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InfoWorld: Tim O'Reilly on the origins of open source

by Zack Urlocker   May. 08, 2009
At the MySQL Conference & Expo a few weeks back, I sat down with Tim O'Reilly and Karen Padir from Sun to do a post-conference wrap-up exploring some of the ideas and themes around open source and cloud computing... read more

Acquia: MySQL conference and Expo 2009

by Kieran Lal  Apr. 27, 2009
This is the third year the Drupal project has had a booth at the MySQL conference. This year we are the only web content management project represented and it is our biggest presence at the conference yet. This year we have four booth ... read more

SD Times: Drizzle seeks to scale up MySQL.

[SD Times]
by Alex Handy  Apr. 24, 2009
Brian Aker is rebuilding MySQL in the image of the Apache Web Server. As the director of architecture at MySQL, he's been spending much of his time over the last year studying what it is that developers actually use in MySQL. To that end, he expects to deliver Drizzle, a… read more

System News for Sun Users: MySQL ...

[System News]
by editor  Apr. 28, 2009
Near the conclusion of the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo held April 20-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, recognition of the open source database's best customers, partners and open source community contributors was ... read more

The Beginning of Open Source

Apr 27, 2009  Tim O'Reilly reflects on the early days of Open Source

read more

MySQL Conference 09 Wrap-Up Part 1

Apr 27, 2009  Part 1 - Zack Urlocker, Karen Padir and Tim O'Reilly reflect on the week's events at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009 and overall trends in Open Source
read more

MySQL Conference 09 Wrap-Up Part 2

Apr 27, 2009  Part 2 - Zack Urlocker, Karen Padir and Tim O'Reilly reflect on the week's events at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009 and overall trends in Open Source
read more Slides from "MySQL and Search at Craigslist"

by  Apr. 28, 2009
Last week I delivered a talk titled "MySQL and Search at Craigslist" as part of the 2009 MySQL Conference and Expo. I talked about some of the good and bad of our MySQL work and also talked a lot about our recent Sphinx deployment. ... read more

Masood Mortazavi's Weblog: MySQL Conference

by Masood Mortazavi  Apr. 28, 2009
The desire to contribute code to MySQL remains as strong as ever as evidenced by this year's MySQL Conference and Expo, where I spoke to a number of contributors and partners who wish to contribute to MySQL. ... read more

The Register: Sun says it's time for MySQL 5.4

[The Register]
by Timothy Prickett Morgan  Apr. 27, 2009
With all the noise about database and application software maker Oracle shelling out $5.6bn to acquire Sun Microsystems, the preview of the MySQL 5.4 relational database slipped through a lot of cracks when it was announced this week at the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara... read more

Mark Atwood: Taken at the MySQL Conference

by Mark Atwood  Apr. 25, 2009
Taken at the MySQL Conference. Posted on 2009.04.25 at 08:56. Mark Atwood, originally uploaded by juliancash. Julian was again shooting pictures at the MySQL Conference, and this is what he did with my new face. Link Leave a comment ... read more

O'Reilly Radar: MySQL 2009 conference wrap-up: news flash about Flash and other ...

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Andy Oram  Apr. 24, 2009
MySQL conference wrap-up: Flash, cloud computing, managing large installations, the value of community, and how to fumble your way to winning the presidency... read more

High Availability MySQL: New storage engines for MySQL - rocket science or great engineering?

[High Availability MySQL]
by Mark Callaghan  Apr. 24, 2009
There were several new storage engine vendors at the MySQL Conference. I spoke with people from Virident, Tokutek and Schooner at length about their technology. Their products are impressive and I look forward to more details on performance from them including read-intensive and write-intensive workloads... read more

Jim McGuinness Blog: Oracle may have lassoed the sun, but let the dolphin (and friends) swim free

by Jim McGuinness  Apr. 24, 2009
On Monday, 20/April/2009, Oracle and Sun jointly announced that Sun will be acquired by Oracle effective sometime this summer. In the days following there has been much speculation about what Oracle will do with Sun's various products and technologies... read more

