New Foreign Keys in 6.1

Architecture and Technology
Location: Ballroom F Level: Novice

A new standard conforming and engine-neutral implementation
of foreign keys is being developed for 6.1 version of server.

During this session we will cover features supported by this new
implementation such as column references, recursive relationships
and checks done as if they happen at the end of statement.

We will also discuss how different levels of foreign key support
depend on engine capabilities (e.g. we will look at differences
between transactional and non-transactional engines).

Then we will compare new and old, InnoDB-specific implementation
and discuss the migration process and possible issues which may
arise during it.

Next thing we will look at is performance impact of new foreign
keys (as compared to case when there are no foreign keys and case
when one has old foreign keys).

Finally we will discuss possible future development in this area
such as possible optimizations of foreign key checks and support
of foreign keys for distributed engines (NDB or Federated).

Photo of Konstantin Osipov

Konstantin Osipov


Konstantin Osipov has been a software engineer and engineering lead at MySQL since 2003. His main areas in the server are locking, parsing, execution of prepared statements and stored procedures. He was the implementer of support for Dynamic SQL in 5.0. In his other life Konstantin is a Moscow dweller with a not
uncommon combination of such hobbies as yoga, running, and computers.

Photo of Peter Gulutzan

Peter Gulutzan


Architect for many of the newer MySQL server features since 2003.

Member of ANSI SQL Standard Committee in 2009.

Co-author of four computer books

Co-presenter of MySQL User Conference 2009 session on New Foreign Keys in 6.1

From Edmonton.

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