

Chuck Hagenbuch
Chuck Hagenbuch (Blue State Digital), @chuckhagenbuch

Chuck Hagenbuch leads the software infrastructure team at Blue State Digital, building the core of the company’s tools and working with new technologies. He brings years of experience writing web applications and software libraries to the job of growing the company’s software to new uses and broader scale.

Prior to joining Blue State Digital, Chuck worked for Zend Technologies, providing professional services to many prominent companies, including Google, PayPal, and Portugal Telecom. He founded the open source Horde Project in 1998 and remains active leading its development.

Ben Haley (CA-NetQoS)

I spent the last 8 years building high-performance products for network monitoring. MySQL has been a key part of those products.

Ben Handy (Google)

Ben Handy works on InnoDB scalability issues at Google.

Tom Hanlon
Tom Hanlon (Functional Media)

Tom Hanlon is currently a senior instructor at MySQL and has been teaching MySQL and assorted FOSS topics such as Apache, PHP , and Linux for since 2001. In addition I have been building and maintaining MySQL based applications since the MySQL 3.2 era. I am experienced in presenting technical topics to diverse audiences.

Leigh Heyman
Leigh Heyman (Executive Office of the President), @WHWeb

Leigh oversees the development and operations of, We The People, and all of the White House’s Drupal-based websites and applications. His team provides a secure, stable, and scalable technical infrastructure across the White House’s web, social media, and mobile platforms, supporting the President’s communications objectives. Leigh’s fifteen years of experience cover all aspects of system management of high-profile online engagement platforms in both the private and public sectors, including work for Blue State Digital and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Phil Hildebrand (thePlatform)

Phil Hildebrand has been working with a wide variety of platforms including MySQL, Oracle, Informix, and SQLServer since 1989.

Early in his career Phil was a UNIX systems programmer writing lexical analyzers for phone book pagination systems, which lead him into database design and development.

Currently Phil focuses on scaling VLDB systems on both UNIX and Windows operating systems in production environments.

Mike  Hillyer
Mike Hillyer (Message Systems)

Mike Hillyer has been involved with the MySQL community for over six years, two of those spent as a Technical Writer for MySQL AB. He’s spoken at every MySQL User Conference since the first conference in 2003, on subjects ranging from VB6 development with MySQL to Managing Data Hierarchies.

Until recently he was a resident MySQL Expert for Techtarget’s site.

He is one of the top ranked MySQL experts at Experts-Exchange, a site for providing advice to fellow developers.

He currently works as an Engineer for Message Systems, a division of OmniTI Computer Consulting.

Robert Hodges
Robert Hodges (

Robert Hodges is CEO of Continent, Inc., a leading provider of clustering solutions for open source databases. He has over 25 years of experience in database and application development. Robert has worked on cutting edge software for DBMS vendors, including reliable messaging, development tools, and object-relational databases. He has also built and operated enterprise web applications that support thousands of users.

Andrey Hristov
Andrey Hristov (SUN Microsystems)

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1980. I graduated both at Technical University-Sofia, Bulgaria with MSc in Computer Engineering, and University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany with MSc in Software Technology.

I started programming at age of 12, playing with Pascal. My professional carreer started when I was 20. I started at a Web 1.0 oriented company doing development using PHP/MySQL, and later C.

I joined MySQL AB in 2005 after I did my master thesis, Temporal Triggers for MySQL, during my internship at MySQL. I have been involved in QA, Event scheduler implementation (my thesis) which will be available in 5.1, Server bug-fixing and since 2 years part of the connectors team.

Julian Hyde
Julian Hyde (SQLstream)

Julian Hyde is founder and chief architect of SQLstream. He has over fifteen years experience in database and business intelligence technology, having served as a senior engineer at Oracle in the kernel group, as well as founding Broadbase software.

Founder and lead developer of the Mondrian OLAP engine, and an active contributor to the Eigenbase project, he has a strong pedigree in the open-source movement.

Ken Jacobs (Oracle / Innobase)

Ken Jacobs has had held a variety of technical, marketing and managerial roles at Oracle for almost 28 years. Since October 2005, when Oracle acquired Innobase, he has managed the InnoDB group, bringing his enterprise-oriented database business perspective and technical expertise to the MySQL community.

Shirish Jamthe
Shirish Jamthe ( Virident Systems, Inc.), @sjamthe

Shirish Jamthe is the Global SE Director at Virident Systems where he leads sales and systems engineering.

Virident is the maker of tachIOn – the fastest SSD on the planet.

Prior to Virident, Shirish built equity research systems for Putnam Investments and co-founded Coola, a mobile middleware software startup. Shirish has an MBA from Boston University.
Shirish loves immersing himself in massive volume of data and analyzing it to solving complex business problems.
He tweets @sjamthe

Victor Jimenez
Victor Jimenez (Warp Networks)

Victor Jimenez works for Warp Networks delivering MySQL training. Victor is a certified MySQL developer and DBA.

Brooks Johnson (Verdiem)

A database guy

Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson (IBM )

Craig is the Product Manager for IBM i for the Power Systems platform. He has led the introduction of many technologies on the IBM i platform including PHP and MySQL. Before moving to Rochester, Craig held numerous technical and management positions in the IBM sales organization.