The Scale-Out Blog: MySQL Conference Impressions and Slides

[The Scale-Out Blog]
by Robert Hodges  Apr. 24, 2009
"Interesting" was probably the most overused word at the MySQL Conference that just ended yesterday. Everyone is waiting to find out more about the Oracle acquisition of Sun. As a community we need to find some synonyms or things will ... read more Interview: Karen Tegan Padir, MySQL VP, On This Week's MySQL ...

by Sam Dean  Apr. 24, 2009
As news and analysis about the future of MySQL under Oracle made the rounds this week, the annual MySQL Conference and Expo also took place in Silicon Valley. New versions of MySQL arrived and were announced, and we asked Karen Tegan ... read more

Daily IT News: Sun mates MySQL with more iron

[Daily IT News]
by Admin  Apr. 24, 2009
With the preview of the MySQL 5.4 database coming out this week at the MySQL Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, you would have expected Sun Microsystems to be talking up the integration of its systems, storage, operating system,... read more Oracle-Sun Deal Gets Mixed Reaction from MySQL Community

[ News]
by Chris Preimesberger  Apr. 24, 2009
The question Oracle good, or Oracle bad, for MySQL? was generally met with a smile first, then a measured, thoughtful response on the final day of the MySQL Conference in santa Clara. And the responses were interesting, to say the least, ranging from an absolute no way to equally absolute… read more

James Dixon's Blog: MySQL goes from 'open source database' to 'database'

by James Dixon  Apr. 23, 2009
Every year at the annual MySQL conference there has been a slight, but noticable, shift in the overall audience from the year before. Comparing this year's attendees with the ones from 3 or 4 years ago the differences are more significant. 4 years ago the attendee's coming to the Pentaho… read more

Antony's MySQL bits: Perl Stored Procedures for MySQL

by Antony Curtis  Apr. 23, 2009
Files used in conference presentation here: UC2009 presentation. I think todays presentation for Perl Stored Procedures for MySQL was quite successful. The audience was quite engaged and asked questions throughout (yes, I invited questions through the talk). I made sure to mention Eric Herman's Java plugin because even though he… read more

ZDNet: MySQL 5.4 makes debut but won't ship soon

by Paula Rooney  Apr. 23, 2009
MySQL 5.4, which made its debut at the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif. on Tuesday, will offer significant performance and scalability enhancements, Sun said. Still, availability is not imminent. ... read more

O'Reilly News: MySQL conference begins: the resurgence of InnoDB and other current events

[O'Reilly News]
by Andy Oram  Apr. 23, 2009
I sense a bigger enterprise theme at the MySQL conference this year. The pride of putting up a PHP- or Rails-backed web site lies in the past; now people are concerned with scaling into the clouds (figuratively and literally) and ensuring absolute reliability. read more

InformationWeek: MySQL Manager: In Oracle We Must Trust

[InformationWeek ]
by Charles Babcoc  Apr. 23, 2009
Black humor about the Oracle Sun deal rippled through the MySQL Conference & Expo, but MySQL manager Karen Padin stood up for Oracle. read more Oracle taking over as MySQL's landlord | SiliconBeat

by Brandon Bailey  Apr. 22, 2009
News that Oracle is buying Sun broke just as 1800 or so database programmers and open-source aficionados were gathering this week in Santa Clara for the annual MySQL Conference and Expo. Ironically, a lot of the buzz at last year's ... read more

Linux Magazine: MySQL: Alive and Kicking

[Linux Magazine]
by Martin Streicher  Apr. 22, 2009
Despite some of the concerns floating around the MySQL Conference this week, there's some good news coming out of the event. The MySQL developers are returned to a "release early, release often" schedule and the pending 5.4 release has a number of features worth keeping an eye on. read more

