All Bases Covered: A Hands-on Introduction to High-availability MySQL and DRBD

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Designed for budding high-availability wizards, this extensive tutorial covers MySQL Enterprise on DRBD from start to finish.

  • You will learn how set up a DRBD-enabled 2-node MySQL high availability cluster. Phil and Florian will teach you the basics of setting up both the DRBD storage replication technology and the Heartbeat cluster manager, and how to integrate both with MySQL.
  • You will learn how MySQL on DRBD greatly eases scheduled maintenance, and how a brief, clean manual failover process can enable you to perform hours of maintenance in the middle of the day, without service interruption.
  • You will then embark on a journey of DBA nightmares, including loss of hardware, loss of network connectivity, and loss of I/O reliability. You will be able to watch DRBD ensure that your beloved database will run straight through these problems with flying colors, without a single loss of a transaction.
  • You will also learn to protect your database cluster against the dreaded “split brain” scenario, and ensure the integrity of your data even in the worst possible circumstances. You will learn why split brain is a much less severe problem in DRBD as compared to conventional, shared storage cluster solutions. And, you will also learn how to reduce even the possibility of split brain to near-zero levels.
  • If time permits, Phil and Florian will also dive into performance tuning DRBD-enabled MySQL setups, so as to make sure you get the best possible performance out of your highly-available favorite database.

About DRBD:
DRBD, the Distributed Replicated Block Device, is an open source shared-nothing storage replication technology integrated with MySQL Enterprise. MySQL customers using DRBD include, Europe’s largest on-line reservation agency, the Swedish police force, and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).

About the speakers:
Phil Reisner is the original creator of DRBD, and co-founder and co-CEO of LINBIT, the company responsible for the development of DRBD.
Florian Haas is an expert in high availability solutions, a Senior Consultant, and MySQL’s “DRBD go-to guy” at LINBIT.

LINBIT Information Technologies is a privately owned company founded in 2001. Based in Vienna, Austria, LINBIT’s extremely cost-effective high availability solutions are employed by customers around the globe.

Photo of Florian Haas

Florian Haas

LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH

Florian is an expert in high availability clustering, not limited to databases, but also including virtualization, file services, and more. His blog is an interesting read.

Photo of Philipp Reisner

Philipp Reisner

LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH

Philipp Reisner graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in
computer science in 2000. Since November 2001 he has been MD at LINBIT,
a provider of professional Linux services with a strong focus on high availability
clustering. In the context of open source software, his most outstanding achievement is DRBD.

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