Mattias Jonsson (Sun Microsystems)

MSc in Electrical Engineering, Developer of MySQL Partitioning.

Sheeri K. Cabral
Sheeri K. Cabral (Mozilla Foundation)

Sheeri K. Cabral has a master’s degree in computer science specializing in databases from Brandeis University. She has background as a systems administrator; has worked with Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Solaris, RedHat/Fedora, AIX, and HP-UX. Unstoppable as a volunteer and activist since age 14, Cabral founded and organizes the Boston, Massachusetts, USA, MySQL User group, and produces OurSQL: The MySQL Database Podcast for the Community, by the Community. Keep up with all this at

Ryusuke Kajiyama (Sun Microsystems / MySQL)

Ryusuke is as MySQL Senior Evangelist, APAC with Sun Microsystems based in Japan, responsible for pre-sales activities, covering all Asia including GC, HK and India. He also work as certified MySQL instructor, delivering trainings in those regions.

Prior to joining Sun (MySQL), he worked as Systems Consultant at Nomura Research Institute, Japan’s largest consulting firm, working on systems design of mission critical enterprise systems utilizing open source software. Major customers are Nomura Securities, E*Trade Japan, Seven-Eleven, Japan Post, and Nikkei Inc. He is well-versed in both business and technology of open source software.

Chander Kant

Chander is the CEO and founder of Zmanda. Chander provides a unique combination of leadership in open source and data protection software. He has been involved on both the technology and business sides of open source software and was named one of the “Top 20 Linux Luminaries” by Linux World Magazine in 2004. Prior to Zmanda, Chander founded and ran LinuxCertified, Inc., an open source product and services company. Earlier in his career, Chander was a business development executive at VERITAS software and served as a product line manager for storage software at SGI. Chander holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (where he did research work in Database Management Systems) and a BS in Computer Science... Read More.

Vijay Karamcheti
Vijay Karamcheti (Virident Systems)

Vijay Karamcheti is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Virident Systems, and an Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. Before starting Virident, Vijay spent a sabbatical year as a Visiting Scientist at Google working closely with their core system infrastructure group.

Vijay is an internationally recognized expert in parallel computing, and has published over 70 well regarded journal and conference papers in the areas of cluster and grid computing. He has frequently served on program committees of the premier technical conferences of the field, and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Vijay is a recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Award, and numerous research... Read More.

Anders Karlsson
Anders Karlsson (Recorded Future)

Anders Karlsson is a Sales Engineer with MySQL in Scandinavia and BeNeLux, based in Sweden, a position he has held for 4 years. Anders specializes in SQL standards, database performance, GIS support and High Availability.
Besides his job as a Sales Engineer, Anders also runs several websites in his spare time, supporting swedish blues and rock bands, keeping track of the Swedish blues scene and documents festivals and gigs in pictures and by sound recordings.

Bill Karwin
Bill Karwin (Karwin Software Solutions)

Bill Karwin has been a software developer and technical writer since 1988. He is widely known for his talent for explaining complex topics and practical techniques with accuracy and a little humor. Recently he worked as the Product Engineering Manager developing the award-winning Zend Framework library for PHP 5.

Alan Kasindorf (Six Apart)

Kasindorf is the MySQL DBA for Six Apart’s properties, as well as many of their scaling tools. Originally a sysadmin for in 2002, he has since helped build numerous large web sites with open source software and is an advocate and contributor for Memcached, mogilefs, perlbal, and others.

Steve Ketchpel
Steve Ketchpel (Mamasource)

Steven Ketchpel is the Director of Analytics and Research at Mamasource, a free, local online Mother’s community. He has been working in website analytics for more than a decade, first as a co-founder of Vividence, and more recently as a consultant to both established and startup online search engines, etailers, non-profits and services. As a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow, he spent a year working with the Grameen Foundation on Mifos, open-source software for microfinance. He has published more than a dozen articles in the areas of software agents, digital libraries, electronic commerce and website usability. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Aaron Kimball
Aaron Kimball (Cloudera, Inc.)

Aaron Kimball has been working with Hadoop since early 2007. Aaron has worked with the NSF and several other universities nationally and internationally to advance education in the field of large-scale data-intensive computing. He helped create and deliver academic course materials first used at the University of Washington, which were later adopted by many other academic institutions, as well as Hadoop training materials used by several industry partners. Aaron has also worked as an independent consultant focusing on Hadoop and Amazon EC2-based systems. Aaron holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University, and an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Mats Kindahl

Mats Kindahl is a lead software engineer of the MySQL replication team. He is the main architect and implementor of MySQL’s row-based replication, but has also developed the unit testing framework used by MySQL. In the time before starting at MySQL, he has worked with research in formal methods, program analysis, distributed systems, and as developer of C/C++ compilers.