Virtual Nick Wooler: MySQL and LDAP: Day 2 at MySQL Conference

by Nick Wooler  Apr. 22, 2009
MySQL Conference & Expo 2009. Tuesday at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara was a lot of fun. MySQL Cluster 7.0 announced their latest release of their high availability and scalable database architecture... read more MySQL Conference 2009 Daily summary: Tuesday

by shlomi  Apr. 22, 2009
In between all these, there was the Expo, ice creams, T-shirts and many good talks and interesting people - the last being the major reason to attend the conference. I mean, apart from the ice cream. ... read more Sun Pulls Covers off New MySQL Database as Oracle Merger Looms

[ News]
by Brian Prince  Apr. 21, 2009
Sun Microsystems previewed version 5.4 of its MySQL database at the MySQL Conference Expo in Santa Clara. The announcement of the new version comes 24 hours after Oracle announced plans to buy Sun for $7.4 billion. - As analysts debate just how the open source MySQL database will fit into… read more MySQL Conference 2009 Community Awards

by shlomi  Apr. 21, 2009
OK. That was a surprise! In retrospective, there have been some hints along the way. But I don't get hints. I'm the kind of man who, when watching a complicated movie, needs his girlfriend to explain him what goes on. I was utterly astonished and honored to find my name… read more

Mark Atwood: At the MySQL Conference 2009, in the IBM DB2 storage ...

by Mark Atwood  Apr. 21, 2009
Two years ago, at the very first MySQL Conference that I attended, MySQL and IBM announced they were working a storage engine for IBM DB2. When I went to work for MySQL PS, one of my first gigs was going to an IBM site and help them ... read more

Mark Atwood: My thoughts, on MySQL, Drizzle, Sun, and Oracle ...

by Mark Atwood  Apr. 21, 2009
Here I am again, at a conference away from home, waking up to learn that my employer has been acquired. MySQL to Sun. Sun to Oracle. This time I have fewer opinions, and more things to think about. read more

Sheeri Cabral: Oracle buys Sun

[Pythian Group Blog]
by Sheeri Cabral  Apr. 20, 2009
It's true Ronald Bradford asked, "What does this mean for MySQL?" Lots of people are going to be proclaiming that it is the death of MySQL, as they did when Oracle bought InnoDB. read more

Keeping it Simple: Oracle buying Sun

by Bill Karwin  Apr. 20, 2009
Stunning news today that Oracle has offered to buy Sun Microsystems. This is sending the MySQL community reeling, as they begin their MySQL Conference & Expo today. Everyone's talking about whether this change is good for MySQL. ... read more

InfoWorld: Oracle gets virtualization portfolio with Sun acquisition

[InfoWorld ]
by David Marshall  Apr. 21, 2009
News traveled quickly at the thought of Big Blue gobbling up Sun Microsystems for a potential deal reaching $7 billion. But after little more than two weeks since IBM walked away, it is Oracle that ends up buying Sun, and doing so at a higher price tag of $7.4 billion. read more

InfoWorld: Former MySQL CEO cites good fortune for Oracle

[InfoWorld ]
by Paul Krill  Apr. 21, 2009
The former CEO of MySQL stressed Tuesday that the open source MySQL database will be a strong asset for Oracle when it buys Sun Microsystems, which had acquired MySQL in 2008. read more MySQL Conference: Join us at the BoF about MySQL Code Contributions and the MySQL Development Cycle tonight at 7:30pm in Ballroom A

by Lenz Grimmer  Apr. 21, 2009
The MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 in Santa Clara is now in full swing and Karen Padir just gave the opening keynote, talking about Sun's continued and improved commitment to Open Source and the upcoming MySQL products like the MySQL 5.4 performance release or MySQL Cluster 7.0. One of the… read more

InfoWorld: Sun unveils MySQL update as Oracle deal looms

[InfoWorld ]
by Chris Kanaracus  Apr. 21, 2009
Sun Microsystems on Tuesday unveiled an early look at MySQL 5.4, the next version of its open source database, one day after Oracle said it is buying Sun for $7.4 billion. The main focus of MySQL 5.4 is improved performance and scalability. The InnoDB storage engine commonly used with MySQL… read more

