Presentations: Security and Database Administration

MySQL 5.0 and higher versions support stored routines that are based on the SQL:2003 standard. The introduction of stored programs in MySLQ 5 has been a significant milestone of the MySQL language. This tutorial will offer a brief overview of the stored program language and focus on how to improve and tune stored programs.
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will produce a 20 petabyte database. To support this huge database, we are investigating a new generic scalable architecture with MySQL as a core component. Learn how it can be used by others to manage extremely large databases.
Do you backup your data periodically? If not, this is your session. Learn about the possible options for backing up your data and how to get it back if you've lost something.
Join us for a presentation of the wonderful world of benchmarks and monitoring tools. Here you will learn what is available, how each tool works, and a demonstration using each tool against a running database from a veteran MySQL expert.
Novice and experienced DBAs alike will learn, share, and discuss best practices that will help them be successful.
For many companies, getting hacked is a matter of when, not if. This session shows how to find database vulnerabilities by Google hacking, providing methods minimizing the impact of being hacked.
What’s the worst disaster you expect to happen? What can you do to better prepare for the disaster? Join us in this heart-racing, real-life inspired presentation for answers to these questions and more.
A crash course on what to do AFTER your web site has been hacked via SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc. How to track down the problem and fix it. Talk will focus on PHP/MySQL.
NIFTY Corporation will discuss their experiences with MySQL and how they changed the configuration in TypePad to meet the Japanese market's requirement, such as more availability, more cell phone support, and so on.
Automatically detect your replication environments and display their configurations. Monitor the health and performance of those systems.
This session presents the new Online Backup capability. Existing backup options and details of how they compare with the new features will be presented.
MySQL Sandbox is a tool to install a side server or a replication system in "seconds," in complete isolation, without need to remember complex sequence of commands.
MySQL Workbench is a highly customizable tool to help you make your everyday job more efficient. This tutorial will show how to write configurable, flexible, cross-platform plugins (C++, Python, LUA).
The power of MySQL Workbench will be shown by using it in several real world scenarios. These will cover migration, automation of schema transformation processes, and schema reporting.
This session offers an introduction to the concept of utilizing LVM filesystem snapshots to perform consistent backups of MySQL databases without having to interrupt the normal server operations. While this technique isn't a "real" hot backup, it still provides a viable and free alternative to other backup methods like SQL dumps.
Learn the places in MySQL that need to be secured and how to secure them for most commercial security audits.
This presentation will consist of two major blocks: explaining tricky features of stored routine behavior and providing examples of advanced use, such as using dynamic SQL in stored routines.
Each database product has strengths and weaknesses. Having chosen MySQL as your database product, leverage the strengths of the product to maximize design and performance. Learn the things to avoid.
As MySQL powers the businesses, a good backup will go a long way to ensure you recover your data without impacting your business. In this session we review the top considerations for backing up MySQL.
  • Kickfire
  • Zmanda, Inc.
  • Continuent
  • EDS
  • JasperSoft
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Symantec Anti-Virus Software
  • XAware
  • Data Direct Technologies
  • Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Infobright, Inc
  • Linagora
  • Microsoft
  • OpSource
  • Oracle
  • Pentaho
  • R1Soft
  • Red Hat
  • Ticketmaster
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