Jan Kneschke
Jan Kneschke (MySQL)

Jan Kneschke works for Sun as Senior Software Developer in the MySQL Enterprise Tools team and maintains the MySQL Proxy and the agent component of MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

His favourite programming language is Lua as you can see in the

  • MySQL Proxy,
  • lighttpd and
  • the wormhole Storage Engine.
Alexey Kopytov
Alexey Kopytov (Sun Microsystems)

Alexey Kopytov joined MySQL AB in 2004 as a member of the High Performance team. Currently he is a senior software developer at Sun Microsystems and is working on DTrace support in MySQL Server.

Robert Krzykawski
Robert Krzykawski (Marin Software)

I have been working with MySQL since 1998. Both as a developer DBA and operations DBA. Developing web services based on php and mysql back in the days.

Currently working with bwin games AB. A part of bwin group AG. I am the senior DBA and the DBA team coordinator.

I have a passion for system architecture and love to discuss and come up with ideas around systems design.

On my free time snowboarding and paintball is some of things i like to do.

Christopher Lavigne
Christopher Lavigne (Breadboard BI, Inc.)

Christopher Lavigne is a managing partner at Breadboard BI, Inc. ( At Breadboard, he leads the creation of superior quality, rapidly developed, affordable business intelligence systems based on commercial and open source tools. Mr. Lavigne has worked for a number of major companies including Cargill, PeopleSoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Oracle. He has published a number of white papers focusing on developinng enterprise business intelligence solutions using open source tools. Mr. Lavigne has also spoken at major conferences, including LinuxWorld in San Francisco. He earned a Masters degree from Virginia Tech and holds a number of certifications.

Mark  Leith
Mark Leith (MySQL)

Mark Leith is a MySQL Support Manager, for the Americas region, within Sun Microsystems, and is the Support Lead for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Mark has worked in the database industry for many years, working with MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server databases, specializing in database monitoring and management tools and tasks.

Barry Leslie
Barry Leslie (PrimeBase Technologies)

Barry Leslie is a core developer of the PrimeBase BLOB Streaming engine and cofounder of SNAP Innovation GmbH, Germany, where he is a senior developer in core technology. He has 20 years of software development experience. Barry has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Engineering from Ryerson University Toronto.

Ted Leung
Ted Leung (The Walt Disney Company), @twleung

Ted Leung is a Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he is working on Dynamic Languages, and is currently focused on Python.

He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he was a founding member of the Apache XML project. In addition to being one of the original developers of the Xerces-J XML parser, Ted is a member of the Apache Labs PMC, the Incubator PMC and has helped shepherd several projects through the ASF incubation process.

Ted has also participated in the Chandler project at the Open Source Applications Foundation, where he worked on the Chandler Desktop client, the Chandler Server, and open source/community management issues.

Ted is an avid photographer and maintains a weblog at Read More.

Kevin Lewis (Sun Microsystems)

Kevin Lewis is the Falcon Team Lead and has been working on the Falcon database engine within MySQL for nearly three years. Before that, Kevin worked for 10 years as a Lead Developer for the Pervasive.SQL Microkernel, which is the storage engine for Pervasive’s Btrieve and SQL products.

Justin Lin
Justin Lin (Mamasource), @jtlin

Justin Lin is co-founder and VP Products at Mamasource, a consumer Internet startup taking a deep and unique approach to serving the needs of moms, who control 80% of US household spending. Mamasource has created an online network of local Mom communities all across America with two million registered users as well as the Mamapedia: a searchable compendium of mom wisdom with over a million answers to thousands of mom questions – all written by the ultimate experts: other moms. Mamasource is Justin’s third venture-backed technology startup.

David  Lutz
David Lutz (Infobright)

David Lutz joined Infobright in April of 2008 as Director of Sales Engineering. David became an Infobright team member after 13 years in the data warehousing and business intelligence industry as a consumer, consultant and vendor representative of software products for this market.

David filled many roles in those years, including DBA, Data Warehouse Administrator and Data Warehouse Designer at organizations such as The Kroger Company and LensCrafters. As a member of the data warehouse software industry, David has served as a Data Warehouse Project Manager, Product Manager, Business Intelligence (BI) Integration Architect and at various levels of responsibility in the Sales/Systems Engineering organizations of Informix, Net Perceptions, Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, Pervasive Software/Data Junction, Composite Software and Greenplum Software.

David’s experience includes working... Read More.

p m
p m (Facebook), @pmalik

Prashant is an Engineer at Facebook, where he helped architect and build Cassandra and a number of search solutions.
Cassandra is a distributed storage system and helps run Facebook’s Inbox search and other applications supporting more
than 200M users and over 40TB of data. It is also an open source project now.
Prior to Facebook he was at Microsoft for over 9 years where he helped ship over 8 enterprise products and filed 6 patents.
He holds a B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.

Don MacAskill
Don MacAskill (SmugMug)

Don grew up during the best time ever, when he could beg, build, hack,
and play with the goodies he loves so much.

He got the opportunity of a lifetime at age 17 when he became person #5
at Best Internet, where he designed the networks that powered brands
like eBay and Hotmail.

In 2002 when no investor was investing and a dozen respected brands were
vying to dominate photo sharing, he bootstrapped what is now one of the
leading photo sharing sites – SmugMug. With the help of a user
interface designer, he built everything it takes to run a high-traffic,
feature-rich photo sharing site, from the router to the customer
experience. And he did what... Read More.