Professional Web Development Blog: libmysqld - Embedded announcements today

Apr. 21, 2009
At the MySQL Users Conference, Ken Jabobs from Oracle announced an embedded version of InnoDB, using a low-level, non-SQL interface, but still providing the transactional and other features of InnoDB. This is an interesting development, and I assume that this could be competitive to libmysqld, which you know is near… read more

Zend Developer Zone: MySQL announcements: Oracle & MySQL 5.4

[Zend Developer Zone]
by Eli White  Apr. 21, 2009
A hot topic was of course the Oracle acquisition of Sun, and therefore MySQL. Not much was said at this time about the details. But it was stated that Oracle believes that both MySQL and Oracle have different target audiences, and that therefore both of them will continue to be… read more

InfoWorld: Oracle wins 'Acquirer of the Year' award at MySQL Conference

by Zack Urlocker  Apr. 21, 2009
It was a standing room only crowd at the MySQL Conference and Expo this morning in Santa Clara. With more than 2,000 attendees, this is the largest crowd the conference has ever drawn, which is saying something given that most conferences are projecting much lower numbers with the economic downturn. read more

Professional Web Development MySQL Users Conference Opening Lines

Apr. 21, 2009
Opening introduction from Colin Charles got us started. Karen Tegan Padir VP MySQL & Software Infrastructure was the opening keynote. She comes from a strong tech background and is passionate about open source, the communities and how to make a successful product. There isn't a person that doesn't go a day without… read more MySQL Conference Kicks Off, New Versions Announced

by Sam Dean  Apr. 21, 2009
This week in Silicon Valley, the MySQL Conference and Expo is underway, and there are already questions appearing about whether the speakers will have to perform last minute tweaks to their addresses in light of yesterday's news that Oracle is acquiring MySQL's parent, Sun Microsystems. read more Sun Launches New MySQL Enterprise Partner Program for 'Remote DBA' Service Providers

Apr 21, 2009  

The Pythian Group Joins as First Authorized Member

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - April 21, 2009 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced a new MySQL - 'Remote DBA' partner program for consulting companies and service providers looking to work closely with Sun's database team to offer the benefits of MySQL Enterprise directly to their clients. The Pythian Group is the first company to become an Authorized MySQL Enterprise 'Remote DBA' partner, as part of Sun's MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance (MECA) partner program. Today's announcement was made at the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo being held this week at the Santa Clara Convention Center. With more than 2,000 attendees, it is the world's largest community event for open source database developers, DBAs, vendors and corporate IT managers. It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to outsource remote DBA service providers to reduce costs, enhance their existing DBA teams' effectiveness on specific project work, while bringing proper processes and industry best-practices. read more Sun Announces MySQL Cluster 7.0 for Real-Time, Mission-Critical Database Applications

Apr 21, 2009  

With 4x Higher Throughput, 'Five Nines' Availability, and Dynamic Online Scalability, Users can Accelerate Time-to-Market with Reduced Cost and Risk

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - April 21, 2009 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced MySQL Cluster 7.0, a major new release of its high-availability open source database software for real-time, mission-critical applications. New features include significantly enhanced performance and scalability; support for popular LDAP directories; and simplified cluster back-up and maintenance. Information on MySQL Cluster 7.0 - including downloads, evaluation guides, and performance benchmarks - is available now at Today's announcement was made at the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo being held this week at the Santa Clara Convention Center. With more than 2,000 attendees, it is the world's largest community event for open source database developers, DBAs, vendors and corporate IT managers. read more Sun Announces MySQL 5.4 Up To 90% Faster Response Times, and Scalability Up to 16-way x86 Servers and 64-way CMT Servers

Apr 21, 2009  

Organizations can Achieve Breakthrough Performance and Scalability Gains while Saving Millions of Dollars with the World's Most Popular Open Source Database

