MySQL Workbench. The Ultimate Guide to DBA Productivity: Writing Plugins and Scripts

This session will cover

  1. MySQL Workbench short intro
  2. MySQL Workbench architecture overview from the point of view of
    plugin development, GRT (the Workbench Generic Run Time system),
  3. Plugin architecture – general considerations, plugin interface
    to the Workbench, common procedures (registration, processing, unloading), interoperability with scripting languages, user interface design and programming, inter-plugin interaction
  4. Cross-platform plugins
  5. a working plugin example(s):
  6. adding your custom model validation checks
  7. SQL export the way you like it
  8. a test data generator
  9. an index generation wizard idea

Vladimir Kolesnikov

Primebase Technologies

Vladimir Kolesnikov joined Primbebase Technologies an a software engineer in September 2008 after more than 3 years in MySQL. At Primebase Technologies Vladimir is involved in the development of the PBXT
storage engine for MySQL. Besides this work Vladimir also develops QOT – a query and index optimization tool for MySQL server.

  • Kickfire
  • Zmanda, Inc.
  • Continuent
  • EDS
  • JasperSoft
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Symantec Anti-Virus Software
  • XAware
  • Data Direct Technologies
  • Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Infobright, Inc
  • Linagora
  • Microsoft
  • OpSource
  • Oracle
  • Pentaho
  • R1Soft
  • Red Hat
  • Ticketmaster
  • TechRepublic

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