Mark Madsen
Mark Madsen (Teradata), @markmadsen

Mark Madsen is the founder of Third Nature, a consulting and technology research firm focused on new and emerging technology and practices in business intelligence, data integration and information management. Mark is also a well-known consultant and industry analyst who frequently speaks at conferences and seminars in the US and Europe and writes for a number of leading industry publications.

Frank Mashraqi
Frank Mashraqi (Opportunities), @mashraqi

Frank Mashraqi is a renowned speaker and scalability advisor to several startups. He has nearly a decade of scalability, engineering management and monetization experience. Prior to Opportunities, Frank was Co-founder and VP Technology of XGraph, an advertising company using social graph data to scale highly targeted campaigns. Prior to that, Frank was Director of Business Operations and Technical Strategy for Fotolog where he played a pivotal role in helping Fotolog scale to become the 13th largest website on the Internet (Alexa: based on traffic) and the third most actively used social network in the world (ComScore). He also led the disaster recovery efforts at Fotolog after a SAN crash threatened to put $100M acquisition offer in jeopardy. Frank holds a BBA in Accounting... Read More.

Yoshinori Matsunobu

Yoshinori Matsunobu is a Senior Consultant at MySQL, mainly engaging into consulting services in Japan and Asian countries. He have written five MySQL books, having broad-ranging MySQL technical experties, especially DBA, performance tuning, high availability, i18n and MySQL Cluster.

Mark Matthews
Mark Matthews (Oracle)

Mark Matthews is the maintainer of MySQL’s JDBC driver, and is an architect for the MySQL Enterprise Tool team at Sun Microsystems.

Giuseppe Maxia

Giuseppe Maxia is the MySQL community team lead.

A system analyst with 20 years of IT experience, he has worked as a database consultant and designer for several years.

He is a frequent speaker at open source events and the author of many articles.

He lives in Sardinia (Italy).

Paul McCullagh
Paul McCullagh (PrimeBase Technologies GmbH)

Paul McCullagh is cofounder of PrimeBase Technologies and open source company based in Hamburg, Germany. He has 18 years experience in the design and implementation of database and internet related systems. Paul has a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town where he specialized in operating system design and implementation.

Paul is the developer of the PBXT transactional storage engine for MySQL ( Most recently his work has included the development of the BLOB streaming engine for MySQL (

Michael McFadden
Michael McFadden (

Michael “Flip” McFadden earned his degree in Computer Science from Appalachian State University in 2000 and was hired on by the university to support the NASA Nearby Stars Survey as a Research Assistant and Data Reduction Specialist. He went on to earn his Linux Professionals Institute Level 1 certification in April 2004, and earned his MySQL 5.0 Certified Developer in May of 2008. Michael currently works for ScienceLogic as a Sr. Software Architect and can occasionally be found trolling on the #mysql IRC channel as ‘flipmcf’.

Max Mether (MySQL)

Max Mether is one of MySQL AB’s trainers in Europe, and is also responsible for the new MySQL Cluster training course materials.

Domas Mituzas
Domas Mituzas (Facebook)

Domas Mituzas is senior support engineer at Sun Microsystems’ Database Group. He is also member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, as well as does performance engineering and runs databases at Wikipedia.

Rob Murphy
Rob Murphy (Actuate Corporation)

Rob Murphy is a Product Evangelist for Actuate Corporation focusing on BIRT and e.Spreadsheet technology. He has worked in software development for over 15 years and with Java based technology since 1997. Since joining Actuate in 2004, Rob has assisted hundreds of customers with the company’s Java based reporting products, including BIRT, e.Spreadsheet, and iServer Express.

Neelakanth Nadgir (Sun Microsystems)

Neel Nadgir works in the Performance & Availability Engineering group at Sun Microsystems. Neel has a long history with ZFS, performance, and databases. Neel is a senior member of the Sun/MySQL Performance & Scalability Project.

Trond Norbye
Trond Norbye (Sun Microsystems)

Trond Norbye is a senior engineer at Sun Microsystems, working in the Database Group (DBG). Trond is a developer in the memcached community, and was responsible for integrating memcached in Solaris. Trond participated actively in the documentation and implementation of the binary protocol in the memcached server and libmemcached. He is also one of the authors of the upcoming storage engine interface in memcached.

Trond has previously done kernel development on the High Availability Database (HADB), converting the transaction controller to a multi-threaded architecture.

In his spare time Trond likes to contribute to open-source projects. He has been fixing compile and runtime-problems on Drizzle, Memcached UDF for MySQL, and he is the project lead on the open-source code search engine OpenGrok.

Stephen O'Sullivan (LiveOps, Inc.)

Stephen O’Sullivan is Manager of Data Management Solutions at LiveOps.

Prior to joining LiveOps, Stephen was a Manager in the Search group at Yahoo, Inc. where he architected and built a data management solution to handle 50GB of new data per day. He was also a Senior Engineer at Sun Microsystems, working on workforce and workplace management applications.

Stephen has over 17 years of experience designing and building enterprise applications and data management solutions for high availability and scale.