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - April 21, 2009 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced MySQL 5.4, a new version of the world's most popular open source database, designed to deliver significant performance and scalability improvements to MySQL applications. A preview version of MySQL 5.4 is available now for download at Today's announcement was made at the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo being held this week at the Santa Clara Convention Center. With more than 2,000 attendees, it is the world's largest event for open source database developers, DBAs, vendors and corporate IT managers. read more Conversations at the MySQL Conference

by Colin Charles  Apr. 20, 2009
Today, for me is day 1 of the MySQL Confernece & Expo 2009. It seems to be going pretty well - and its only 2:45pm. If you follow Planet MySQL, or happen to just have random conversations with people, the main buzz for the day is "Oracle buying Sun". But… read more

ZDNet: MySQL conference kicks off; too early for Oracle buzz

by Sam Diaz   Apr. 20, 2009
I wonder if the keynote speeches scheduled to be delivered tomorrow at the MySQL Conference and Expo in Silicon Valley are being re-written today. After all, the news of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems left a few people in today's tutorial sessions wondering - but not speculating - what might… read more

News Release: Oracle to Buy Sun

Apr 20, 2009  SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 20, 2009 -- Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) and Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire Sun common stock for $9.50 per share in cash. The transaction is valued at approximately $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net of Sun's cash and debt. read more

Community Keynote at the MySQL Conference

by Sheeri Cabral  Apr. 17, 2009
I am thrilled to announce that this year's MySQL Conference will feature a Community Keynote. This is a keynote speech delivered by a community member (not a Sun employee!) about topics relevant to us. read more

The MySQL Conference first timer’s guide from an old-timer ...

by byte  Apr. 17, 2009
This is a first-timer's guide to the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009. It is by no means official, but are things I think are somewhat important. Its broken down. read more

Frank Mashraqi on Hadoop, memcached, and why the MySQL Conference ...

by byte  Apr. 17, 2009
... now working at a startup, NetEdge, working on social analytics. He’s talking about the two sessions he’s giving next week at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009, as well as the benefits of being at the MySQL Conference & Expo. ... read more

Transactions on InnoDB: Birds? Feathers? Plug In ...

by Ken Jacobs  Apr. 17, 2009
There is going to be a lot of InnoDB news at the MySQL Conference and Expo … including some surprises! Wear your bird costume (or not), but please join us for a Birds of a Feather session about InnoDB products and technology at 7:30pm ... read more

News Release: Next Week's MySQL Conference & Expo Spotlights Obama Campaign's Web Team; Open Source's Contribution to Presidential Campaign Explored

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings, Conferences Publicist  Apr 15, 2009  Sebastopol, CA, April 15, 2009 -- Want to learn how open source software helped Barack Obama get elected president? Don't miss the closing keynote at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009, "Database We Can Believe In: Stories from the Front Lines (and Server Rooms) of Barack Obama's Online Presidential Campaign." Co-presented by Sun Microsystems and O'Reilly Media, the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo explores "Innovation Everywhere" April 20-23, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. With more than 2,000 attendees, it is the world's largest community event for open source database developers, DBAs, vendors, and corporate IT managers. read more

Infobright and Jaspersoft CEOs Take the Stage Next Week at MySQL Conference & Expo

by Laurie Gibson  Apr. 13, 2009
Infobright, the open source data warehousing company, and Jaspersoft, provider of the world's most widely used business intelligence (BI) software, today announced a full line up of activities at the MySQL Conference & Expo, held April 20-23 in Santa Clara. read more

Linux Plus: Sun, IBM: Shacking Up At MySQL Conference?

by LXer Linux News  Apr. 14, 2009
But Sun Microsystems and IBM will be shacking up at the MySQL Conference & Expo (April 20-23, Santa Clara). IBM is sponsoring the event, which focuses on Sun’s open source database. Hmmm. Time to re-start the merger rumors? read more

High Availability MySQL: Talks about the Google Patch, MySQL Conference, Camp and PCC

by Mark Callaghan  Mar. 27, 2009
There are 3 talks at the MySQL Conference that cover technology in the Google patch... read more MySQL Conference and Camp Timings

by Sheeri Cabral  Feb. 19, 2009
As many of us know, the 5th annual MySQL Conference and Expo is happening April 20-23rd, 2009 in Santa Clara, California. The theme is Innovation Everywhere, and this year the conference organizers have taken an innovative page from OSCon and decided to host a free camp during the conference... read more

