MySQL Performance Under a Microscope: The Tobias and Jay Show

Performance Tuning and Benchmarks
Location: Ballroom F Level: Intermediate
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In this talk we examine the little things that may not be obvious, nor easy to test.
It’s not a session about full architectures, or how to scale up or scale out, we examine the microlevel and try to find the optimal way to do the small things.
It’s a session about how we found best practices through trial-and-error methods, backed up by benchmarks.

Along with each benchmark, you’ll hear our (sometimes differing)
opinions on why the benchmark results are the way they are. If you’ve
ever seen a debate between a Brit and a Swede, this can be pretty

A highlight of the benchmarks this year:

  • How much of a difference does specific options make when creating indexes?
  • How much faster can I make my searches by making use of partitions?
  • When can I speed up my application by using Stored Procedures?
  • How much faster are prepared statements?
  • Does it make a difference if the columns I retrieve are located at the start of the table definition?
  • How much faster are my queries if I use SQL_BIG_RESULT for larger queries? and when should I use it?
  • How much faster is an OLTP workload if I disable the query cache?
  • How many NULL fields can I have in a table schema before performance
    is affected?
  • Is HAVING faster than WHERE if the HAVING clause filters non-aggregate columns?

If you think knowing the answer to those questions would be interesting, don’t forget to pay us a visit at the User Conference.

Photo of Tobias Asplund

Tobias Asplund

Marin Software

Tobias is working his seventh year with MySQL, and has done well over a hundred training classes and consulting engagements.
Between customer engagements he tries to find ways to use old features in new exciting ways with MySQL.

Photo of Jay Pipes

Jay Pipes

Rackspace Cloud

Jay is a Drizzle code monkey.

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  • Zmanda, Inc.
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  • EDS
  • JasperSoft
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