Kazuho Oku
Kazuho Oku (DeNA)

Kazuho Oku is a software engineer living in Japan. He is the original developer of:

  • Palmscape (a.k.a. Xiino, the oldest web browser for Palm OS)
  • Japanize (consumer-based web localization service)
  • Pathtraq (one of the largest web stats service in Japan)
  • Q4M (a pluggable Message Queue for MySQL)

He is currently working for Cybozu (Japan’s largest groupware vendor) as a researcher of platform software and services. Awarded as TR100 by Technology Review in 2002, “Super Creator” by IPA, Japan in 2005.

Biography in detail

Konstantin Osipov

Konstantin Osipov has been a software engineer and engineering lead at MySQL since 2003. His main areas in the server are locking, parsing, execution of prepared statements and stored procedures. He was the implementer of support for Dynamic SQL in 5.0. In his other life Konstantin is a Moscow dweller with a not
uncommon combination of such hobbies as yoga, running, and computers.

Brian O’Krafka (Schooner Information Technology)

Brian O’Krafka is a Vice President and fellow at Schooner Information Technology, focusing on the performance analysis of clustered services for internet data centers. Before joining Schooner, Brian spent eight years at IBM and seven years at Sun working on multiprocessor verification and performance analysis. Brian has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

Allan Packer (Sun Microsystems)

Allan Packer is a Principal Engineer working for the Performance Technologies engineering group at Sun Microsystems. He has developed tools used for performance and regression testing, acted as technical
lead for several published TPC benchmarks, and developed a training curriculum used by SunU. Allan has worked on issues related to server systems performance, sizing, availability, and resource management, and
currently leads the MySQL Performance and Scalability team at Sun. He has published articles in industry magazines, presented at international industry conferences, and his book “Configuring and Tuning Databases on the Solaris Platform” was published by Sun Press in December 2001.

Karen Padir
Karen Padir (Sun Microsystems, MySQL & Software Infrastructure group)

As Vice President of Sun’s MySQL & Software Infrastructure group, Karen Tegan Padir leads a global business and engineering organization focused on the delivery of market-leading software products that are the platform of choice for the network economy. In this role, Karen is spearheading Sun’s transformation into the fastest growing and most valuable open source software business in the world. She reports to Anil Gadre, EVP of Sun’s Application Platform Software business.

Karen is responsible for the core products, platforms and technologies including: MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database, GlassFish, the world’s most downloaded application server, Identity Management products for single sign on and user and role provisioning, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products for integration and flexible IT infrastructure, and the... Read More.

Dathan Pattishall (Rockyou)

Former Database Architect of Friendster, Flickr and current Architect at Rockyou. I’m an expert at scaling all application teirs but with a special emphasis in data layout, millisecond data retrieval on multi-terabyte data stores all using mySQL.
I share my tips on

Trim Pershad (Sun Microsystems)

Trim Pershad is a Sr.System Quality Manager in the Database Group/MySQL of Sun Microsystems. Trim has over 18 years of IT industry experience in various roles of software development and testing, and has extensive experience in testing of databases and application systems.

Sergey Petrunia (MySQL)

Sergey Petrunia is a member of MySQL Query Optimizer team. He has implemented query optimizer features like index_merge access, partition pruning, semi-join subquery optimizations, and numerous smaller improvements.

Jay Pipes
Jay Pipes (Rackspace Cloud), @jaypipes

Jay is a Drizzle code monkey.

Ludovic Poitou (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Ludovic Poitou is the OpenDS community lead and a directory services architect at Sun.
For the past 13 years, he’s been designing and developing numerous aspects of Sun’s directory products—from management tools to protocols to security to multimaster replication.
Ludovic blogs on LDAP, directory services, OpenDS, and life at

John Powell (eMapSite)

An ex-economist who was introduced to programming via Excel VBA on an investment bank trading floor. Fled banking, took an MSc in GIS. Have spent last five years as a Java and MySQL evangelist at an online UK mapping company.

Ed Presz (Ticketmaster, Inc.)

Ed is Senior Director of Database Engineering at Ticketmaster, Inc. and the chief database architect. Ed’s major responsibilities include designing, implementing, and supporting the databases for (one of the largest e-commerce sites on the web). He began his database career almost 20 years ago working with IBM’s DB2/MVS and has since branched into MySQL and Oracle.

Kay Roepke
Kay Roepke (Sun Microsystems)

Kay Röpke works at Sun Microsystems in the MySQL Enterprise Tools group. He helps maintaining MySQL Proxy, the monitoring agent and other products by this group.

He is also contributes to the ANTLR parser generator project.

Mikael Ronstrom
Mikael Ronstrom (MySQL)

Ph.D in Technical Information Systems.
Founder of MySQL Cluster technology.
Developer of MySQL Partitioning.
Currently working on MySQL Architecture.

Alexander Rubin (MySQL)

Alexander Rubin is a Senior Consultant at MySQL AB.
Alexander has over 8 years industry experience with the MySQL database, and specializes in performance tuning, full text search, high availability and the scale-out of database infrastructures.

Marco Sandrini
Marco Sandrini (HiT Software, Inc.)