Speaking at MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

by Florian Haas  Feb. 05, 2009
I realize that there’s quite a few people from the MySQL ecosystem monitoring this blog, many of whom I greatly respect and whose judgment I hold in high regard. So for those of you reading this and attending the conference, ... read more

Innovation Everywhere

Feb. 03, 2009
The 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo, happening April 20-23, 2009 in Santa Clara, CA, brings over 1,800 open source and database enthusiasts together to harness the power of MySQL and celebrate the huge MySQL ecosystem.... read more

Masood Mortazavi's Blog: MySQL Conference and Expo, 2009

[MySQL Conference & Expo news (via Google blog search)]
by Masood Mortazavi  Feb. 02, 2009
MySQL Conference and Expo is coming up to Santa Clara this April. The program schedule is really easy to navigate and tells you about everything there's to partake of. A quick review will show you that the quality of the no-nonsense ... read more

Announcing the MySQL 2009 Unconference

[MySQL Conference & Expo news (via Google blog search)]
by unknown  Jan. 22, 2009
I am happy and pleased to announce the 2009 MySQL Unconference. It will be taking place at the same time and place as the MySQL Conference and Expo — (well, almost the same time). The grand scale details: Sunday, April 19 2009 - Wed. ... read more

Community Powered MySQL CE: Why I *heart* this event

by Suzanne Axtell, Communications Gal  Jan. 22, 2009
I’ve been involved in the MySQL Conference & Expo ever since O’Reilly partnered with MySQL for the event in 2005. I *heart* this event for many reasons: it’s a tightly focused, deep dive into a very specific technology, but still feels connected to the bigger open source community. MySQL folks take… read more

News Release: MySQL Conference & Expo Speakers Announced and Registration Now Open

[O'Reilly Media]
by Maureen Jennings, Conferences Publicist  Dec 18, 2008  Sebastopol, CA, Dec 18 2008 - Sun Microsystems and O'Reilly Media have now opened registration and unveiled the program for the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo, April 20-23, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. The world's largest open source database event unites over 2,000 MySQL enthusiasts to harness the power of MySQL and celebrate the huge MySQL community.... read more

A little MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 update

[Colin Charles Agenda]
by Colin Charles  Dec. 16, 2008
The one thing that has consumed my days (and nights) recently, has been the organising of the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 (hereinafter, referred to as the CE2009).... read more

Yo! Get Your MySQL Conference Submissions In

[Jay Pipes]
by Jay Pipes  Oct. 06, 2008
Although Colin Charles has taken over the illustrious duties of Program Chair for the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009, I'm participating in the conference as a member of the submission voting panel along with over a dozen other folks. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 22nd. Yes, that's 23… read more

Where is Spatial at MySQL?

[All Points Blog]
by Joe Francica  Oct. 01, 2008
I regularly get the MySQL monthly newsletter and I always look to see what's up with support for spatial data. There is never much to be found. This month, there is an announcement about a call for papers for the 2009 MySQL conference. And in the list of suggested topics,… read more

News Release: MySQL Conference & Expo Opens Call for Participation

by Jackie Hadley, Communications Associate  Sep. 06, 2008
Open Source and Database Enthusiasts Gather to Work/Learn Together Sebastopol, CA - O'Reilly Media has opened the Call for Participation for the 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo, scheduled for April 20-23, in Santa Clara, California. Conference program chair Colin Charles and the program committee invite proposals for conference sessions, panel… read more

Sheeri and the MySQL Camp

[Planet MySQL]
by Giuseppe Maxia  Sep. 03, 2008
If you have attended the latest two MySQL Users Conference and Expo, you will know Sheeri. She was awarded for two years in a row community contributor of the year. And she is seriously determined to see someone else on stage next year. That's why she has been pushing other… read more

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