Raj Cherabuddi
CEO, Kickfire

Raj Cherabuddi is CEO, President, and co-Founder of Kickfire. A seasoned executive, he is experienced in both the startup and corporate worlds. Prior to Kickfire, Cherabuddi was the founding CEO of Sanera Systems, a startup that focused on mission-critical, high-performance SAN switches. Sanera was successfully acquired by McDATA Corporation, an $800M public company now part of Brocade. At McDATA, Cherabuddi served as the corporate CTO for nearly two years, where he advised on strategy and was responsible for future technologies.

Before co-founding Sanera Systems, he served as lead architect at Sun.


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Raj Cherabuddi (Kickfire)
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The history of computing is full of algorithms such as graphics processing that are fine-tuned in general purpose CPUs over decades. Only when they are finally ported to dedicated hardware are tremendous improvements in speed, cost, and power realized. Raj Cherabuddi explains how a new SQL chip will revolutionize today’s database query processing. Read more.
Products & Services
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Raj Cherabuddi (Kickfire)
Learn about the revolutionary hardware and software behind the first high-performance database appliance for MySQL. Find out how Kickfire packs the power of 10s of CPUs into a single SQL chip and delivers record-breaking query performance for reporting and analysis in the industry’s smallest form factor appliance. Raj Cherabuddi will explain all and share the astounding benchmark data. Read more.
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
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Robin Schumacher (Sun/MySQL), Brian Miezejewski (MySQL), Charles Hooper (Pro Relational Systems), Paul Whittington (NitroSecurity, Inc.), Raj Cherabuddi (Kickfire), Victoria Eastwood (InfoBright Inc. )
A panel discussion hosted by Robin Schumacher that presents topics to a variety of data warehousing experts about issues concerning their industry. Read more.
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