Marco Sandrini has lead HiT Software’s Data Integration team as Manager/Lead Software Developer for nearly a decade. He is responsible for the creation of DBMoto, HiT’s proven data replication product for large-scale data integration and synchronization projects. Marco is also responsible for the development of Allora™, HiT Software’s bi-directional XML-RDBMS transformation solution. Marco’s expertise as project lead, programmer and software designer spans data access, connectivity and security products.

Robin Schumacher
Robin Schumacher (Sun/MySQL)

Robin Schumacher is a Senior Manager at Sun and runs product management for the MySQL product line. He has 20 years experience with databases, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, and more, and has authored three books on database administration and performance tuning.

Baron Schwartz
Baron Schwartz (VividCortex), @xaprb

Baron Schwartz is the founder and CTO of VividCortex, the best way to see what your production database servers are doing. Baron has written a lot of open source software and several books, including High Performance MySQL. He’s focused his career on learning and teaching about performance and observability of systems generally, including the view that teams are systems and culture influences their performance, and databases specifically.

Moshe Shadmon (ScaleDB)

Moshe Shadmon is the founder and CTO of ScaleDB. Moshe is the creator of the ScaleDB indexing technology and has more than 20 years of experience in both technical and management roles. Moshe’s technical experience has been in the areas of high performance indexing solutions as well as the development of a unified solution for structured and semi-structured data. Since 2006, Moshe has become increasingly interested in the opportunity presented by the open source databases and founded ScaleDB to develop a database engine for MySQL targeting performance, efficiency and scalability with the largest data sets.

Kentoku SHIBA

I am a technical system director at ST Global., Inc in Japan, and the original developer of the Spider Storage Engine. There are many reasons why I developed the spider storage engine, and would like to introduce those;
Spider works as an application partitioning for the application developers because they need to have a high DB skills for considering use of an application partitioning in MySQL. In that case, the solution can be easier and more useful.
I would like to introduce more about the Spider in the conference. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions too.

I work in MySQL Bugs Group Support since May, 2006. Before I worked as web developer on different projects including web sites and local web-based CRM systems.

Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith works for Sun as a Senior Software Engineer. He has recently moved to working full time on Drizzle after spending four years working on MySQL Cluster (which he continues to love). He’s often found writing free software, speaking at conferences, at 38,000ft, in the kitchen and on the jiu jitsu mat (not all at the same time though).

Sarah Sproehnle
Sarah Sproehnle (Cloudera, Inc.)

Sarah Sproehnle is a Senior Instructor for MySQL/Sun. She has many years experience delivering training on various topics such as database administration, performance tuning, high availability, programming, and system administration.

Lee Stigile (Oracle)

Lee Stigile is a Sales Engineer for MySQL. His expertise is focused on helping IT organizations to design and deploy database applications using MySQL. Besides application development and database administration, Lee has experience working with a wide range of technology products including mobile device management software and embedded database servers

Philip Stoev (Sun Microsystems)

Philip Stoev is a QA Engineer in the SystemQA team of MySQL.

Shridar Subramanian (Virident Systems, Inc.)

Shridar Subramanian is the VP of Product Marketing at Virident Systems. He is responsible for defining and marketing Virident’s MySQL Server product. Prior to Virident, Shridar co-founded a storage software company delivering auto-tiering software to the enterprise market. Prior to this, he held several senior level marketing positions at NetApp, Monosphere and at Booz Allen & Hamilton. Shridar has an MBA from the University of Chicago and MS in Computer Science from Penn State University.

Calvin Sun
Calvin Sun (Twitter)

Calvin Sun is the senior engineering manager at Twitter, managing the MySQL development. Prior to that, he was managing the InnoDB team at Oracle. Calvin was a development manager at MySQL from 2006 to 2008, managing MySQL storage engines and 3rd party storage engine vendors relationships. He has over 15+ years of database development experience, mostly on various storage engines.

Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor is an Engineer for Sun. He’s the crazy guy who wrote the NDB/Bindings in the first place (why write one language when you can have six?) and is currently one of the crazy guys hacking on Drizzle full time. Up until a few days ago, he was also a Senior Consultant for MySQL, where he focused on MySQL Cluster, DRBD and other High Availability solutions.

Monty is a Python programmer by first choice (and yet he hears the obvious joke surprisingly infrequently) but seems to be spending all of his time recently in C, C++ and Java.

Lars Thalmann
Lars Thalmann (Oracle)

Dr. Lars Thalmann is the technical lead of replication and backup technology at MySQL. He has designed many of the features, and is leading the development of replication, online backup, character sets and XML. Dr. Thalmann has worked with clustering technology for many years and is one of the developers of NDB Cluster, the storage engine
used in MySQL Cluster.

Ryan Thiessen
Ryan Thiessen (Facebook)

Ryan Thiessen has been using MySQL as both a developer and administrator for over a decade, and loves the constant and ever changing challenge of being a DBA inside Facebook’s database ecosystem.

Vadim Tkachenko
Vadim Tkachenko (Percona Inc)

Vadim Tkachenko is former MySQL performance engineer, currently running performance consulting company and blog Co-author of “High Performance MySQL”, 2nd edition book.

