Integration of Frameworks for Rapid Web Development

Location: Ballroom D Level: Intermediate

These days LAMP is the basic foundation upon which websites are built. On top of your LAMP stack your application can grow to a monstrous size and complexity. Even small web sites can organically grow into monsters that leave the developers shaking their heads. Everyone suggests that they have the killer framework, but this session is about integrating best of breed frameworks and libraries to create a super integrated platform on which to run your application. This development platform builds on existing technologies and brings them together in a way that allows developers to move onto the real tasks of building applications.

We will expand upon the MVC model of the Zend Framework using the Smarty templating system, mix in the Yahoo Interface Toolset for Ajax and a few other custom libraries which glue it all together to create our integrated development platform.

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Integrating a MVC architecture of Zend with other libraries like Smarty and YUI
  • Best practices for integrating libraries into your code
  • Zend Framework’s Database, Cookie and Session Management
  • Using a platform such as this to deploy localized content
  • Rapid administration builders for your MySQL-based application
  • Xdebug for Debugging and Profiling

About one third of the presentation will be to explain the setup and the features of our platform, two thirds will be an on-screen demonstration how to create a basic but fully featured Web Application using this platform showing how all the components work together. This will include a little restricted area to introduce the Zend Framework’s Authorization libraries, Access Control and Session Management. We will show how rapidly such an application can be deployed and the relative performance of such applications.

To show the wide varieties of use such a platform could be used on will be two sample apps using this integrated platform:

  • the next generation of the website, a site which allows users to register and manage database accounts with the most recent MySQL versions for testing.
  • a personal photography site in uploading, managing and displaying photographs.
Photo of Markus Popp

Markus Popp


Markus Popp is an Austrian web developer who concentrates on database related applications and primarily uses MySQL. In summer of 2005, he started the project which provides free MySQL databases using the latest production and development versions. He writes about his experiences with MySQL in his weblog, tries to help other people on MySQL related newsgroups and has filed several bug reports for MySQL 5.

In May 2006, Markus joined the MySQL Web Team as a Web Developer.

Duleepa Wijayawardhana


Duleepa Wijayawardhana is one of MySQL Web Team’s Web Developers. The Web Team manages the external web sites of MySQL which draw a considerable amount of web traffic. Duleepa (Dups) has been working with MySQL for just under a year.

Before joining MySQL, Dups worked for game developer BioWare Corp. in Edmonton, Canada where he helped develop the BioWare Community Site, BioWare Store, and various other web properties as well as Manager for BioWare’s Application Support Team.

Dups was seduced by the freedom to work anywhere which allowed him to flex his travelling muscles while working for one of the premiere companies in the world.

Dups recently open-sourced a BioWare server and cron management project called BigDaddy at

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