Nathan Letwory

Nathan Letwory
Developer, Blender Foundation

Nathan Letwory is a Dutch Blender developer, who has been living in Finland since 1997. Nathan joined
the Blender developers in 2003. He has worked on different areas of Blender, such as the Visual Studio
projectfiles, texture IPOs, SCons build system integration, Verse support, PyNodes and DbBlender. In
2005-2006 Nathan participated as a remote support developer for the Elephants Dream open movie
project. As a professional software developer Nathan works with C#/.NET, SQL and relational databases
and with DVB middleware in the past. Nathan likes to use C, Python, Lua, C# and other languages and
tools for his programming needs.
Nathan works now integration of MySQL in Blender in an attempt to enable large datasets and simplify
collaboration in open source CG built on a solid basis for data storage and retrieval provided by MySQL.
When Nathan is not sitting behind his computer, he loves to spend time with his wife and son.


Nathan Letwory (Blender Foundation)
MySQL can bring a production environment the basis needed to create the tools for managing large datasets. Searches can be implemented in an efficient manor and the database lends itself for collaboration between multisites. dbBlender is a project to integrate MySQL in Blender to solve many of the problems with large datasets and multisite projects. Read more.
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