Morgan Tocker
Morgan Tocker (Percona, Inc.)

Morgan currently works in MySQL Training Team. Before he worked as Support Engineer.

Justin Tolmer
Justin Tolmer (Google)

Justin Tolmer works on MySQL Replication and High Availability at Google.

Jim Tommaney
Jim Tommaney (InfiniDB), @InfiniDB

Jim has extensive experience in leading the development, management, and performance for enterprise data architectures, including clustered, large SMP, and distributed systems for the retail, web, and telecom industries. He is responsible for the architecture, vision, direction, and technical evangelization of InfiniDB. Jim holds a BBA from Texas A&M and a Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Yves Trudeau
Yves Trudeau (Percona)

MySQL Consultant for North America, specialized in Heartbeat/DRBD, NDB Cluster and Performance tuning. Former system administrator and DBA for a company specialized in large scale opensource based infrastructure for schoolboards in Canada.

Lew Tucker
Lew Tucker (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Lew Tucker is Vice President and CTO of Cloud Computing at Sun Microsystems, Inc. His focus today is on the evolution of computing as it moves into the cloud, but his contributions span several waves of technology innovation over the last twenty years. Prior to re-joining Sun Microsystems, he was a Vice President at where he created the AppExchange, advancing the company’s strategy to become the leading SaaS platform for business applications. He went on to be CTO at Radar Networks, an innovative semantic-web based Internet service for tracking interests. During his previous tenure at Sun Microsystems, Tucker was an early member of the JavaSoft executive team at Sun driving developer adoption of the Java platform, and later became Vice President, Internet... Read More.

Miriam Tuerk
Miriam Tuerk (Infobright Inc)

Miriam, CEO of Infobright since January, 2006, possesses a proven track record of building high growth businesses in emerging technology. Miriam has 20+ years high-tech experience including leadership positions in the consulting and telecommunications sectors. Miriam holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo.

Heikki Tuuri (Innobase / Oracle Corp.)

Heikki Tuuri is the creator of the InnoDB transactional storage engine in MySQL. He founded Innobase Oy in 1995 and is the CEO of the company. Prior to founding Innobase Oy, Tuuri worked at the University of Helsinki, from which he also received a Ph.D, degree in mathematical logic in 1990.

Detlef Ulherr (Sun Microsystems GmbH)

My current job is a developer at Sun Microsystems. I am working on Open HA Cluster agents.

Before I joined Sun, I was working as a developer and system/database administrator for about 19 years.

At Sun I was working first as a consultant for high availability and performance tuning. During this time one of my duties was to create and enhance field created Sun Cluster agents, and deliver these agents to Sun Cluster engineering. I joined Sun Cluster engineering on behalf of this duty. Currently one of my responsibilities is the Open HA Cluster integration for MySQL.

I am married and the father of two teenage daughters.

My main hobby is cycling and traveling by bicycle.

Geert Vanderkelen
Geert Vanderkelen (Sun Microsystems)

Geert Vanderkelen is a member of the MySQL Support Team at Sun Microsystems. He is based in Germany and has worked for MySQL AB since April, 2005. Before joining MySQL he worked as developer, DBA and SysAdmin for various companies in Belgium and Germany. Today Geert specializes in MySQL Cluster and works together with colleagues around the world to ensure continued support for both customers and community.

Kai Voigt
Kai Voigt (Sun Microsystems)

Kai is a senior instructor at MySQL, delivering public and onsite trainings worldwide.

Peter Volk
Peter Volk (DDEngine)

Peter Benjamin Volk received his Diploma in computer science from the Technische Universität Dresden in 2007. He majored in Database technology (including Data Mining) and System Architecture with a specialization in microkernel operating systems and database management system design.

Currently he is research assistant at the chair for database system at the Technische Universität Dresden performing original research in the field of data mining for semiconductor manufacturing and experimental database management system design. He is also cofounder and head of the project.

Andreas von Bechtolsheim
Andreas von Bechtolsheim (Sun Microsystems Inc.)

Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and employee number one, is a product architect with the Systems Group. Andy works with the Systems Group to help drive next generation X64 and storage servers product architecture as well as HPC opportunities.

Bechtolsheim has more than 25 years of Network Computing knowledge and expertise. He was a co-founder of Sun Microsystems where he held a variety of roles including Vice President of Technology and Chief Architect of Sun’s highly successful workstation product line. He invented the “Stanford University Network workstation” that eventually became the Sun-1 Workstation and was instrumental in launching other successful Sun products, including the SparcStation 1.

Bechtolsheim left Sun in 1995 to found Granite Systems, a Gigabit Ethernet start-up company, that was... Read More.

Thorsten von Eicken
Thorsten von Eicken (RightScale, Inc)

Before joining RightScale Inc., Thorsten was Chief Architect at and Citrix Online, makers of GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToAssist. He was responsible for the overall architecture of these online services and also managed the 24/7 datacenter operations which allowed him to acquire deep knowledge in deploying and running secure scalable online services. Thorsten received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and was a professor of computer science at Cornell University.

