MySQL Cluster and Java (and python, and ruby, and...)

Java, MySQL Cluster and High Availability, Ruby and MySQL
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MySQL Cluster is a fault-tolerant, high performance, in memory
clustered storage engine. Additionally, it provides a direct API that
works underneath the SQL layer that can be used for clients with truly
high performance needs. We’ve been working on providing this interface
in many languages with Java being a leading targets. There seem to be
some interesting integration possibilities I can see, and many I’m
sure others can bring to the table.

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Monty Taylor


Monty Taylor runs developer automation for the OpenStack project, including the developer tooling, continuous integration and automation systems. Monty is also a core developer on the Drizzle project and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc. before they got gobbled up. He’s an expert in distributed systems and will bend your ear with stories of Burning Man if you let him.

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  • XAware
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