Beat Vontobel (MeteoNews AG)

Beat Vontobel is the CTO at MeteoNews AG, a Swiss weather forecasting company, where he initiated the transition from MS SQL to MySQL and generally from closed to open source a few years ago. The company used most of the new features of MySQL 5.0 right from the start (and will do so with 5.1) and Beat Vontobel, an active member of the MySQL community and of the MySQL guilds, regularly blogged about this experience.

Lance Walter
Lance Walter (Pentaho Corporation)

LANCE WALTER, Vice President of Marketing, Pentaho. Lance joined Pentaho in 2005 and leads a team responsible for product strategy and requirements, corporate communications, and lead generation.

Prior to Pentaho, Lance was Vice President of Product Marketing at Business Objects. Lance’s career spans nearly 15 years in data warehousing and business intelligence, holding various technical, managerial, and marketing roles at Oracle Corp., Hyperion Solutions and Siebel Systems.

Jay Webster
Jay Webster (Quova)

Jay brings more than 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience in advertising and technology to Quova.

Prior to BlueLithium’s acquisition by Yahoo!, Webster served as Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Performance Advertising at the company. Subsequently, Webster was General Manager of the Lead Generation business at Yahoo! Prior to BlueLithium, he held executive roles in leading search and performance marketing companies including Vice President of Engineering at Adteractive, Inc., President and Chief Technology Office at Fathom Online, and Managing Partner at USWeb / CKS.

Webster brings to Quova business and technical expertise in search marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, loyalty marketing, performance marketing and ad networks. He also has strong experience with entrepreneurial startup operations and venture capital financing.

Paul Whittington
Paul Whittington (NitroSecurity, Inc.)

Paul Whittington heads up the Nitro for MySQL technical team at NitroSecurity. Whittington is a database and embedded systems engineer with over 28 years of experience. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. Whittington served as an Advisory Engineer with Lockheed-Martin Idaho Technologies, a Senior Engineer with EG&G Idaho, Inc., a Software Engineer with Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc., and a Staff Engineer with IBM Corporation. Paul holds several design patents.

Michael Widenius
Michael Widenius (Monty Program Ab)

Founder of MySQL AB

Original author & architect of the MySQL server

Nick Wooler (Sun Microsystems, Inc.), @nwooler

Nick Wooler is the Product Line Manager for Directory Services on the Identity Management team at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Previously, Nick played a key role in the initial release of xVM Ops Center and Java ES portfolio model. Prior to joining Sun, Nick served as Senior Product Manager at CTB/McGraw-Hill, developing research-based online assessment software. In his career, he also served as Sr.Program Manager for iXL, UK Ltd., leading development teams which created internet business solutions for Fortune 500 companies, such as British Airways and Xerox. Nick received his MBA from Durham University Business School in England and his BA in Political Science from UCLA. Nick’s blog can be found at

Joachim Worringen
Joachim Worringen (Dolphin Interconnect Solutions)

As Senior Software Architect at Dolphin ICS, Joachim Worringen designs and analyzes high-performance communication software. Joachim worked for more than 10 years in high-performance communication and middleware with companies such as NEC Research. Joachim’s expertise includes system optimization for MySQL Cluster and other MySQL technologies.

Matthew Yonkovit is a 12 year database veteran, who has worked on large performance tuning adventures on most major database platforms for several fortune 500 clients. He currently is a Solution Architect for Sun/MySQL and lives in St. Johns Michigan.

Rob Young
Rob Young (Oracle/MySQL )

Rob Young is the Technical Product Manager for the MySQL Server and Enterprise product lines. He has over 20 years of database and application development experience with MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2. His primary responsibility is to work with MySQL Engineering on product strategy, roadmaps and technical requirements. He holds a BS in Economics/Finance from the University of Louisville and an AS in Applied Math/Computer Science from the University of Kentucky.

Peter Zaitsev
Peter Zaitsev (Percona LLC)

Peter helped many companies ranging from one man startups to Fortune 500 companies with their Performance and Scaling problems on various stages starting from architecture design and down to queries and schema optimization.

Over cause of the years Peter has spoken on many International conferences focused on MySQL, Open Source, Databases or High Performance Web applications.

Before co-founding Percona Peter worked for MySQL AB as head of High Performance Group being involved in Support, Consulting, Development and working with vendors helping to optimize their software or hardware to perform well with MySQL.

Peter also was involved in number of Web Startups in the roles ranging from CTO to Consultant and has a lot of experience in MySQL and Web Applications Operations, Deployment, Quality Assurance... Read More.

Jeremy Zawodny
Jeremy Zawodny (

Jeremy joined craigslist after over eight years in a variety of roles at Yahoo! He now hacks on various back-end pieces of craigslist, including MySQL and search.

Jeremy blogs at and flies both small airplanes and gliders in his spare time.

Michael G. Zinner
Michael G. Zinner (Sun Microsystems)

Michael G. Zinner joined MySQL AB in October 2003, now leading the Developer Tools Team of the Sun Database Group. His team is responsible for the development of MySQL Workbench, a visual database design application. Prior to joining Sun Microsystems and MySQL AB, Mike was developing database related GUI tools, including a highly acknowledged DBDesigner 4 project.

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